Natural Supplements for HairAloe Vera and Sea Vegetables have long time been known for their natural medicinal properties, but one advantage that is not talked about enough are their ability to maintain or create healthy hair, skin, and fingernails. Being healthy in these areas are a direct result in the overall health of a person. Both hair and nails are made up of dead cells, and the stronger the nails and more beautiful the hair means the cells that once lived were strong themselves.

Therefore, many people would rather use natural products instead of toxic chemicals. Because of this trend, Aloe Vera and Sea Vegetables have become the main ingredients in many skin, hair, and health products by providing these results in a matter of weeks! Bottom line; finding a good Aloe Vera and Sea Vegetable product means a natural way to create healthy skin and hair.

Aloe Vera and Skin Health

The saying “Beauty comes from within,” takes on a literal meaning or fact once you know how Aloe Vera works in the body when you drink it! Yes you can safely drink Aloe Vera and it can be used to improve the skin’s health and reduce the aging process. The reason being is that Aloe Vera has collagen that is known to be an effective ingredient in the anti-aging goal.

Many people have practiced the healing powers of the Aloe Vera plant when applied topically to a cut or burn. Research has shown that there are five natural occurring anti-inflammatory compounds that exist along with growth factors located in the plant that help it deliver these results. They work together to relieve pain sensations, reverse scarring and speed the healing process and these findings are supported through scientific research

Research has proven that Aloe Vera has a variety of nutrients and is the only gel that can penetrate two layers of the skin. This allows the Aloe to prevent and, sometimes even rid the skin of many minor skin problems such as; Acne, burns, cuts, itching, Psoriasis, and Shingles by replenishing dead or damaged skin cells. When skin cells die, your body must produce new skin cells to replace the dead ones. The addition of new skin cells also slows the aging process and helps the skin stay moist. The Aloe tends to produce baby soft skin and a bright glow to the skin.

With Eczema and Psoriasis scientists believe the rough, dry scaly patches of skin or small blisters are related to an over active immune system. Through the kind of nutrition that Aloe Vera and Sea Vegetables provide, one is able to balance the body’s immune function. For many they can totally reverse their skin symptoms but may take 3-6 months to make significant changes. In essence, a natural therapy for Eczema and Psoriasis.

Aloe Vera is also known to have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties. These agents allow skin ailments to heal quickly, while reducing the risk of infection. Aloe Vera has even shown to help with chicken pox.

Furthermore, Aloe is a natural anesthesia to reduce pain. Got a sunburn? Aloe Vera can cool and help heal a serious sunburn and can speed up the healing process.

Sea Vegetables and Hair Health

Many hair problems are a result of poor nutrition, therefore, Seaweed should be a part of everyone’s diet because of the high amount of minerals, calcium and glyconutrients such as; iron, magnesium, potassium, boron, silica, selenium and chromium. They are also loaded with essential fatty acids, vitamins (including vitamin D) and water soluble fibers which make them excellent in the bone building process and the repairing of tissue. With their internal moisturizing properties, detoxification attributes, and high concentration of friendly nutrients, sea vegetables are huge in the natural beauty industry by improving hair color and quality, skin tone and texture, and fingernail strength and appearance.

Sea Vegetables contain Iodine which is a essential nutrient for good health.  Not only is Iodine critical for thyroid gland function and body metabolism, it’s also essential for reproductive tissue health; meaning it’s needed for healthy skin, eyes and nerve function. Unfortunately Iodine is a rare compound and only small amounts of iodine are present in most people’s diets especially amongst Western societies. Fortunately, sea vegetables contain the highest amounts of Iodine.

Aloe Vera also comes into the picture for the hair by helping to prevent or even be an alternative treatment for hair loss. Aloe Vera contains the enzyme which is beneficial in stimulating new hair production. It also helps by promoting good blood circulation throughout the body including the scalp. Aloe also aids, in combination with the Sea Vegetables, in providing the softness and shine you look for in the mirror every day in your hair.


