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The following Osteoporosis and Osteopenia article was produced by The Balance You Need and is written in normal terms. We pride ourselves in bringing the public health information that is easily understood instead of having a bunch of medical jargon that makes no sense to the average reader.

The majority of the time, we spend time on our flagship product Body Balance, but this time, wanted to get more into the “nuts and bolts” or joints and bones and explain exactly what Osteoporosis is, the symptoms, how it is caused, risk factors, how to potentially prevent and find natural remedies for Osteoporosis and Osteopenia. At the bottom of the article are testimonies from people whom have used organic treatments that have helped them in their battle with Osteoporosis.


Bone Development
During our lifetime, ours bones grow directly with the body. During this process, the old bone is replaced with new bone in the skeleton. The new bone is added faster than the old bone during childhood and the teen years which creates a “positive bone balance”. The result is that our bone mass increases.

This “positive bone balance” continues through about age 30, when our bones reach what is called “peak bone mass”, or maximum density and strength. After this point, the new bone starts losing its battle against old bone, which, over time, leads to bone loss and increasing lower bone density. Basically, the new bone creation is not as consistent as the old bone shedding.

There is a phase before Osteoporosis sets in called Osteopenia. Osteopenia refers to a person having a bone mineral density (BMD) that is lower than normal peak BMD but not low enough to be classified as Osteoporosis. Bone mineral density is a measurement of the level of minerals in the bones, which indicates how dense and strong they are. Having osteopenia means there is a greater risk that, as time passes, you may develop BMD that is very low compared to normal, known as Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis, translated as “porous bone”, is a skeletal disease that affects both women and men, but more prevalent in women especially during first few years after menopause where their bone loss is the highest. The startling fact is that an estimated 1 out of every 2 women over the age of 50 will be affected by Osteoporosis in her lifetime.

Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones have lost minerals, especially calcium, which makes them weaker, more brittle, and susceptible to fractures. The bones become almost sponge like.

Any bone in the body can be affected by Osteoporosis, but the most common places where the disease sets in and fractures occur are the spine, wrists, and hips. These fractures can even lead to someone being debilitated. Every year, Osteoporosis causes an estimated 1.5 million fractures in people that suffer from the disease. Because the disease makes bones thinner and weaker, fractures can occur during every day ordinary movements such as bending and lifting. A fracture can also happen during falls. Unfortunately, the fractures can even go unnoticed.


Osteoporosis can be already in full fledge before we even know it exists. At times, the first sign is a broken bone after a fall or even a run in with the table. As the disease moves forward, you may have other symptoms, such as pain in your back, losing height, stooped posture, compression fractures in the spine, and/or a curvature of the spine.

If you believe that you may have Osteoporosis, schedule an appointment with your doctor. The doctor will ask about your symptoms and do a physical exam. If he or she doesn’t offer, ask for a Bone Density Test (measures your bone thickness and your risk for a fracture).

If the Bone Density Test finds that your bone thickness is less than normal but is not Osteoporosis, you may have Osteopenia, as explained before. Obviously, this would be a better result than full on Osteoporosis and gives you an opportunity to possibly do something about it to prevent the onset.

It is important and suggested that you routinely have a Bone Density Test, especially if you are a woman that is 65 or older. Even much earlier would be smart just for the simple fact of having a baseline to base future scans off of.


Osteoporosis is caused by a lack of bone strength or bone density. As we age, our bones get thinner naturally. “Risk factors” can make us more likely to have the severe bone thinning of Osteoporosis. Fortunately, some risk factors we can change, but others we cannot change.

Risk Factors (that can be changed):
-Even during childhood, not getting enough calcium and vitamin D, can contribute to the onset of Osteoporosis. If our bones did not reach the highest possible peak bone mass during developmental years, Osteoporosis is even more likely to develop. Make sure you are supplementing your diet with calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium.

-Eating disorders. Because the body is not getting enough nutrients, the bones can be negatively affected.

-Smoking. Among several other diseases, smoking can poke holes in our bones.

-Getting enough weight bearing exercise. Make sure to get in the gym and pump some of those weights. Not only does it help with muscle creation, but the bones respond to the pressure also.

