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What Life Force International is about to experience is unprecedented MLM momentum growth.  Why do we think that in the next 5 years, Life Force is going to begin to become a household name in the Network Marketing industry? With the combination of a stable Network Marketing company like Life Force and one of the most successful Network Marketers in the history of the industry, if you are a professional Network Marketer or a novice, it is time to drop everything and join this exploding MLM!



Because the man who just joined Life Force, Mr David Colister, has one of the most successful resume’s in the history of Network Marketing.  Literally, every time he has touched a company as a consultant, that company has gone on to experience momentum growth.  Momentum growth in the short term is typically defined as at least 10% per month.  That equates to 285% per year (because it is compound growth).

So if a consultant can join an organization and create 285% annual growth in a single year, then he has put that company into momentum (by almost tripling it).  Long term momentum growth is defined as at least 30% per year for an extended period (beyond 5 years).  No company can continue growing at 285% per year.  In other words, if a consultant can create 30% annual growth for 5 years or more, that would also be consistent with the absolute top performance in the business world.

Consider that the greatest investor of all time, Warren Buffet, has averaged about 20% compound growth since the 1960’s, and you can understand how difficult it is to oversee growth of anything over 20%.  Please review this resume and you will see why we are so excited about the prospects here at Life Force with David on board.

The following video of David Colister explaining why Life Force is entering the “Sweet Spot” of the company’s growth cycle and how that matches up with what Professional Network Marketers look for and dream about.



To see the complete article on David’s resume, visit this page!


I have been in this industry for almost a decade and have had great success with Life Force, but never have seen the growth in the company like what we are experiencing now! In the months of 2/12 and 3/12, I personally had 35% and 48% growth, month over month, respectively.

Therefore, I am looking for Network Marketing Professionals or novices in the industry to join my Life Force team. I am not interested in those that will not take this seriously, but will support you from day 1 if you are ready to build a successful MLM business. If you want a great Network Marketing company that has many competitive advantages over the average company out there, take a long look at what Life Force International has to offer. You can view some of our presentations at our Life Force Presentations page.

On top of everything mentioned above, we have also introduced an online tool for those wanting to use the internet as a way to connect-View the Tool

Our team is not about “convincing” the wrong people to come into our business, but rather attracting people that can see the value in what we have to offer. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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