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Fusion Biotech (actually spelled FuXion Biotech), out of Lima Peru, is literally the best new MLM in the United States and gives the average person, the true ability to create walk away residual income!

Because of the spelling, people are searching the internet for “Fusion Biotech”, with an “S” instead of an “X”. As the fastest growing Fusion group, currently in the United States, we wanted to make sure that EVERYONE, that has heard of FuXion, gets the information! Yes, this is an SEO trick, but again, we are ensuring that people get exposed to how rare of an opportunity this is!

WHAT IF you found an MLM company that grew at a rate that only million dollar earners experienced and, where you could work with TRUE MLM Experts as your direct upline? The FUSION Business is it!

Fusion (FuXion) Biotech and Randy Gage have grown this extraordinary business, in Latin America, from annual revenue of $1 million in 2008 to over $112 million in 2015, and that was BEFORE they entered the United States! Fusion is launching NOW in the U.S. and Mexico (soon to Canada, Europe, and Asia)…

The Fusion products are simple: Natural (100%) products from the Amazon Rainforest with over 1,500 ingredients, that replace functional for the masses, at prices that are 30-50% of market comparables!

“For the FIRST time in the history of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), a $100+ million dollar company, is launching into the United States out of Latin America. There has NEVER been a better opportunity than this and, within the next 5 years, we predict over 1 million people, to join Fuxion Biotech”-Randy Gage

Fusion Biotech was the Peruvian Company of the Year in 2015! Amazingly, the Company has grown from $1 million in annual sales in 2008, to over $112 million in annual sales last year! Over 400,000 Latin American Network Marketers are on a course to bring a sales explosion in 2016! 

Now, let's look at what is happening with Fusion Biotech in the United States;

Fusion is launching in the USA NOW! Just think about this; the Fusion Biotech business model has created exponential growth in Latin America, so just imagine what will occur in the United States in 2016 and the next few decades?

The question is; where do you want be when Fusion Biotech erupts throughout the United States and the rest of the world? Involved and building your own fast moving Fusion business, watching from a distance, or stuck in another company that isn't moving?  Even conservative estimates say Fusion Biotech will reach $300 million annually in the next 3-5 years, just in the United States alone! Hopefully you understand the weight of this last statement, because it is the key to potential wealth.

Those of us that get involved and build a network, with the Fusion business, can benefit from this steep growth curve! It is even attracting million dollar earners in Network Marketing already! Randy Gage (go ahead—Google him!), one of the top Network Marketers in the world, is a good example!

Our Fusion Business USA History

In October, 2015, A group of successful and experienced Network Marketing Professionals including Dr. Bill Fioretti (Founder of Mannatech), Ben Mueller, Paul Devlin, and 4 other Nutritionists/Professional Network Marketers, analyzed over 100 prominent nutritional MLM companies in the United States to learn “What is the best MLM opportunity available for us to join?”

Methodically, this group of Professionals focused on each of the MLM companies using a 29-point criteria for evaluation. This process yielded just 20 U.S. companies that met the criteria. Then, Randy Gage weighed in and suggested that the group look south to Peru, where a newly emerging giant MLM success story, a company named Fusion (Fuxion), was making a huge impact on the lives of people in Latin America.

The fact of the matter is; Fusion Biotech was able to truly show this team, that it had all the tangibles and intangibles, that an MLM company needs to have, in order to achieve success for ALL those involved.

So, what is Fusion all about? This Company, unlike the majority of launches in the United States, has already been operating in 11 countries in Latin America for 8 years, and is at $112 million in sales annually! This is a very important fact to look at as 95%+ of MLM companies out there, never get to $100 million per year, and Fusion has done it without the largest Network Marketing country in the world, the United States market…Amazing!

Before coming to the United States, Fusion hired Randy Gage as their MLM Consultant to help guide their entry into the United States market, the right way! Randy spent the last 2 years consulting with Fusion and, on November 15, 2015, agreed to help the Company launch into the United States by joining the Company as one of its top Network Marketers…which is a huge competitive advantage.

Yes, Network Marketing rock stars like Randy Gage do not make a company, BUT, when they are present, it helps tremendously, in terms of overall predictable performance and belief level. Furthermore, as part of our team, you will have the ability to have direct support from Randy, Paul Devlin, Ben Mueller, and scores of other Professional Network Marketers, since we are part of the pioneer group in Fusion Biotech!

With that said, Randy Gage is also bringing his expertise on duplicable systems. In today's market, if an MLM company does not have a integrated internet based duplicable system, chances are, it's not going to go far. In the Fusion business, we have THE top expert in duplicable systems, putting together the innovative, internet driven, Fusion marketing platform, to help the Network Marketers grow their Fusion businesses. To boil it down, Fusion Marketers will have access to SIMPLE front end internet based tools that will easily flow prospects through the information by using the Fusion App, where they can be plugged into their business 24/7. When having tools like this, momentum is easily achieved through efficiencies.

What about the Fusion products?  As you will see in the Fusion product catalog, these natural products are made from some of the most potent herbal extracts in the world! Over 1,500 natural ingredients are processed through several patented delivery methods, all of which are produced from the heart of the Earth (Amazon Rainforest), these Fusion products can be a solid addition to your nutrition strategy and, at price points that aren't going to break the bank (see Fusion product price list)! The concept is simple; replace the products people are already using instead of trying to force people to completely change their behaviors, at prices they can't afford.

Price points! This is another huge competitive advantage with Fusion Biotech. Most MLM companies over price their products to be able to pay their distributors and have a healthy profit for the company. What happens is that it becomes difficult to sell the products because people can find alternatives at a much lesser cost. With Fusion, because the Company started in Latin America, there was no way they would be able to have high priced products.

Because Fusion manufactures its own products AND actually grows the ingredients themselves (in the Amazon), they are able to keep the products at or below market value. For example, Fusion's energy drink, VitaEnergia, sells at $1.50 per stick, when the market price for an energy drink, in the U.S. is $3-$5! Plus, the Fusion products are completely free of preservatives and are all non-GMO! When prices are this low, the amount of volume that can flow through one's business is much higher than over priced products!

From a compensation standpoint, the Fusion business pushes out a 40% Net Payout! For those of you that are not familiar with Net Payouts, it is the percentage of money that is paid to the Network Marketers versus total revenue. Because Fusion has its own manufacturing facilities in Lima, Peru, the Company is able to pay out an exceptional amount back to the Network Marketers of the Company because they aren't taking the hit from 3rd party manufacturing facilities! Furthermore, the Fusion compensation plan is a hybrid meaning that there are plenty of different ways to earn! Take a look at the full Fusion compensation plan to learn more!

Finally, and this is a very rare facet in MLM, there is NO autoship required with the Fusion business model. What is the main reason why people fall away from MLM? It is because they do not get into profit quickly enough. When a new person, to this business, has an autoship hanging over their heads, they give up within the first 90 days if not into profit. Some people need time to learn how to do this business and making them purchase (spend money), month over month, is not the way to encourage people to continue. When that autoship is removed, they are free to order when they want. This will be overlooked by many, but the concept will prove to be one of the best moves ever made in the MLM Profession.

Open your mind and really take a critical thinking approach to this REAL once in a lifetime situation…and, if you are ready to join Fusion now, simply visit our sign up page and get in to the Company as soon as possible. Or, if you have questions, give us a call at 866-992-5551!

Now, let's revert back to the REAL name of the Company…FuXion Biotech! No time to waste with this one…

The Balance You Need

About the Author:

Professional Network Marketer and accounting, marketing, MLM, and business strategist consultant. Ben is a father of 4 and married to Jessica Mueller. The family resides in Westminster, CO.

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