There is a product on the market that provides both Sea Vegetables and Aloe Vera in a liquid form; Body Balance. Body Balance has been around for several decades now and has provided people with the nutrition they need to have a healthful body, including hair and skin.

If, after reading this article and the testimonials below, you want to purchase Body Balance, simple visit our Body Balance Buy Page.

Please keep reading the following testimonials that pertain to people’s experiences with an Aloe Vera and Sea Vegetable supplement (“Liquid Organic Product”) and how this natural product provided them with hair, skin, and great nail health!

Testimonial 1

Blood Pressure Lowers; Off Medication!

3 years ago I had been on the high blood pressure medication Calan-sr for 17 yrs. I also had frequent migraine headaches, low energy and hair loss.  The reason I was on the medication, was due to surviving 2 Brain Aneurysm Operations.

I was then introduced to “Liquid Organic Product” and several of the other “Company X” products. After taking the products for 2 ½ months I monitored my blood pressure. It was 110/70 down from a medicated 120/95. Since then, I am medication free.

I haven’t had any headaches since taking the products. I now have full head of hair, which I thought would never grow back. My energy is through the roof. I’m 54 years young and I feel like I’m only 25.

I believe these products have changed my life. I thank GOD for “Company X”.

Carol H, Oak Park IL

Testimonial 2

Weight Loss, Blood Pressure, Sleeping

Age and lack of concentrated activity had started to take a toll on Laura’s body late in 2008 as she put on weight and began to feel sluggish. She voiced this to a friend who has a massage therapy practice and a colon hydrotherapy practice. The friend suggested she try some products she used for colon cleansing. Laura did, but didn’t see much in the way of results so when the same friend later suggested she try “Company X” products, specifically “Liquid Organic Product”, she resisted for about 3 months. The friend had recently joined “Company X” and persisted in her recommendation. Finally Laura agreed to try the product since she had recently been hospitalized for cardiac issues and a mild stroke and had been given handfuls of new medications to use. She started first with “Liquid Organic Product” and noticed an immediate difference in her emotional state, her skin and her hair. This was major improvement within the first five days of using “Liquid Organic Product”. Within two weeks her blood pressure had regulated and she cut back on three medications. In addition the sleep was much more restful and this was after many years of insomnia. When the next order was due Laura added “Sleeping Product” to her product repertoire. After using the “Sleeping Product” and “Liquid Organic Product” for an additional month she had lost almost eleven pounds and was sleeping well every night for up to eight hours a night. She continues to use both products and lose weight, have greater inner calm, clear skin, thicker hair and a feeling of health.

As a nurse Laura feels that everyone should be using “Liquid Organic Product” every day and her goal is to introduce it to as many people as possible. In the process she will be able to overcome her fear of rejection because this product has changed her life and she intends for it to change the life of others.

With increased health, vigor, and better sleep Laura is now once again able to resume her hobbies of hunting, fishing, hiking and enjoying all aspects of the outdoors.

Laura H., RN BSN, Salmon ID

Testimonial 3

My story

When I was 12 I had my first asthma attack, playing one night with my friends.  Then the suffering began.  I suffered the embarrassment of being goalie during soccer because if I ran, I had asthma.  I remember my teenage years were full of frequent bouts of bronchitis.  As I got older, I had increasing problems with my weight, weighing 185 when I graduated from high school (I’m 5’ 4” tall).  I knew nothing about eating well.  Eventually, I lost weight on Atkins and cigarettes.  I became obsessed with what I ate, reading every weight loss book on the market.  Yet, by  nightfall, my stomach hurt from overeating as I couldn’t ever be satisfied and quit thinking about food.  Little did I know that my body was just starving for nutrients.

I became obsessed.  When I went to the doctor for annual checkups, I complained about wanting to be thinner.  He said “if you don’t get your asthma under control, you will not have a weight problem.  You’ll be what we call a lunger, hauling your oxygen tank around with you, fighting for every breath.  Then you’ll be thin.”  I was also plagued with allergies all year long, sinus infections, even cancer sores in my nose every fall.  I lived for winter when flowers and grasses died, yet I was still deathly allergic to dust and molds.  I was afraid to shake people’s hands because catching colds triggered life threatening asthma attacks.

