Trace Minerals Important to Human Health


There are many things that are important to overall health, and trace minerals is definitely one of them. Without it, … [Read more...]

Aiding Addiction Recovery Through Nutrition

As more research shows the importance of nutrition in overall health, aiding addiction recovery through nutrition is … [Read more...]

Monster Energy Drink Alternative

Monster Energy Drink Bad

There has been, over the last few years, a good amount of people complaining about the effects of drinking Monster … [Read more...]

I Spy Bean Bags Helping to Keep Kids Busy!

Etsy I Spy Bags

Do you have an extra ordinary child? One that tends to get a little bored and can't keep their hands to themselves? If … [Read more...]

Visceral Fat

That ugly, condescending, life sucking Visceral Fat is endangering almost all of us by surrounding our organs and … [Read more...]

Weighted Stuffed Animals are Furry Friends

Weighted Stuffed Animals

Furry Friends are a new weighted stuffed animals that combine the intended effect of pressure therapy with the soft and … [Read more...]

Feel Like a Kid Again


I feel like a kid again is music to our ears! This statement has a lot of power behind it as the majority of people, … [Read more...]

Etsy Sensory Products for Special Needs


Etsy Sensory Products are now being manufactured and distributed by The Sensory Balance. These unique and popular … [Read more...]

Pressure Therapy

Weighted Pressure Products

Pressure Therapy is another way that the parents of children with Sensory Disorders (and adults that have them also), … [Read more...]

5 Plants Promoting Health

Health Benefits of Cannibis

Very interesting how this world we live in was put together...don't you think? Whatever your spiritual belief is, there … [Read more...]

Healthy Cells for a Healthy Life

Healthy cells mean, a better than average chance, at having a healthy life. The question is; how do we create or … [Read more...]

Sensory Weighted Products Coming Soon from The Sensory Balance!

Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory weighted products can be one of the most effective tools for helping sensory kids and adults. But how do these … [Read more...]

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