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Free Body Balance SamplesWell, we thought we would SHOW you how our sampling system works by giving you free Body Balance samples. Our business plan is derived from our sampling system which is simply giving Life Force products out to people to try the products for free. Therefore, we want to start with our internet customers!

If you would like to try a Body Balance sample, please visit our Contact Page and, in the “Message” section; leave your name, phone number, and shipping address and we will send you a couple of Body Balance samples for free. Your information will NOT be sold or shared (view our Privacy Policy)The reason we ask for your phone number is two fold; 1) to ensure that you are not an existing customer in the Life Force database and 2) to be able to follow up with you to see how the sample went.

Remember, this is just a sample (1-2 day dosage), therefore, don’t expect to have an upheaval with your health in one day. The free Body Balance sample is designed to give you a taste but don’t be surprised if you start feeling the nutrients coursing through your body and a pep in your step.

This offer is only available for those people that have never tried Body Balance before. Our goal, at The Balance You Need, is to help as many people as possible and we have a limited amount of samples available, therefore please abide by this offer and allow those that have not tried this magical nutrient solution to feel what their bodies should have been feeling all along (i.e. like when you were 5 years old).

If you are just hearing about Body Balance for the first time, we urge you to visit our Body Balance Detailed Information Page or watch the 5 minute video below so you can learn more about this 120 nutrient rich whole food supplement that will deliver the baseline nutrition our bodies have been missing because of the lack of food quality that is out there in the market place.

Don’t forget, we also have the GotMy3 Program which allows customers to get their Body Balance free for life! If you dig it, then why not get it for free?

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Health Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The statements and products are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any diseases. Also, if you are a first time user of Body Balance and provide us with the contact information listed above, we will send you 1-2 day(s) sample of Powdered Body Balance. Your contact information will never be shared or sold and will only be used to follow up with you regarding the product.

Free Body Balance samples.

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