-Too much alcohol. But moderate alcohol use (no more than 2 drinks a day for men and 1 drink a day for women) is linked to higher bone thickness. Most doctors recommend limiting, but not eliminating, alcohol use.

-Drinking cola soft drinks. Cola, but not other carbonated soft drinks, may be linked to low bone mineral density in women.

-Being a female athlete, if you have few or irregular menstrual cycles due to low body fat.

Risk Factors (that cannot be changed):

-In women, bone loss increases around menopause, when ovaries decrease production of estrogen, a hormone that protects against bone loss.

-Testosterone protects men from bone loss. Osteoporosis is typically seen in men older than 65, when production of this hormone declines.

-Tendency for lower bone mass may pass from parent to child. If your mother, father, or a sibling has been diagnosed with Osteoporosis or has experienced broken bones from a minor injury, you are more likely to develop Osteoporosis.

-Your age. Your risk for Osteoporosis goes up as you get older. Both men and women lose a small amount (approximately 0.4%) of bone each year after age 30.

-Having a slender body frame.

-Your race. People of European and Asian background are most likely to get Osteoporosis. People of African ancestry are the least likely.

-Certain diseases such as hyperparathyroidism, hyperthyroidism, or rheumatoid arthritis, can put you at greater risk for Osteoporosis.

Several medicines and/or medical treatments can increase the risk of bone thinning, such as;

-Corticosteroids which is used to treat conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). If used for a period of 6 months or longer, corticosteroids can lead to steroid-induced Osteoporosis.

-Medicines used to treat endometriosis.

-Aromatase inhibitors (used to treat breast cancer).

-Thyroid replacement medicine (if the dose is more than the body needs).

-Depo-Provera (a birth control medicine given by injection).

-Antacids that contain aluminum.

-Hormone treatment for prostate cancer.

-SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). SSRIs are used to treat many conditions, including depression, fibromyalgia, and premenstrual syndrome. Studies have found that daily use of SSRIs may increase the risk of bone fracture in adults over age 50.

-Certain surgeries, such as having your ovaries removed before menopause.


There are several things we can do to decrease the chances of attracting Osteopenia and Osteoporosis into our lives. The “strategies” are totally within reason and are not hard to do if we make them a part of our everyday life.

In order for bones to continually renew themselves, they need certain nutrients;

Calcium has been scientifically shown to be effective in helping to build bone mass. For optimum benefit, the range of calcium intake is between 1000 to 1500 mg per day depending on age, dietary intake, physical activity, and other health conditions. It is very difficult for the average person to safely ingest the amount of calcium that is truly needed for healthy bones. Especially when a lot of the calcium providers are filled with other toxins, such as steroids. Therefore, make sure that you find a calcium supplement that gives you the range suggested and has Calcium Orotate as its source of calcium. Calcium Orotate has been found to be the most effective calcium available (Read More Here).

Vitamin D has also been shown to be effective in building bone mass. It is created in our bodies from sun exposure and is also found in foods such as egg yolks, liver, salt-water fish, and fortified beverages. Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium. Daily intake should be approximately 500 to 1000 IU per day. It has become an epidemic that our society lacks the amount of Vitamin D to be healthy. Again, make sure you are supplementing this crucial vitamin.

Vitamin K has shown, in research, to reduce bone loss. Vitamin K has been best known as a treatment for aiding blood coagulation. But, researchers have also found that vitamin K is important for the maintenance of healthy bones. Vitamin K is found in green, leafy vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, collard greens, lettuce, and spinach. Because of vitamin K's role in blood coagulation, individuals on blood thinners should check with their doctor before attempting to increase their vitamin K intake.

Weight bearing exercise is critical for bone health. Running, jogging, walking, dancing, and weight training are all exercises that put more weight on bones. Swimming, on the other hand, is great for overall physical health, but does not have a weight bearing aspect to it, therefore is not part of the plan to ward off this disease. The added weight on the legs promotes bone formation and creating a stronger frame that has less chance of being fractured. Exercise also increases balance which helps to deter falls. Before you start an exercise program, please make sure to consult your doctor to ensure heart health and other normal functioning.


Because Osteoporosis in now more understood, it is treatable through medications and fractures may actually be prevented. Some treatment options available today not only prevent further bone loss, but also help you rebuild your bone mass.

