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4 04, 2012

Are Your Adrenal Glands Stressed?

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When someone has adrenal fatigue and their adrenal glands are stressed, their system is very depleted and they need to get their nutrients in a way that doesn’t tax the body.

27 01, 2012

How BODY BALANCE Works at a Cellular Level

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The combination of Sea Vegetables and Aloe Vera in Body Balance works in the body on many levels, specifically the cellular level. The minerals in the Sea Vegetables cause a reduction of surface tension in our cell walls, allowing access right into the cell.

16 12, 2011

My Trip to Platinum Elite

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After the first year, Ben experienced a major shift in the way he thought about his business. “When I stopped thinking about what I could gain and focused instead on what I could give, everything changed,” Ben said. “When you focus on how many people you can help, it’s amazing how those people begin to show up in your life.” Suddenly, Ben had more people to talk to than ever before.

1 11, 2011

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate’s Effect on Arthritis

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Rebuilding damaged cartilage has long been the holy grail of orthopedics and rheumatology, and supporters of the glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate's effect on arthritis hope it will be the first natural remedy to achieve this.

7 10, 2011

After Surgery Healing

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Surgery always means a certain amount of risk to your health and is a deliberate, skillful injury to your body. It may take you several weeks to months to heal completely from the surgery. Therefore, you can do your part to make sure your after surgery healing is at a high level.

13 09, 2011

Natural Supplements for Endometriosis Treatment

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If you would like to try the best natural supplements to treat Endometriosis from an alternative treatment standpoint, please visit the following links.

26 08, 2011

Treat Gout with Alternative Therapies

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The following whole food products are potential natural therapies for Gout. Whole food alternative treatments are the methods that we believe are not only healthier than medication, but also to help the body use its own natural methods to heal itself.

22 08, 2011

Detoxifying Toxic Heavy Metals from the Body

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To effectively and efficiently remove these heavy metal toxins is critical to our health and longevity. Every system in our bodies has its own method of detoxification.

18 08, 2011

Allergies and Natural Remedies

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This imbalance can range from poor assimilation of protein to inefficient evacuation of the large bowel. The following are a mix of potential natural remedies to help you with the sniffles;

28 07, 2011

Keeping Our Blood Pressure Healthy

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There are ways to potentially lower your blood pressure without having to take medications. The following information explains which nutrients play an integral part of normalizing your blood pressure naturally.

19 05, 2011

Relieve Menopause Symptoms Naturally

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Menopause is a natural progression the same as puberty, with changes happening in the body. It has become quite common to view menopause as a disease with associated symptoms that need to be "cured." However, maybe I can make this a little easier to understand and suggest ways to naturally treat menopausal symptoms.

8 05, 2011

Why Are Sea Vegetables So Good For Our Health?

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Sea vegetation has been known for centuries to contain many trace minerals that are difficult to get from land plants. The sea's chemistry is similar to that of our blood, so the trace mineral profiles of the sea vegetables in Body Balance are also similar to our blood's profiles. Our SeaNine vegetable blend includes representation from red, brown and green sea vegetables. These sea vegetables were chosen in part because of the different microclimates and depths in the ocean in which they grow, garnering a broad spectrum of nutrients from the sea.

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