Several other concerns popped up:  hair loss, aching feet and hips, and I was seriously losing the ability to retrieve words from my aging brain.  As a teacher, frequently in front of 40 to 100 people, it is not a good thing to stand there trying to “think of a word”. This worried me, to say the least.  Pre Alzheimer’s?  Over 50?  What was the cause?

Then a friend, who had suffered from Fibromyalgia until she found “Liquid Organic Product”, came to stay as a house guest.  I noticed she looked clear skinned, radiant, energetic, and generally very well and I said “gee you are looking good.”  She’s 3 years older than I.   She told me her story and asked if we’d like to take this liquid whole food that had helped her so much.  “We would no longer need to take our daily multiple vitamin”, she said.  My husband hated choking down vitamin pills, so we decided to switch to this liquid supplement.  This was in January of 2004.

Well, was I ever surprised when after about 60 days I noticed words were popping into my head when I needed them, instead of the fearful “searching for a word and never finding it in the deep, dark emptiness”.  30 days later there was no doubt “Liquid Organic Product” was improving my brain function.  Allergies, asthma and energy level all improved so gradually that I wasn’t keenly aware of when they all had changed.  But, sure enough, after being on “Liquid Organic Product” for about a year I realized that my health complaints were disappearing.  My hair grew back in thicker, praise the Lord, and I could wear high heels again.  My feet and hips no longer hurt, in fact, I felt better than I did 20 years earlier.  I no longer complained of exhaustion.

I’ve been taking “Liquid Organic Product”, and also “Calcium/Mineral Product” now for 3 1/2 years.  I have so much energy, I’ve begun to run, which I haven’t done since I was 28 years old.  I am now age 58.  I have not used an asthma inhaler for at least 2 years (down from 18 life-threatening puffs a day) and I no longer take allergy pills.  I now hug people freely, set free of worrying about catching colds, as my body fights off any bug that would try to come my way.  It’s like magic.  If I feel that I’m under attack, I just up my consumption of “Liquid Organic Product”, and I DO NOT GET SICK.  My immune system now functions the way God intended it to, since I’m getting the nutrients I need.  Over eating is no longer a concern. I have “fed myself thin.” I’m amazed at how well highest quality whole food nutrients have been the solution to my problems. Naturally, I began sharing my good fortune with others after being on the products for about a year.  This high-impact, priceless product is too good to keep to yourself.  Now, I have retired from my full-time executive position, working part-time sharing these awesome products.  I have time freedom and my hourly earnings are more than double what I was earning on salary.

Bethann B, Rapid City SD

Testimonial 4


Genie and her husband Dale had a car accident 6 years ago which left her disabled with severe joint pain in knees, neck, hips and back and him disabled with Traumatic Brain injury (TBI).  The disabilities affected them in long term ways financially as well.  Their modular home was repossessed and literally removed from their small goat farm.  (Thankfully, their land was paid in full.)  They had to live in a shanty home built up, around and over camper trailers.  They used a van (when they had gas) that they had no money to fix and got only 2-3 miles/gallon.

Depression set in as Genie could not physically move her body due to the pain.  Over the years, lack of movement, depression and poor food choice availability led to morbid obesity.

A few years ago, she was 400 pounds at a height of 5’3″.  Diagnosed with morbid obesity (They wanted her to have a gastric bypass), malnutrition, borderline diabetes, asthma, allergies, depression, neuropathy, high blood pressure, and some sort of skin sores that blistered and bled, she was on numerous medications.  She could only walk 10 labored steps using a cane or walker, before stopping to lean on things to rest and catch her breath.  She used oxygen at night as well as emergency inhalers several times a day.

She tried to look into various nutritional supplements, knowing that liquid nutrition was the way to go, but all of them were far too expensive with their disability income.

