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4 08, 2015
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Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

The health benefits of Aloe Vera have been known for centuries and have been, slowly but surely, gaining in popularity across the world!

28 05, 2015

Additional Cancer Therapies?

Most people rely totally on what chemotherapy can do when battling cancer. I don't believe that, the majority of people, even think about these additional ways to possibly help fight the cancer and, as you saw in the video above, only 3% of patients get a positive result when using chemotherapy as their cancer treatment of "choice".

18 05, 2015

Losing Weight Again

Yes, when I lost the weight in 2012, I literally just depended upon the product as I was testing it's effectiveness, but it is very rare that a product will take care of the weight by itself. Bottom line, incorporate everything and you'll have a much better shot and losing the weight and keeping it off!

22 04, 2015

Chemotherapy Success Rate

This Chemotherapy success rate is just part of a huge conglomerate of big business that is solely about making as much money as possible. No one, in their right mind, should even begin to think that something that has a success rate of 3% is acceptable!

27 03, 2015

Ketone Strips to Measure Fat Burn

There is when using Ketone Strips. These strips are usually used by Diabetics to see how large their Ketones are, but Ketones are also a sign of burning fat. With that said, you are able to use Ketone Strips on a daily basis to see if you are, indeed, burning fat!

18 02, 2015
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Lavender Aromatherapy

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Lavender aromatherapy has been gaining popularity now as more people are realizing how Lavender can balance out the senses, whether it be to stimulate or relax a person. The Lavender plant is native to the Mediterranean, Russia, and Africa and has been used throughout history in its medicinal form. Speed up to today, the Lavender

9 02, 2015

Gluten Free Sicknesses

First of all, whether we are living a gluten free lifestyle or not, we want to avoid as many processed foods as possible.

18 01, 2015

Avoiding Back Surgery

To summarize, I am avoiding back surgery and will continue to avoid it by using common sense and alternative therapies to back problems.

16 12, 2014
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Special Needs Music Therapy

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Piano Wizard can be used with those children with disabilities as a type of special needs music therapy. If you search your gut, you know this; music has shown a correlation between our developmental progress and the senses stimulation produced through music.

26 11, 2014

Trace Minerals Important to Human Health

The solution to mineral depletion is whole food supplementation, specifically supplements created out of our oceans. Remember, all these trace minerals are plentiful in our oceans and seas. What food exists in these oceans? Yes, sea vegetables! Therefore, start getting these ocean botanicals into your system immediately.

21 11, 2014

Aiding Addiction Recovery Through Nutrition

People that are alcoholics and/or addicts tend to put self care at the bottom of the list, therefore, the body becomes, not only sick from what the person is getting high on, but also because of the lack of nutrition. I know, because I am speaking from my own addiction journey...

14 11, 2014
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I Spy Bean Bags Helping to Keep Kids Busy!

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If you would like to learn more about I Spy Bean Bags, please visit The Sensory Balance website or visit our Etsy Shop. There you can request custom orders for the I Spy Bean Bags where all products are hand made with a loving heart!

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