Network Marketing Success-Cash Flow Profit Expectations

Any business, on average, takes 1-2 years to get into a true cash flow profit, so why do people think they will have $10,000 success per month in Network Marketing in the first 3 months? Because someone isn’t helping them keep their profit expectations in check.

I teach my business partners how to make a profit in Network Marketing in the first month, but also explain how this business is just like any other in terms of profitability. In order to do that, you have to have a compensation plan that is set up to pay  out high in the first 3 levels. The average MLM compensation plan pays 5%, 5%, 5%, on the first 3 levels, whereas with Life Force International, it pays; 5%, 40%, 10%. The obvious difference means that a new business partner should be in profit, the first month.

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