In the first two weeks, with just 2 ounces of “Liquid Organic Product” per day (swishing and holding it in her mouth for maximum impact) she started being able to get up and walk with less pain.  After the first two weeks, she stopped using both the emergency inhaler.  After two months she stopped using the oxygen completely.  Her depression started to lift and her “Eeyore” tone of voice disappeared.  She became more positive and more able to move forward with her life.

Within the first month of being on “Liquid Organic Product”, and on just two ounces per day, she was able to return to work part-time.  With the money she earned being able to work, she was able to afford four ounces per day.  Within four months, on just four ounces of “Liquid Organic Product” per day, she was able to return to full-time work.

An unexpected pleasure came when the bald and thinning spots on her head started to grow her red curly hair back!!  It came back silky, thick, and strong.  She felt beautiful!!

In the meantime, neuropathy on her legs, brown with some sores from her knees to the bottom of her feet, started to dissipate and her body started producing pink healthy skin.  She previously had little to no feeling in her feet. One day, she called moaning in pain saying, “Oh that “Liquid Organic Product”.  That “Liquid Organic Product”!! My feet hurt!!  I can feel them now!!”  Today, it is almost completely gone, 90% on her right leg and 75% on her left.

Her skin disorder is cleared up.  No more blisters popping and bleeding.

Menstrual cycle regular again after years of not having them.  She hadn’t had them in 5 years.

Bowel movements are also regular after years of constipation.

She no longer uses the wheelchair at Wal-Mart when shopping.  She has even walked around stores for two hours at a time.  She has the energy to swim to actively work on reducing her weight.    Her weight dropped significantly; over the last two years she has lost 75 pounds!  She doesn’t get the cravings that she used to get and her body isn’t “malnourished” anymore.

Her medications dosages have been cut in half.  Her doctors were so impressed with her results that they asked for information about “Liquid Organic Product” and wrote her a prescription for the “Liquid Organic Product”.

Today, she works full-time and overtime.  They have been able to fix up their shanty; they were able to put cement on their bedroom floor instead of the gravel floor covered with carpet fragments.  They were able to purchase a van to replace the one that had carbon monoxide problems and got only 2-3 miles to the gallon.

Her results have been so significant that many of the people that she works with are on the “Liquid Organic Product” which, of course, helps her pay for her products while helping others.

Sharing “Company X” and “Liquid Organic Product” truly is a way to help people with both their health and finances

Testimonial 5


I am a woman who has not shown a propensity for taking care of herself, physically, in the past. I turned fifty, this year, and as I took mental and physical inventories I realized that I was severely out of alignment with my physical health. I promised myself I would bring my presence into balance, but had no idea how that would take place. AND THEN…I was introduced to “Company X”. Everything has begun to shift since I started the products 3 months ago.

I have a ridiculous schedule that I adhere to, for a job I love, that requires I be awake and mentally clear for up to 36 hours at a stretch. Prior to starting with the “Liquid Organic Product” products it took me 4-5 days to reset my internal clock and be able to be fully alert. Since starting with “Company X”, my turn around time is 24 hours and I am far more coherent. I now have enough energy that I am able to forego those last couple of hours of sleep each night so that I can get up and work with a personal trainer at 5:30 a.m. 3X/week. I am eating better and have lost some weight. I am no longer dependent on my asthma medications in order to exercise and I’ve noticed that my allergies have not been as severe this Spring. My hair is growing faster, and my hairdresser tells me that the texture is softer. I’ve been told repeatedly that I look really healthy and happy. My depression has lifted and I feel excited on a daily basis, and that’s a feeling that I thought I had lost with my early youth. I no longer suffer from an old injury’s chronic pain. I used to have nightly problems with insomnia, but since starting with the “Sleep Better” product I go to sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and sleep deeply enough to dream. (For those women who are undergoing “The Change” I’d like to share that my night sweats are better, my flow is brighter – with fewer clots, and I no longer have severe cramping. I also don’t have PMS symptoms anymore.) I HAVE ENERGY NOW!!!

