You HAVE TO watch this video on how a rat was found in a Monster Energy Drink can. How in the hell does a LIVE RAT get inside of a Monster Energy Drink can? What is this world coming to?!

Rat In CanI will never drink canned Monster Drinks again! Come on, how does a company like Monster, whom has enough capital to ensure they have perfection in terms of production, end up with a live rat that dies inside the Monster can after the product was already made? With a powdered energy drink, you would never have this to deal with!

I mean, you are telling me that somehow, either the rat climbed through the hole of the Monster can, or, somehow, during the creation of the Monster can, that this rat was inside the metal while forming it. There should be absolutely NO REASON that something like this should occur.

It is just another ARGUMENT against the use of CANS when enjoying your energy drink!

I mean, cans are hard to carry, you can’t bring them into your boring ass class, AND it leaves way more of a carbon print then other products such as Kaos Gold does…

You need a POWDERED energy drink to get rid of all of these potential problems. And Ditch The Can has that solution!


Ben & Ditch The Can™