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2 05, 2010

Success is an Inside Job

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There is a well known problem in network marketing…some people make it, most people quit. Why is that? What makes success in this marvelous industry? We have 2 people from the same company working as hard, applying same strategies, but after 3 years in business one has made it to the top and another one is barely paying the bills if not out of the business already. Just three years were able to make such a great difference!!! So what does success depend on particularly in home based businesses?

30 04, 2010

Don’t Let Your Dreams Pass You By!

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What are your dreams and aspirations?  When you think about them, do they feel like a dream or a reality?  So many of us have lost the hope that things will turn out the way we envisioned them when we were young.  For whatever reason, some of us have just plainly given up.

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