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24 02, 2013

Stop Bad Mouthing the Network Marketing Industry!

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The majority of those bad mouthing the Network Marketing Industry are people that didn't succeed when they tried it. They "see" the potential, but don't have the drive within themselves to work it at a level that is consistent with Network Marketing success. As with any business, you do have to work HARD to achieve success in this Industry.

28 02, 2012

MLM Training-The Invitation Process

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There are two main action steps that one has to perfect in order to have a successful Network Marketing business; 1) "The Invitation" and 2) Following Up. If the first one; exposing what we have to offer to a prospect is not done correctly, our businesses go nowhere. Ben Mueller discusses how he trains his business partners in this all important process. When it comes down to it, it's about helping the person we are talking to about Life Force International and how either the Life Force products or Life Force business can enhance the quality of their life by fulfilling a need or want that they have.

14 02, 2012

Most Effective Network Marketing System-Life Force Simple Dream Kit

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Life Force’s Simple Dream Launch Kit empowers you to follow a simple business plan that leads straight to your dreams and goals coming true. It's a simple, smart decision.

18 06, 2011

Life Force International Core Values

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The following are the Philosophies and Core Values that Life Force International holds true to its heart; Empowering Human Potential

25 01, 2011

Why We Need Mineral Supplementation

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Minerals are grouped into two categories. Those that are considered to be required in our diets in amounts greater than 100 milligrams per day are called major minerals (calcium, chlorine, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium and sulphur). Those considered to be required in our diets in minute amounts (less than 100 milligrams/day) are called trace minerals. Each makes up less than 1/100th of one percent of our body weight. But that small amount is essential! But why do we need mineral supplementation?

7 01, 2011

Psoriasis Organic Natural Treatment

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The following testimonial, submitted 9/08, explains the natural alternative remedy for Psoriasis that one person found by using an Aloe Vera and Ocean Botanical organic product. Although we cannot say for certain that this is a cure, this is what occurred for Mr. MacDonald;

19 08, 2010

Life Force International Successful Network Marketing Company

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Life Force International has been a successful Network Marketing company for many years. Its attractive attributes has brought in new distributors by the thousands looking for a way to get out of the Rat Race we find ourselves in.

6 05, 2010

Top Ten Reasons to Join a Home Based Business

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So everybody and their mother is joining a home based business, but what are the reasons they are so gung ho about it? The following article will hopefully show you why creating a second stream of income from a home based business is so attractive.

2 05, 2010

Success is an Inside Job

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There is a well known problem in network marketing…some people make it, most people quit. Why is that? What makes success in this marvelous industry? We have 2 people from the same company working as hard, applying same strategies, but after 3 years in business one has made it to the top and another one is barely paying the bills if not out of the business already. Just three years were able to make such a great difference!!! So what does success depend on particularly in home based businesses?

29 04, 2010

How to Survive this Economy

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Do you feel guilty that you can’t spend enough time with your family? Are you struggling paycheck to paycheck? Are you sick and tired of being told WHEN to be at work and WHEN to leave? Are you sad that you’re not able to see your kid’s first “up at bat” because you can’t get to the ball field until the 5th inning, missing their first steps or words?

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