I am so very grateful for the “Company X” Products!!!

Jane T, Portland ME

Testimonial 6

“Let Me Tell You How Great I Feel!!”

Energy, sleeping great, no PMS and lots more

My husband and I started “Liquid Organic Product” in May of 2008. I wasn’t very excited about it but we promised to give it 3 months to see what it could do. I have no real health problems  aside from occasionally being moody and light aches and pains…stuff I chalked up to just life.

For the first 2 months I wasn’t feeling what I thought I should, subtle things but nothing crazy, but I kept on going and decided to saturate myself (take 8 oz a day).

WOW! Let me tell you how great I feel! I was waking up at 4-am every day for no rhyme or reason and now I don’t. I can sleep 6 hours and wake up feeling better than if I had slept 8 or 9. I get up with pep in my step! It’s a long way from the slap in the face I used have to give myself! I have far more sustained energy. I feel clear inside, a wonderful feeling only you can feel while taking this product. My attitude is better. I am far less argumentative and my relationship with my husband is better.

I used to be a coffee-holic and now I drink it only on the weekends. I have absolutely no caffeine cravings at all. My hair is growing quicker. I’ve been a chronic nail biter my whole life. My nails would crack and peel. Now they are strong as steel and I finally have a use for my nail polish collection!

I have experienced a drastic change in my menstrual cycle- for the better. No cramps and PMS! I just don’t see how this has been a secret for so long! You have made me a lifelong customer! As for my husband, his sleeping pattern is improving and his energy is definitely up! Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

Sincerely yours,

Suzanne D, Rockland MA

Testimonial 7

Fibromyalgia, Epstein-Barr, Eczema, Migraines

I’m still doing great with “Liquid Organic Product” – No more eczema, no more migraine headaches, no more Epstein–Barr symptoms.

My only problem is a family friend who I have been begging to give it a try. She finally took me up on my offer of a free bottle last week (free to her, not to me) and a miracle happened for her (or so she says). She has been suffering from Fibromyalgia for years and her legs were so sensitive that she couldn’t stand to have anything touch her skin. This sounds crazy but after only one week she says her symptoms have been cut in half and she has even been able to shave her legs for the first time in a long while. I gave her another bottle and ordered a 4 pack for me to share with her.

Dennis S, Palm Beach Gardens FL

Testimonial 8

Diabetes, food cravings, prostate problems, CANCER!

My husband Samuel and I were introduced to “Liquid Organic Product” and “Calcium/Mineral Product” at a Health Fair in November of 2010.  We were really strapped for cash at the time, but me being an insulin dependent diabetic, and tired of high and low readings, despite taking insulin shots, metformin, and hand full of pill supplements from the natural food store, went with instinct and ordered some right away.  My husband just took it to be supportive…isn’t he cute?  Well, WOW!  He’s the one that started feeling the difference right away…for me it took a little longer.  He had been suffering from a 3 disc fusion surgery (doctor that did it messed him up for life!) and a chronic pain it was for both of us!  He was on pain pills so much that it gave him an ulcer and he had to go to a special pain management doctor so they could control how much he was taking.  He never wanted to have to depend on pain pills to begin with…how insulting is that?  Anyway…just 3 days after starting on the “Liquid Organic Product” and “Calcium/Mineral Product”, he found relief…finally!  He also suffered with prostrate problems getting up every night 4-5 times to go to the bathroom and had to plan his day around a bathroom, even though he was on medicine for that too.  And, he has had vertigo since he was a young boy, which he was on medicine for when he had his bouts.  He had skin irritations under his arms from wearing deodorant, and could never find one that didn’t make him itch.  He had a finger that was injured and he suffered with pain in that finger for many years, and from all the prescriptions he was taking he developed an ulcer for which he was on yet another medication!!  Well…I could go on, and he was a mess.  Within the 1st month of being on these products, he doesn’t take ANY of his meds.  It is amazing, he feels great and subsequently, our relationship is stronger too!!

