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1 08, 2013

How To Go From Poor To Rich

"How to go from poor to rich" is probably one of the most sought after questions in the world today. Of course, money doesn't buy happiness, but it makes life a hell of a lot easier which is why I created the video below; to help YOU do the same thing I have done!

6 05, 2013

National Layoffs Due to 90% Market Correction

A recent article explains why billionaires like Warren Buffett are dumping stocks at alarming rates. The long term result of this could be national layoffs due to a 90% market correction.

21 12, 2012

Dooms Day Has Passed: Change Your 2013 Financial Outlook

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Well, "Dooms Day" has passed and, to my knowledge, we are all still here! Now what? It is time to SERIOUSLY sit down and see if Network Marketing is for you in 2013. As I tell everyone, this Industry is not for everyone, but it would be a good exercise to at least do some investigation into the Network Marketing Industry to see if it can change your 2013 personal financial outlook.

20 11, 2012

Help Me Find a Career

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My advice is choose your path wisely when you are young. If you are just out of high school or not yet decided your next course of action, you're in the right place. I want to teach you how to be a young entrepreneur and help you find a fruitful career.

18 10, 2012

Debt Reducing Strategies

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The following “War on Debt Strategy” is a simple plan that should be followed how it is laid out. I am giving you this information because it works as it is what I have done. 12 years ago, I was bankrupt and, over time, things improved a little simply because I was able to command a good salary being in International Accounting, but it didn’t get progressively better until I implemented the debt reducing strategies and income streams that are detailed out below. Because of these strategies, my family and I are now financially free!

30 07, 2012

Earn Income at Home with the Distribution Economy

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Network Marketing is a legitimate way to earn income from home and the following paragraphs will give you that knowledge you need to make an informed decision about this industry. Network Marketing is NOT going away and will continue to roll out new millionaires every year. Take a closer look.

27 06, 2012

How to Build Wealth by Using Residual Income

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The following video of Michael Jude explaining how to build wealth by using residual income is done beautifully as he not only talks about how to tangibly build wealth, but also specifies what intangibles are necessary in order to build wealth.

23 05, 2012

Wealth Creation in the New Economy

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Below is a VERY interesting video on how to create wealth by taking advantage of our "New Economy". Michael Jude explains how people are moving from the factory where they are paid by what The Market says they should make, to this new way of wealth creation based on injecting value in peoples' lives and being paid on performance!

20 04, 2012

Network Marketing Success-Helping Others Achieve What They Want!

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Becoming successful in Network Marketing is pushed into momentum by helping others get what they want in life!

3 04, 2012

Life Force International Presentation

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Instead of having a page for each presentation, we thought we would make it easier for you and give you the main collection of Life Force International presentations on one page, so dig in!

28 03, 2012

How to Build a Personal Budget

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In this video, Ben Mueller explains how to build a personal budget from scratch. This tutorial is part of a series that Ben is doing on "Wealth Building" and will guide you in this all important step. If you would like to view his other videos on improving personal finances after you watch how to create a budget, simply visit; Reducing Credit Card Debt, Managing Personal Cash Flow, Building a Positive Cash Flow, and Why We Need a Plan B!

23 03, 2012

Lower Debt and Build a Positive Cash Flow

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In this society, people are absolutely drowning in credit debt and hardly living paycheck to paycheck. One of my missions is to not only help people through natural health products, but to also help people lower debt and build a positive cash flow to the point where they become FINANCIALLY FREE! I am paying it forward and showing you what others have taken time to show me! We were NOT put on this earth to be slaves to the market, but rather to live a life of abundance.

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