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26 07, 2012

New Body Balance Formula by Life Force International

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We now have a NEW Body Balance formula by Life Force International! For those of you that already love Body Balance, no worries as nothing has been taken away, but simply added to Body Balance's effectiveness!

30 06, 2012

Free Body Balance Samples

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Well, we thought we would SHOW you how our sampling system works by giving you free Body Balance samples. Our business plan is derived from our sampling system which is simply giving Life Force products out to people to try the products for free.

22 10, 2011

Free Shipping on Life Force Products

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We have decided to provide FREE SHIPPING ON ALL QUALIFYING FIRST TIME ORDERS of Body Balance or any other Life Force International products, indefinitely! The QUALIFYING orders are as follows; ANY autoship order $0 and above OR ANY 1 time order with product cost of $97 and over.

8 05, 2011

Why Are Sea Vegetables So Good For Our Health?

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Sea vegetation has been known for centuries to contain many trace minerals that are difficult to get from land plants. The sea's chemistry is similar to that of our blood, so the trace mineral profiles of the sea vegetables in Body Balance are also similar to our blood's profiles. Our SeaNine vegetable blend includes representation from red, brown and green sea vegetables. These sea vegetables were chosen in part because of the different microclimates and depths in the ocean in which they grow, garnering a broad spectrum of nutrients from the sea.

3 03, 2010

How Soil Depletion Affects Our Health

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Soil depletion, compared to all factors, affects our health the most. Perhaps the best summary is by Dr. William A. Albrecht, Chairman of the Department of Soils at the University of Missouri, who said:

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