There are, of course, a myriad of medications one can be on to promote bone health. This is where we turn this discussion. We, at The Balance You Need, believe that there are much better ways to potentially help people with this disease. Remember above when we talked about which nutrients are important for bone formation such as Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Vitamin K? Life Force International carries three products that we want you to consider; OsteoProCare, OsteOmegaCare and TrueGreens.

OsteoProCare and OsteOmegaCare are the best liquid calcium and vitamin d3 supplements on the market. Both of these products use Calcium Orotate, which is considered the most effective calcium for the body. They contain 1200 mg of Calcium and 600 mg of Magnesium. This 2:1 ratio has been proven to be the most effective for calcium absorption. The Osteo products also contain 1000 IUs of Vitamin D3. Both products have Orotic Acid which helps calcium pass through the bone walls. Unfortunately, the majority of “calcium supplements/pills” on the market today do not contain Orotic Acid which leads to calcium deposits throughout the body. Therefore, with the Osteo products, you get everything one needs to maintain healthy bones or even possibly reverse Osteoporosis or Osteopenia naturally.

As for Vitamin K, we suggest using TrueGreens. Unfortunately, because our soils have been so depleted, it almost takes 10 times as much of a fruit or vegetable to contain the nutrients they used to have 30 years ago. Therefore, unless you are eating a forest of veggies every day, you are probably not getting the total nutrition that you need. TrueGreens delivers the necessary nutrients.

Also, Body Balance, which is a liquid Aloe Vera and Sea Vegetable supplement, gives a broad spectrum of the baseline nutrition our bodies need on a daily basis. Aloe Vera has shown to be beneficial in dealing with inflammation, which can help with bone and joint issues also.

If you are interested in looking further into OsteoProCare, OsteOmegaCare, TrueGreens, and Body Balance, simply click on the name. With Life Force International, all customers have a 45 day, 100% money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose.

We hope that our article has been informative and may help lead you to better health. If you would like to see how others have found a potential natural remedy for Osteoporosis and other bone ailments, please continue reading through the testimonials below. We can NEVER say that our products cure or prevent any type of disease, but it is common sense and has been scientifically researched that these nutrients do have a positive effect on our bone well being.


Testimonial 1
Doctor Avoided Knee Replacement and Chronic Pain

For me, evaluating nutritional supplementation has been easy. Why? Because my body is extremely sensitive to everything. Like anyone else who has severe chronic pain, when you find something that works, you know it. I have lived with severe knee pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 32 years.

In May of 1966, I completed my active military duty and was reassigned to reserve status with my Squadron, at Alameda Naval Air Base, in California. I was excited about the transfer because I was picked to start training for my wings as an Air Crewman. Immediately, after completing my first phase of training, I was injured in a civilian job. A four-ton hoist smashed me vertically into a steel bin, ending my military duty and an eleven year career as an athlete.

As a result of this injury, I was unable to walk without a cane or crutches for 6½ years. It took four major surgeries and significant amounts of prescription drugs for 1½ years to deal with the pain and swelling. The final solution, the medical profession had to offer for my knee instability, was total knee fusion.

At this time I was a pre-medicine student on a university transfer program to Stanford University. I wanted to be a plastic surgeon. Upon the final recommendation of knee fusion, I quit pre-medicine and no longer wanted to be an MD. I became disgusted with the idea of another surgery, more drugs and a stiff leg the rest of my life. I started to look for alternative ways to heal myself.

Fifteen years ago, orthopedic surgeons wanted to perform a total knee replacement. However, through decompression hydrotherapy rehabilitation exercise, in a swimming pool, 1 was able to maintain stability.

As I got older, with no cartilage and bone rubbing on bone, my knee has become more degenerative from friction. As time went by, it became more difficult to walk and I lost the ability to bend my knee. As this degenerative process continued, the pain level increased to the point that it was almost impossible to find a comfortable position. After a consultation in May, 1997, with Dr. Robert Klapper, Orthopedic Surgeon at Cedar Sinai, I observed 2 total knee replacements he performed and decided to have my knee replaced the day after Thanksgiving.

