Pregnancy and Body BalancePeople often ask; “Is it okay to drink Body Balance during pregnancy”.  Following are the testimonials of two women who have generously shared their stories about how Life Force Body Balance helped them during and after their pregnancy.

Body Balance is a whole food liquid supplement made from Aloe Vera and Sea Vegetables and one of the best natural products for pregnancy. The product contains over 120 nutrients including; trace minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, glyconutrients, etc. This power house of nutrients helps to replenish the crucial elements lost during pregnancy because they are being used up by your baby. No wonder why you feel so crappy at times during your pregnancy!

Body Balance will be one of the best pregnancy health supplements you can find.

Theresa C.

Put simply, I don’t know how expecting mothers could go through pregnancy without Body Balance! Any mother will testify that the 1st trimester of pregnancy is the most challenging. I was working an average 50-hour week between my jobs as a PA for two directors of a national company and managing their admin staff, and teaching scuba diving on weekends (until advised against this by my Dr!). I doubled the amount of Body Balance and was able to sustain this regime with no morning sickness, dizziness or illness…on about six hours sleep each night during the first eight weeks!

I also experienced no excess weight gain or fluid retention during the entire pregnancy. I would describe my pregnancy on the whole as a pleasant experience. I also lost my “pregnancy curves” within a couple of months of birthing!

The birth was just as pleasant…no, really! However, with such a large baby (all that BB!), I ended up hemorrhaging. I lost about 1200 ml of blood for which I was treated with an iron infusion.  I was very weak for a month and I remember thinking after her 1st birthday that I felt like I had fully recovered from the birth trauma. I have spoken to other mothers who experienced this and they shared that they never fully recovered for about two years.

Despite all this, I nursed Caitlin myself full-time for eight months and was still feeding her around each meal and through the night until she was 11 months old. She is now 17 months old and continues to have one feed in the morning and on demand during the day during painful teething periods or on the rare occasion of unwellness. I have always had more than enough milk.

Caitlin has consumed BB since she was days old and it is now part of her morning regime. People often comment on how content, happy and alert she is.

Kororia K-A

What more can I say about the products than the living proof of a Body Balance baby?  Manaia, now 6 months old – she is one healthy, bubbly little girl who never stops smiling. She is contagious; her smile makes everyone else smile… if only she knew her cells from conception to nine months in the womb were created partly from Body Balance, Osteoprocare and the Cornerstones pack!

The products have certainly contributed to both our health and wellness from conception, during my pregnancy, recovery and to this day.  In conjunction with a healthy diet, exercise, no alcohol, being a nonsmoker and getting lots of sleep (balance of everything in life); I believe the products work well.

They have been a good foundation for my nutrition and Manaia has also benefited from that.

I would definitely do the same again and recommend any pregnancy would benefit from the use of the Life Force products in conjunction with good nutrition, exercise and rest.

Body Balance

If, after reading through these two mothers’ Body Balance testimonials and you want to learn more about Body Balance, please visit our Body Balance Detailed Information Page.

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Finally, if you would like to order Body Balance, go to our Body Balance Buy Page. There is a 90 day, 100% money back guarantee on the product, so you have no risk!

Body Balance is, again, a whole food, therefore, no man-made elements to this product. You are simply putting awesome nutrition into your body and your baby’s body!

The Balance You Need

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