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How to select a good home business

The following article will present you with the reasons why the Life Force business opportunity is one of the best in the world today.

THE most important decision when entering the Network Marketing arena is to ensure that you make a confident decision about the home based business opportunity that you are looking at.

When it comes to home business opportunities, you might resonate with one particular system while others may not resonate with your choice at all.

Home businesses online are fundamentally the same as home businesses offline, provided you know what you are looking for and know what actually fits with your personality.  You should then be fine marketing that particular business.

Chances are, if you jump into an opportunity without truly investigating it, you’ll get burnt and bitter towards this magnificent way of life.

You do want to be in this for the long haul don’t you?

# 1 Unique Products That Are in High Demand

Notice the word “unique”. When you have a unique product, especially one that is in high demand, you have taken a lot of the hard work out of trying to build your business

Think about a lot of the business opportunities that are available for people right now. How many of those companies are offering something that is a LUXURY item as their main product? With the Life Force business opportunity, the product is based on necessity!

Now these types of luxury products are great and have a purpose but if you are looking for a home business opportunity then you need to realize that the market has changed and that there is almost a glut of these products out there that are available through network marketing opportunities.

Also when thinking about what company you should be joining, ask yourself if the product you would be marketing is easy to copy or difficult to copy.

One of the fastest growing markets on the globe is the Nutritional Supplementation Market.  The Baby Boomers, whom are gaining in years, are continually looking for products that help them feel better and prepare their bodies for maximal life expectancy.

These products are not only being sought after by the Baby Boomers, but also by the general population. Our food sources have continued to lose nutrition and we are becoming sicker and sicker as time goes on.  This is the first time in several generations that our children are expected to live LESS years than their parents.  WHAT?  With our technology, how can this happen?  The reason being is that our kids are being filled with McDonalds.  Even if our children are eating fruits and vegetables, it takes 10 servings to equal 3 servings which was standard 25 years ago.  Why? The reason is SOIL DEPLETION.

My personal belief out of integrity is that you have to love your own product. If you don’t love it and believe it then others will know. Passion is the juice of home business.  Therefore, find a nutritional supplement that truly makes you feel better.

# 2 Find the Best Compensation Plan

The compensation plan issue is not much different to the product issue in that what appeals to some may not appeal to others.

The ideal compensation plans are those that pay upfront bonuses to keep a positive cash flow AND a large residual income on the back end. The main reason for building a business is to be able to walk away from it in the future and the only way to do that is to have a large monthly residual income coming in.

Some opportunities only pay a large upfront payment and have no residual at all, making them more of an affiliate plan. The problem with this is that if you ever stopped making sales then your payments would stop as well.

The other type of plan pays you large amounts of residual, such as your typical network marketing payment plan. The problem here is that it takes a long time before you make any serious money and losing whole down lines and distributor retention is a constant problem that you are going to have to deal with in these types of opportunities.

These two types of income are exactly the type of income that will set you free. Most people who are looking to make money are looking for cash right now to help them with immediate financial problems, but in order to create long term change so that they can permanently change their life they will need the residual component as well.

The average NET PAYOUT of a Network Marketing company is 38%, meaning with every dollar that comes into the company, $.38 goes back out to the field.  If you can find a company that has a payout of 45% or better, jump on it (providing everything else is inline). With the Life Force business opportunity, you have a 60% net payout.

# 3 Marketing System that Duplicates

Have a good look at the methods of marketing that are being presented to you by your potential sponsor. How do they market and how do they recommend you market? And if you are not comfortable doing that form of marketing then you may not want to be involved.

If the company you are looking at doesn’t have a strong marketing division then they are probably behind the times, using outdated industrial age marketing methods.

Product alone will not make your home business a success. If I was to dump a truck load of the greatest product in the world on your driveway, unless you had the ability to market it you would have no business, no matter good the product was.

So what does a good marketing system look like?  THE most important aspect is that it is something that can be easily duplicated meaning that anyone could do the business.  Generally, a good marketing program has “tools” that one can use to hand to prospects. Instead of having to roll all the information off of one’s head, they should be able to simply hand a prospect a CD, lead them to a website, or give them a brochure.  You want to take the “expertise” out of the hand of the prospector and put it into a tool.  This enables the prospect to look at it from a different standpoint. It puts them at ease because they know all they really have to do is be able to hand people a tool.

Tools also include a great website.  Nothing can hurt you more than sending a prospect to a website that is not “up to date”.  It can really say something about the quality of a company.

Finally, make sure you have a team that supports you every step of the way.  In many programs, you pay a certain amount of money to get in the door of the opportunity and are given a “welcome pack” which is the extent of the training.  This is NOT what you want.  The welcome pack is great, but if there is no follow up training and/or group trainings, how are you to grow in the profession?

# 4 Company Management

Have you ever heard the stories about people who have built massive businesses and are enjoying residual incomes that took them years to build only to see them evaporate after the company folded because of bad management?

Heart breaking to say the least! Look at the management and consider their past, their track record and what they are involved with. Are they people of integrity and can you easily get access to information about their past.

You don’t want to be wasting valuable time only to see your efforts collapse within a short time.

90% of start up companies go belly up in their first 2 years of existence, therefore, choose a company that has at least 10 years in the market.

# 5 Expansion

Make sure that whatever company you decide to partner with has the ability to reach the entire world and not just a local country.

There are companies still these days that either because of product or system restrictions cannot expand globally. This means that you are limited in your ability to market online to anyone around the world.

Is your potential company expanding throughout the world?

More importantly, can your potential company handle increased demand on the product?.

# 6 Company Culture

Does the company have a family type atmosphere that you can lean on for support? Trial and error can be expensive both in regard to time and money. What you need is a great support system in place that can help you and answer your questions and guide you through the difficult phases of building a business.

Family owned companies, in general, take into consideration the opinions of its members. They tend to work more closely with the business partners which only lends to more success for both in the end.

# 7 Sponsor Leadership

Have a look at the person that is introducing the business opportunity to you. Consider their marketing methods & knowledge. Can they help you achieve the results you are looking for?

Have a good look what they are doing. There is an old saying that goes “A leader can only lead you into pastures that they are grazing in themselves”. In other words… if they aren’t doing it then they can’t advise you.


One of the best Network Marketing companies on the market is Life Force International and its flagship product Body Balance.  In considering ALL of the points above, the Life Force business opportunity passes all of them with flying colors;

  • Unique Products (no one has the quality in supplements and Whole Food like Life Force)
  • Compensation Plan (highest net payout in the industry of 60%)
  • Marketing System (Team Crown leads a system that is very easy to follow and duplicate)
  • Company Management (25 years of experience, ‘nough said)
  • Expansion (in 5 countries and expanding with a brand new 100,000 square foot facility with the ability to do $1 billion in sales per year)
  • Company Culture (family owned with a leadership team that has maximum experience in the MLM industry)
  • Sponsor Leadership (you would be a member of The Balance You Need team that is comprised of 50% of the Crown Diamonds (highest paid partners) in its upline)

If you are interested in becoming a partner with Life Force International, go to THIS PAGE and get in touch with us!

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Life Force business opportunity.

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