However, in September, an actor was injured on a Disney movie, in British Columbia, and I was brought in to help get him through the movie. What was supposed to be a three day stay, ended up to be 2½ months. The terrain was irregular, wet and cold, causing me a daily increase in pain. Many nights I could hardly walk. The only way I could sleep was to pack my knee in ice.

When I returned from Canada, I found out about the Osteo products. I had been looking for a highly absorbable form of calcium. I was taking a chewable calcium and a Chondroitin Glucosamine supplement already, but it often created a bloating feeling and I felt I was not absorbing it.

After taking the Osteo product for a few days, I started to feel much better. After a few weeks, I had less knee pain and better range of motion. The Osteo product definitely made a significant difference for me. I could finally sleep without the nightly throbbing and pounding in my knee. The most interesting response was from my patients, many of whom knew of my problem because I walked with a severe limp. However, they began to notice that I was no longer walking with a limp. They wanted to know what I was doing to help myself. The answer, the Osteo product. I take two tablespoons twice a day and find my body responds incredibly well. I have started to workout again and feel significantly better. I no longer plan to have knee surgery.

I wish I had been able to use a product like the Osteo product with Glucosamine Hydrochloride and Chondroitin Sulfate back in the 80’s. The Osteo product with Glucosamine Hydrochloride and Chondroitin Sulfate can significantly decrease the recovery time of someone who is suffering from a knee injury or any condition that results in deteriorated connective tissue or degenerative arthritis.

I've had extremely good results recommending the Osteo product to my patients, particularly those with degenerative joint disease. Many of my arthritic patients believe it has turned back the time clock and they feel more mobile and younger.

Dr. Leroy P., Co-Chairman

Testimonial 2
Chronic Pain relieved with Liquid Supplements!

Marge S.:

My health problems started with pain in my shoulders that soon spread down over my arms to the point that I couldn’t even lift my arms over my head. I couldn’t wear a T-shirt or pullover, and sometimes to wash my hair in the shower I would have to hold one arm up with the other hand and wash one-handed. These problems were soon followed by stress fractures in my foot, which required me to wear a therapeutic boot rather than sandals or tennis shoes. After being on my feet for any length of time, a pain would develop in my knee. The serious nature of this problem kept me from being able to enjoy walking with my husband in the evening. I also experienced pain and numbness due to carpal tunnel and had to wear a brace on my right knee.

All of this pain prevented me from sleeping through the night, and I had to completely change my sleeping habits. The only way I could sleep was on my back with pillows under my knees or in a recliner. I went to several different doctors, being referred from one to another, and had many tests performed. After all of the tests and various medications, I was simply told that my rotator cuffs were worn out, and I would need replacements. I had chronic pain throughout my body with symptoms of fibromyalgia, although the disease was never medically diagnosed. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis.

Testimonial 3

When I started taking liquid phytonutrient supplements, I stopped taking my pain, anti-inflammatory and hormone medications. I also stopped taking my vitamin pills. Within a week I spent all night without waking up in pain. After two weeks I could walk a mile without pain. I recently celebrated two years of no medication and no replacement surgery. When I had my last physical, my calcium level was normal, and my bone density was above normal for someone in their 70’s. I know it is due to the liquid calcium supplements. I was taking handfuls of calcium pills before the liquid calcium supplement, but my body wouldn’t absorb them. I am now able to live a pain-free life and do all of the things that I had not been able to do for three years. I thank God every morning when I wake up that I no longer have to drag myself out of bed and take one or two hours to get started. It’s a blessing for my loved ones and such a joy for me to jump out of bed and start the day full of energy.

I am a horse trainer and formerly played professional polo. I was hard on my body and when I turned 40, I developed major health problems. I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis; I had Hypoglycemia, experienced symptoms of chronic fatigue and depression from the constant pain. I tried conventional and alternative therapies. None of them worked. God answered my prayers by sending me “Company X”. I started on “Liquid Organic Product”, “Calcium/Mineral product”, followed by ‘Intestinal Cleansing Product”. Within 3 weeks, I felt so much better. I am now pain free, I have energy all day and the depression is gone. I have my life back. I thank God every day for “Company X”. I haven’t been back to the doctor, because I feel so great. I have been able to try more of the “Company X” products, which prove to be just as excellent. Being able to share the products with others is incredible and this allows me to have a new career which is rewarding in health and freedom. I don’t have to go back to a job that kept us on edge financially and was so hard on my body. With my health turn around and the business opportunity, I have a well-balanced life with mind, body and spirit.

