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*Life Force Culture-Simply put, our Company Culture is about helping others with health and personal finances and how can we spread benefits to others!

*Better Business Bureau-Life Force International is and has been in the highest standing with the Better Business Bureau since inception of the company.

*Ethics-The moral code of Life Force is spotless! If it doesn’t pass the “gut check”, it doesn’t happen.

*Financially Stable-There is $0 debt on the books as every capital improvement has been paid with cash, including a 100,000 square foot facility a few years back.


*Whole Food Nutrition-Products are not made in the lab but are made from Whole Food which is exactly what the body ordered.

*Healthcare Endorsers-There are over 4,000 Health Practitioners that back Life Force products. Life Force products were actually only sold out of doctors’ offices until 1998 when they went to the Network Marketing Business Model to reach more people.

*GMP Certified-“Good Manufacturing Practices” certification. Only 3 % of all nutritional supplement companies have this accreditation. With this certification, the F.D.A. acknowledges that our products are made with sound processes and high quality ingredients.

*100% Money Back Guarantee-If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with the product, you get 100% of your product price back. You have 45 days to try any product and even if you use the entire product, you are covered. No risk, so why not see if it helps you!

*Life Force Product Line-Consists of seventeen products which all address different aspects of health. From liquid calcium to promote healthy skeletal structures, to liquid melatonin to help a person sleep and burn fat during the night. Life Force products have it covered.

*LIQUID Nutrition-All of Life Force International’s product line are either liquid or powder, which means the body absorbs the nutrients at 98%. Capsules and pills absorb at a rate of 10-20%.

*Flagship Product: Body Balance-Has been around for 28 years and is a Whole Food Natural Supplement made from Aloe Vera and Sea Vegetables (tastes great). The combination of these two super foods give 120 trace nutrients, amino acids, enzymes, all glyco-nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

*“Got My 3” Program-With the economy the way it is, Life Force has created this program to help people get their products, absolutely free, every month! The program is based on sharing, not selling!

*Nutrients’ Synergistic Effect-With other supplements or vitamins, you get just a handful of nutrients. With Whole Food Supplements, you get ALL of the nutrients working together to give your body the fuel it needs to fix what needs to be fixed!


*Highest Net Payout-Life Force’s compensation plan pays out a whopping 60%. The next closest company to us is at 43%. Therefore, why would you work for less?

*Low Start Up Costs-Membership (ability to earn income) is free. The only requirement is that you use the product. One can be in the business for as little as $47.50.

*Longevity-90% of business go out of business within 10 years. Life Force has been around for almost 3 decades.

*Direct Selling Association-The D.S.A. is a 3rd party “policing agent” of the Network Marketing Industry to ensure that companies are ethical. Life Force is and has been a member of the D.S.A. for many years.

*Billion Dollar Company-We are at $100 million in sales per year and have the ability to get to $1 billion. Therefore, we have everything set up to handle the explosive growth that has been happening.

*Attrition Rate-93% of customers that use Life Force products stay on the products long term. Also, the majority of Business Partners in Life Force have been with the company for years because there is no situation better suited for success than Life Force’s business model.

*Momentum-Life Force has been growing steady for many years, but 1 year ago, we hired on David Collister who has successfully implemented Sampling Systems in 3 other companies. Since his start with the Company, we have been growing by leaps and bounds!

*High Residual Payouts-The purpose of building a business is to create RESIDUAL INCOME. Some companies have high bonus structures, but no residual. With Life Force, the first three levels pay out a total of 55% (average is 15%), so one needs anywhere between 3-10 times more people to make the same that they would with Life Force.

*Duplicable Systems-Success in Network Marketing is about having systems that someone can easily duplicate. This is how we get expansion and momentum. With Life Force, we have proven and simple systems in place to grow your business.

*Secret in the MLM Industry-This is one of the biggest advantages! With our new Sampling System in place, 28 years, highest payout, highest quality products, low start-up costs, no quotas, and being in the Wellness Industry (exploding markets), we are like a baby company with all this background and success. We are a “Diamond in the Rough”!

*Support-The Life Force culture is one of HELPING OTHERS and that translates into pouring support to our new Business Partners. You will never be short on help.

*Information Technology-Every new Business Partner receives a replicating website. Also, we have a ton of support sites, videos, training, etc. on the internet which you can view from the comfort of your home.

*Advertising Media-There are also many different brochures, posters, data sheets, and, basically anything you can dream up in terms of tangible advertising tools at your disposal.

If you would like to learn more about Life Force International, please visit our series of videos on the company. If you would like to discuss further how the Life Force products and/or a top home business can be part of your life, simply leave your contact information in the form provided.

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