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23 05, 2012

Wealth Creation in the New Economy

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Below is a VERY interesting video on how to create wealth by taking advantage of our "New Economy". Michael Jude explains how people are moving from the factory where they are paid by what The Market says they should make, to this new way of wealth creation based on injecting value in peoples' lives and being paid on performance!

23 03, 2012

Lower Debt and Build a Positive Cash Flow

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In this society, people are absolutely drowning in credit debt and hardly living paycheck to paycheck. One of my missions is to not only help people through natural health products, but to also help people lower debt and build a positive cash flow to the point where they become FINANCIALLY FREE! I am paying it forward and showing you what others have taken time to show me! We were NOT put on this earth to be slaves to the market, but rather to live a life of abundance.


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