Sales Channels Ideas | MLM

MLM Sales Strategies

As you develop your MLM business, you need to develop the different sales channels that you will be using. This blog … [Read more...]

Join Life Force International


You are ready to join Life Force International. You've been through the videos, compensation plan, product information, … [Read more...]

The Power of Break Even Analysis | Network Marketing Companies

Break Even Analysis is a top question when searching for a Network Marketing company to join. Unfortunately, most … [Read more...]

The Gift of the Present

Well Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you from The Balance You Need! It is that time of year to forget about … [Read more...]

Life Force International Growth Revolution

Body Balance Company

As many of you know, TIMING is the name of the game in Network Marketing and nothing better than becoming part of a … [Read more...]

Life Force International Comeback

Life Force International Rebound

Life Force International is on a comeback! This 30 year old nutritional company has been a powerhouse in the Network … [Read more...]

Financial Training

Financial training, something that is not taught in school but is probably just as important as every other subject … [Read more...]

The Three Important Reasons People Join an MLM Opportunity


There are three important reasons people join an MLM opportunity; for the income, the product, and the community, all of … [Read more...]

Why Network Marketing Companies Succeed in Nigeria

Network Marketing companies succeed in Nigeria because they maintain the delicate balance between the needs of the … [Read more...]

New Life Force International Website for Distributors

Life Force Website

After many years of using the old Life Force International replicating website, Life Force just launched their new Life … [Read more...]

Nigerian MLM Company Growing Fast!

Nigeria Business Opportunity

The Nigerian MLM company growing fast is LFI Nigeria! This two month old company has been growing from day one and … [Read more...]

Founder of Life Force International Passes Away

Wayne Hillman Life Force

Wayne Hillman has passed away at the age of 76. The Founder of Life Force International has created such a positive flow … [Read more...]

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