For me, the products have helped my blood sugar control.  I am off the metformin, I’m off the humolog shots, and am only having to use 20 units of Lantus, and I was able to quit taking the handful of pill supplements every day.  (come to find out all they were doing was binding me up!)  The craving for nicotine, alchohol, sugar, over eating junk food…all disappeared.  We are sleeping much more soundly, and feeling so refreshed in the mornings, have a ton of energy (used to be slumped over on the couch by 7:00 p.m. every night) that we are so much more productive.  I had a wrist injury from my college days, that has always bothered me, and now I don’t even feel it!  It is amazing how adding these products to our diets have caused us to do a 180 with regard to our health issues.

We have saved a ton of money.  We were spending at least $300 a month at Walgreens for over the counter medicine and prescriptions.  Since November, 2010, we haven’t stepped foot in Walgreens!  Also we aren’t spending money on junk food, soda, alchohol, and cigarrettes.  As if that’s not enough, the “thank you” checks that the company is sending us for sharing these products with others is an added bonus!  It is the best business model I have ever heard of in my 35+ years in the work force.  And the best thing is that we don’t have to answer to anybody and play silly office politics games!  How fantastic is that?  The results will correlate with how much time and energy you put into sharing, and following up with people.  The tools are the support from fellow members is fantastic!  This life style also causes a lot of change and personal development.  No more playing the victim!!

Geneova L, Valparaiso IN

Testimonial 9

This is me before I started taking “Liquid Organic Product”.  I felt my life was in crisis, I was very tired and very sad on a scale of 1-10 (1 being really low), and I was at 2.  It’s taken me 20 years to find “Liquid Organic Product” and I am very, very GRATEFUL!

BEFORE “Liquid Organic Product” – early June 2010

  • Stressed, depressed, suicidal thoughts
  • Often irritable, angry, often crying
  • Bi-polar, extreme mood swings
  • Allergic to many things
  • Easily confused, withdrawn, anxious
  • Poor memory
  • Always hungry but not wanting to eat
  • Broken sleep, little sleep
  • Anxious, lethargic, robotic,
  • Raw nerves, sore tummy
  • Dry, itchy, flakey, scaley cracked skin
  • Shaky, feeling like an empty shell
  • Eyes puffy and drippy, lids raw from rubbing irritation
  • Sneezing lots, hay fever, lifelong sinusitis
  • Aching lower back – no desire to get out of bed and life feeling pointless

TAKING “Liquid Organic Product” DAILY – Sept.2010

  • Very happy, laughing lots, newfound confidence
  • Balanced, centered, grounded
  • Better memory  and focus on goals
  • Deep restful sleep & waking refreshed
  • Weight balance, lower food budget
  • Several daily bowel movements
  • Increased energy, walking/running daily
  • Eyes and nose stopped dripping
  • Skin healing
  • Handling more, dealing with lots of people daily
  • Hope and purpose in my life
  • Socializing, inviting lots of people into my home
  • Proud of myself, self employed, creating residual income leading a team of entrepreneurs
  • Speaking on stage and sung on stage
  • Kinder, more patient, tolerant & loving Mum
  • Scale of 1 to 10 – I’m an 8, very excited about my life & future getting better & better every day!



Testimonial 10

I Can Say “YES!” Again!

Last year I loved living a driven, high-profile life, traveling the world, and coordinating events for thousands. However, towards the end of the year I began to feel generally ill, fatigued, and stressed. For three months before I started “Liquid Organic Product” in March, I was had to sleep 13-18 hours a day — all throughout the day and night– and felt constantly fatigued and drained, my mental clarity was low, my skin was severely broken out, my digestive system was not functioning properly, my blood sugar was constantly low and cravings high, my hormones were obviously askew, and I had headaches and body aches daily. However, the difficult part for me was the unexplainable, non-stop mental stress and pressure that so invaded my life to the point where I couldn’t be in a crowd or interact at church or with family, and even close friends. I am now at about 28oz of “Liquid Organic Product” daily and have a life again! Not only do I frequently have rest from mental stress, I can also get up in the morning, cook, work, run errands, smile, skip napping, I lost 15 pounds, my headaches are mostly gone, my skin is clearing, and best of all, I can say “yes” again. Praise the Lord for not just “Liquid Organic Product”, but amazing, loving people like the Chris & Darlene DeLano and Laura Santos!

