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We are fully dedicated to our Customers. Our purpose is to bring the public information on how diseases form and how Natural Herbal Whole Food Health Supplements and homeopathic remedies can potentially benefit and change our lives. Check out what users are saying about Life Force International!

“It’s Hard to Believe!”

It’s hard to believe. I’ve achieved financial security by doing nothing more than telling people how they could get Body Balance free. Would someone please pinch me? Harry O., Virginia Beach,VA

My Vigor Was Restored

My vigor was restored after a five year chronic siege of the Epstein-Barr virus, when a medical doctor who specializes in preventative medicine, introduced me to Body Balance. It is a pleasant tasting, liquid whole food supplement which contains whole leaf, cold pressed aloe vera, sea vegetation, black cherry concentrate and honey. My belief in the wonderful benefits of this product, and my personal experience, has inspired me to introduce Body Balance to doctors and health care professionals, who share the belief of the importance of nutrition and detoxification for an individual’s optimum health.
Lenore L, San Diego,CA

Body Balance is a Must!

I have been interested in and using herbs and natural products for many years and have found Body Balance to be the best product of its kind available. I have been taking it myself for over three years and have recommended it to over 100 friends and customers. It is an absolute must for the elderly and young children because it is liquid and so easy to take. I have found it to help in all areas of health.
Dorothy M

I Lost 150 Pounds

I weighed 360 pounds and was taking three insulin shots a day for my sugar. I also had trouble with my blood pressure. Dr. Warner put me on Dream Away. As I lost weight, I took three pills a day instead of three shots. Then as I lost more weight I took ½ a pill 3 times a day. I went down to 210 pounds in nine months. Now I don’t have any problems with sugar or blood pressure. I went from a size 60 waist to a 34 waist in pants. I would endorse this product (Dream Away) for anyone overweight. It gave me a lot of energy, and a better lifestyle.
Dennis C, Dyersburg,TN

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Life Force International Healthy Green and Lean Product Pack

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Life Force's Healthy Green and Lean pack is great for those new to nutritional supplementation and for those in "nutritional maintenance" to help to create daily wellness.

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Unhealthy Energy Drinks Throwing The Body "Out Of Balance"!

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The new healthy energy drink, Kaos Gold, has an awesome special running until the end of July, 2015. Consider taking advantage of this 50% off special now to start putting healthier ingredients into your body opposed to the sludge that the other, unhealthy energy drinks do!

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Business building can continue to shape and encourage your success no matter how long you have been on the market.

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New Social Marketing Company is Elite Legacy Marketing United Kingdom

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Elite Legacy Marketing United Kingdom, is a fantastic opportunity for those that want to literally come in on the ground floor and develop a residual income based business. As you will find out on the Elite Legacy Marketing United Kingdom website, the Mother Company has been around for a long time and has had great success in the Financial Education market. Aligning yourself with a company like this, only increases the likelihood of success.

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