Grant G., Jackson, Wyoming

Testimonial 4
Osteoporosis – Woman Reverses Bone Loss

My Story;

I have osteoporosis. No longer taking drugs due to lasting side effects. For me the “Company X” products have been a life savior. After taking the joint pack and “Energy Product” for ten months I have seen significant improvement. My last bone density indicated that I have gone from Osteoporosis to Osteopenia. Many thanks to Carole and the “Company X” Products.

Marcia B., Farmingdale, Maine

Testimonial 5
Janet W’s knee

8/26/09 Janet wrote:
I am not proud of the fact that I ran out of my “Calcium/Mineral Product” last week. I didn't think it would affect me too much, boy was I wrong. To all of you who know me and have seen me show my dog, run around with my kids….. You think, “This girl is in good shape.” Well let me tell you another story. My “shape” is directly related to taking 3 “Company X” products DAILY!! 2 1/2 years ago I was diagnosed with Last Stage Osteoarthritis in my left knee. Bone on bone, cysts and edema everywhere, but no pain. How is that?? Because I take 3 “Company X” products DAILY. So here we are, one week after running out of 1 of my bone and joint products. I CANNOT WALK!! The pain is excruciating. I need a cane!

8/27/09: I received some “Calcium/Mineral Product” last night. I took 2TBS last night, 1 1/2 TBS two more times today AND I CANNOT BELIEVE how much better my knee is already!!!

8/31/09: It took from Wednesday evening to Friday afternoon for my knee to return to “normal.” My knee is far from normal but functional and pain free as long as I take my “COMPANY X” products regularly.

The summary of my knee diagnosis back in 2007 was:
1. Cruciate deficient knee. Findings suggesting complete rupture of the patient’s anterior ligament graft.
2. End-stage osteoarthritis with obliteration of the articular cartilage.
3. Obliterative – type tears of the medial and lateral menisci.
4. Large joint effusion.

By taking the “COMPANY X” products daily, I have been able to show and finish to AKC Championship my 165 pound Great Dane without pain or additional injury!!

Janet W., Winthrop Harbor , IL

Testimonial 6
Lesa -Here is her story:

I am Lesa L. from Jefferson City, MO. I was searching for the “right” nutrition for many years! I have suffered with diabetes, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis, as well as high blood pressure & elevated cholesterol. At the time I began taking “Sea Veg/Aloe”, I visited my endocrinologist every 3 months & my regular doc every 4 months. I always have blood drawn before the endocrinologist visit. After only being on the product 6-8 weeks, my blood work showed a drop in my A1C level (blood sugar) from 9.6 to 7.2! My cholesterol dropped 85 points to 145, with my bad cholesterol only being 52! My triglycerides dropped 45 points, to 129. Last time they were down to 93! This is in addition to a boost in energy & some pain relief!

The cartilage in one of my knees was down to 10% when the last x-ray was taken. I was told that I need a knee replacement, but am too young. I added the osteo products and they have helped tremendously! I do not limp anymore when I walk! I endured a nasty fall on the ice a year ago, which caused a double fracture in an ankle & a tailbone fracture. The orthopedic Dr was amazed at how well & quickly I regained mobility & healed! I also have been able to discontinue 3 meds for diabetes, cholesterol, & blood pressure. The docs know I take “Liquid Organic Product”, but won't admit my health challenge successes are related. However, instead of visits every 3 & 4 months, they've changed them to every 4 & 6 months, respectively!

“Company X” has changed my life dramatically, with awesome health results and an amazing business! I am grateful every day for my many blessings. Two of those are the “Company X” products & the “Company X” business!

Testimonial 7
Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis

My story is not a miracle YET, but I have been suffering with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis for the last ten years (since I was 30 years old). I have tried many things to feel better, both psychologically and physically. Now, taking 2 to 3 ounces of the Sea Vegetable/Aloe Vera product a day and 4 tablespoons of the Osteo product, I still have pain and stiffness, but I no longer take any pain medication and can get through a whole day ambitiously!

DeDe Y.

Health Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The statements and products are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any diseases.

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