18 05, 2015

Losing Weight Again

By |May 18th, 2015|Exercise, Weight Loss|0 Comments

Yes, when I lost the weight in 2012, I literally just depended upon the product as I was testing it's effectiveness, but it is very rare that a product will take care of the weight by itself. Bottom line, incorporate everything and you'll have a much better shot and losing the weight and keeping it off!

21 11, 2014

Aiding Addiction Recovery Through Nutrition

By |November 21st, 2014|Disease Prevention, Exercise, MLM Product Videos, Nutrition|0 Comments

People that are alcoholics and/or addicts tend to put self care at the bottom of the list, therefore, the body becomes, not only sick from what the person is getting high on, but also because of the lack of nutrition. I know, because I am speaking from my own addiction journey...

16 11, 2014

Monster Energy Drink Alternative

By |November 16th, 2014|Exercise, Nutrition|0 Comments

But, instead of trying to "manage" the intake of the Monster energy drink, why not find alternative energy drinks that allow the body to flourish? With that said, we have two options for you; Kaos Gold by Ditch The Can™ and TruBoost from Life Force International.

4 11, 2014

Feel Like a Kid Again

By |November 4th, 2014|Exercise, MLM Product Videos, Nutrition|0 Comments

A big part of the problem, in terms of improved health, is that we do not put our health as a priority. Everything in our lives take precedence over it; the kids, the business, the wife/husband, the dog, the window cleaning, and on and on it goes. Which means, not until we put our health as a priority, will we never begin our track back to the ability to feel like a kid again.

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