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You want top notch Network Marketing training from one of the best Network Marketers in the world today? Then get your butt to the Life Force Dream Academy!

Life Force InternationalLife Force International’s business model has raised the bar in the Network Marketing Industry. David Collister, a world renown MLM expert has decided to make Life Force his final home in his business life journey. What came with David? Our Life Force Simple Sampling System and the Dream Academy!

The Dream Academy is a 2 day event that occurs in San Diego, CA on a frequent basis. The event is designed for you, our new Life Force Business Partner, to learn exactly how to use the Sampling System and finally be successful in a Network Marketing business. It is not only a training event, but a way to build momentum. For example, from the beginning of 2012 to April, 2012, my organization grew by over 50% and 95% of the growth was due to those that attended the Dream Academy.

Therefore, INVEST in your business and get down to the Dream Academy. There is no business in the world that you do not have to invest in and a home business is no different. Every month, I budget for my monthly business expenses and; flights, hotel, travel are always part of that budget. And, since the Dream Academy is free itself, you are getting some of the best Network Marketing training for peanuts plus an added bonus of being in the one of the world’s best spots, San Diego!

Life Force International is in an explosive growth phase right now, so take advantage of the momentum and tools that have been laid at your feet. The last thing you want to do is get passed by while the rest of the Life Force Business Partners blow past you!

See you at the next Dream Academy!

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