Love,  Johanna B, WA 98312

Testimonial 11

Weight Loss Without Trying, Back Pain, Acid Reflux

“I’ve been taking ”Liquid Organic Product” for 5 months now with some great benefits to my health, my weight and mental happiness. I lost 20 lbs without even trying, feel great and have great mental clarity. I was troubled with back pain and was taking 4 or 5 Aleve a day, along with anything else I could get my hands on to stop the pain. I don’t even take aspirin now!  My skin is softer and my fingernails grow better than they have my whole life.

My sister was having problems with Acid reflux, she was rundown, and I have to say I was worried about her. I gave her a month’s supply of “Liquid Organic Product” as a gift and she was hooked. She is happy now without the problems of Acid reflux and her energy level is back – and that is after only a month on the product.”

Tonie T., WA

I just love the way “Company X” is helping people – it’s so gratifying!

Testimonial 12

I am 27, and I have had acne since High School and I am second to the youngest of 8, and am the only one that has that problem. I felt awful, I hated taking pictures.  I take pictures of my boys but I wasn’t in most of them because I didn’t want my acne to be there forever, I already had to see it every day. The blemishes I would get were under the skin and hurt. I also had a sensitivity to the sun, my chest and arms would get so itchy (a constant itch that no matter how much I scratched I didn’t feel relief) and it didn’t take much time in the sun to set it off. I have kids and they want to be outside. Also I was eating way too much I would get a big plates and stuff it with as much food as possible and then go for more. I am 5’1 so weight gain shows rather quickly on me. I liked to snack on cookies and chips and just had a hard time losing weight and having control. When I saw good food I just felt like I had to have it and I had to have more and maybe more.

Now after having “Liquid Organic Product” I went up to 12 oz. and my face has cleared up my complexion is better, and Yes I feel comfortable taking pictures now. I took my son to the water park and stayed there the whole day and didn’t have the urge to scratch. My cravings were gone, my appetite was so much better I felt like I had control. “Liquid Organic Product” has given me more confidence and the Power to say “no thank you” to another serving. Oh and I have lost 12 pounds. Also there was a stomach virus going on I felt like I was getting nauseous so I went home drank some “Liquid Organic Product” and took some “Pao D’Arco product” and guess what I didn’t get sick. My kids love taking “Liquid Organic Product” and “Pao D’Arco product” they bug me about it.

Mari K, TX

Testimonial 13

I am so excited to tell you about the health benefits I am experiencing since I started taking “Liquid Organic Product” 3 ½ months ago.

Within the first week of taking the liquid food, I noticed a definite increase in my energy, and I was not snacking as much in between meals. I have since lost eight pounds and, at my ideal weight, and holding!

Since the first week, I have been experiencing a wonderful feeling of well being every day.  I wake up each morning feeling refreshed, having slept only six hours. (before then, I needed a minimum of seven hours to feel functionally comfortable.)

I began noticing that I picked up new steps to the dances I was learning a lot faster than before I took “Liquid Organic Product”, and that really feels great…knowing that my mind/body connection is more fluid and alert.

My vitality is through the roof, and feel like I am revisiting my twenties, and my skin looks and feels better than ever! (I celebrated my 50th birthday last October)

My most recent benefit involves my digestive tract. I have been a lot more regular than I was for 22 years (that is BC … before children).

This “Liquid Organic Product” stuff is amazing!

Terri E, LMT Harvard MA

We hope that you found this article beneficial regarding a natural therapy to skin conditions and healthy hair!



The Balance You Need Team

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