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Being satisfied with oneself physically is one of the keys to fulfillment in this life. We try to act like it’s not a … [Read more...]

Happy New Year from The Balance You Need!

Better Year 2013

Happy New Year! 2012 was a record year for Life Force International, my Life Force team, and my family. Building a large … [Read more...]

Attitude is the Key to MLM Success

MLM Success

There is one quality you cannot do without and is a key to MLM success; attitude! Without the right attitude, you will … [Read more...]

Financial Lives Changed by Life Force

Financial Lives Changed by Life Force

The following video are people whose financial lives have been changed by Life Force … [Read more...]

How to Build Wealth by Using Residual Income

How to Build Wealth

The following video of Michael Jude explaining how to build wealth by using residual income is done beautifully as he … [Read more...]

Wealth Creation in the New Economy

Create Wealth

Below is a VERY interesting video on how to create wealth by taking advantage of our "New Economy". Michael Jude … [Read more...]

Network Marketing Success-Duplication and Explosive Growth

MLM Duplication

Every successful Network Marketing business has "Duplication" running rampant through the organizations. Duplication is … [Read more...]

MLM Training-Being Present

Being Present

In this MLM training video, Ben talks about how "staying present" can help you in your quest of building another stream … [Read more...]

MLM Training-The Invitation Process

Learn While You Earn

There are two main action steps that one has to perfect in order to have a successful Network Marketing business; 1) … [Read more...]

Ben Explains Why Network Marketing Exists!

LIfe Force International

There are a lot of misnomers out there regarding what Network Marketing is exactly. Watch the video above where Ben … [Read more...]

How to Master Your Cash Flow

Mastering the Cash Flow Quadrant

Money does NOT buy happiness, we all know that, but it sure makes life a little easier and allows us to be the person we … [Read more...]

Life Force International Core Values

Life Force International

Life Force International has been in the Wellness Industry for several decades now and provides people with whole food … [Read more...]

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