Products Containing SensorilIn today’s society, many of us are overwhelmed by stress and fatigue. Our country has become one of “doing” rather than “being” and it is taking a toll on us. The following information, provided by The Balance You Need, explains what Sensoril® is and how it may be able to combat this unhealthy phenomenon and provide us with health benefits and a natural way to increase energy.

What is Sensoril®?
Sensoril is an extract of a plant native to India called Ashwagandha. Sensoril has been researched and found to have general anti-stress properties, as well as many other health benefits. There have been randomized double-blind studies supporting Sensoril’s health benefits in accordance with the requirements of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 and have been submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (see statistical analysis below in the TruBoost section).

Sensoril has shown to;

-Ease fatigue, tension (stress) and exhaustion

-Improve the immune system

-Improve mental clarity, memory, concentration and alertness

-Enhance cardiovascular function

-Help to manage Glucose release

-Assist in weight management

-Help balance energy levels for physical performance and endurance.

History of Sensoril
The use of Ashwagandha as a Rasayana herb in Ayurvedic Medicine (a system of traditional medicine native to India and practiced in other parts of the world as a form of alternative medicine) dates back thousands of years. Sensoril is made by extracting Ashwagandha from the leaves and roots of the plant using water and methanol. The main medical components of Sensoril are alkanoids, flavanoids and steroidal lactones called withanolides. Withanolides are said to have anti-stress, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, as well as improving mental clarity, enhancing the immune system and rejuvenating energy levels. Flavonoids are known to be potent anti-oxidants that battle cancer-causing carcinogens in the body.

Why Sensoril’s Health Benefits Exist
Sensoril’s adaptogenic properties have the ability to balance the body’s systems. Adaptogens are an uncommon group of botanicals that have special properties that increase the body’s ability to resist and recover from stress while stimulating an overall feeling of balance. It provides long-lasting stress relief and can improve mood when taken on a daily basis. All of this without having any negative side effects.

Sensoril is multi-functional and may be used by itself or with other ingredients, such as Holy Basil. Due to the strength of Sensoril, it can serve as the main power nutrient in multiple ingredient formulations.

Sensoril Scientific Research
Utilizing a randomized, double-blind placebo controlled human clinical trial – the “gold standard” in product efficacy validation – researchers investigated the impact of ashwanganhda, contained in Sensoril on experiential and biochemical indicators of stress and anxiety, as well as cardiovascular risk, in chronically stressed adults. Participants in the study were recognized as being stressed by being assessed. The scale rated common symptoms of anxiety, including irritability, sleeplessness and body aches among others. Participants in all test groups experienced significantly improved well being.

Sensoril demonstrated remarkable benefits;

-Reduced serum cortisol – the stress hormone – by 24.8%

-Reduced C-reactive protein – a negative health risk factor – by 35.6%

-Increased DHEA – a hormone correlated to overall energy in the body – by 31.6%

Participants in subjective evaluations also experienced impressive results;

-Fatigue/Lack of Energy – decreased by 53.1%

-Inability to Concentrate – decreased by 75.8%

-Forgetfulness – decreased by 57.1%

-Irritability – decreased by 76.5%

“This is a pivotal trial in that it clearly demonstrates the multi-functional efficacy of this ingredient in the areas of stress reduction, energy enhancement, cognitive function and cardiovascular health,” said Dr. Lucien Hernandez. Sensoril is fully backed by many years of careful scientific research that convincingly demonstrates its ability to help the body deal with stress.”

Not to be overlooked are the findings supporting Sensoril and its benefits to heart health. Significantly, the study showed that Sensoril reduced levels of the C-Reactive Protein, which is a marker of systemic inflammation and a recognized indicator of cardiovascular risk. Cardiac risk ratios improved with higher dosages at Day 60 by decreasing significantly (P<0.05) compared to the placebo. Dosage played some role in the effects on these factors. While all participants taking Sensoril showed improvement, those taking higher doses showed even higher measures of stress reduction and cardiovascular benefits.

Actual study here.

Best Supplement Containing Sensoril
Unfortunately, many companies have tried to corner the market of fatigued people across our nation by providing them with “Energy Drinks” that actually work against the adrenal glands in the long run. When this happens, people using these energy drinks have to continue using the product in order to have any energy and end up needing more and more for the same effect, similar to drug addiction.

Life Force International, a whole food nutritional company, has been producing outstanding products for 25 years now. One of their products is TruBoost™, which contains Sensoril. TruBoost is your best natural supplement to decrease stress while increasing energy. TruBoost was formulated based on one driving principle: give the body what it needs, and it will restore itself. The proven ingredients in TruBoost help the body restore its own core energy. That’s lasting honest energy, not an artificial jolt from “Energy Draining Drinks”. No jitters, no crash, no edginess. Just steady balanced energy and vitalized senses.

The key herbal components in TruBoost are Sensoril and Tulsi (Holy Basil). Sensoril works in tandem with Tulsi to provide a vitalizing lift without stressing the adrenal glands.

TruBoost also contains potassium D-glucarate for its detoxifying effects and B-vitamins including B6, niacin, B12, and pantothenic acid – all vital for metabolism and stress resistance. Instead of pancreas-taxing refined sugar, TruBoost is lightly sweetened with natural peach juice and organic agave.

If you would like to order TruBoost, go to our TruBoost page!

TruBoost FAQ’s

Is TruBoost safe for pregnant or lactating women?
While there are no known interactions for pregnancy or lactation, pregnant or lactating women should consult a health care professional before using any new product.

I took TruBoost and got very relaxed instead of feeling energetic. What is going on?
TruBoost is clinically proven to reduce fatigue and improve your energy levels through a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. TruBoost gives you honest energy. Therefore, unlike stimulants, it will not override your core energy needs. If you have a relaxation response, it usually means that you have been overstressed and may need to just relax as opposed to keep going. Continued use of TruBoost in the clinical trials was shown to significantly boost energy and reduce fatigue and stress, so keep using TruBoost for improved health and wellness.

How many times a day may I use TruBoost? May I drink more than one bottle?
TruBoost was formulated to be consumed more than once a day. It’s safe to drink two to three bottles at a given time as well.

What about diabetics? Is it safe?
TruBoost was specifically formulated to be low in calories and sugars. There are only eight grams of sugar in TruBoost and four of them come from the agave nectar, a low-glycemic sugar. The remainder is from the peach juice.

What times of day are best to use TruBoost?
You can use TruBoost any time of day, as a pick-me-up in the morning, for the mid-afternoon slump, or in the evening with some sufficient time (about two hours) before bedtime.

The Choice Is Always Yours!

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