Decrease Sugar CravingsWhen I first started using Body Balance, years ago, I lost 15 pounds in the first month of usage. Reason? Because my body was no longer STARVING! Our bodies have been so malnourished for so long, that we have no idea what feeling the way we’re supposed to feel, feels like. When our bodies are malnourished and we are low in energy, we reach for whatever we can to increase that energy. The body knows, for a fact, that sugar will give us that boost (unfortunately it only lasts a short time). Therefore, we continue to put on unwanted weight. When we provide our bodies with the nourishment they need, we no longer need that “sugar influx” as our sugar cravings decrease naturally and we tend to eat less because the body is running on pure nutrients.  And, not only will you lower sugar cravings naturally, but your energy should go up.

The nature and type of food we consume really determines our appetite. Our normal “full” signals (the signals that tell us to stop eating, or the “off” switch) are easily overwhelmed by highly refined sugar and fat foods such as ice cream or soda. From an evolutionary perspective, we haven’t evolved an “off” switch to these foods because they are so new.

It has been found that refined carbohydrates such as refined sugar, white bread, pasta, potato chips, etc. may create food cravings by increasing serotonin, a natural feel-good hormone in our brain. In fact, for some time now, binge-eating episodes have been thought to be triggered by a serotonin-related “carbohydrate craving,” which pushes the body further and further out of balance.

On the other hand, unrefined carbohydrate foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, are high in fiber, which has the opposite effect on cravings. A recent investigation on dietary fiber found that “the addition of fiber to weight-loss diets should be considered as a tool to improve success” after finding that people who include more fiber in their diets have a lower prevalence of obesity. In support of dietary fiber, a study found that supplementation with psyllium before a meal significantly reduced feelings of hunger after a meal. Intestinal Tone is a very high quality psyllium that can and should be used as needed.

Compared to low-fat diets, higher protein diets that are able to be digested and assimilated properly enhance weight loss. This results in increased dietary satisfaction and decreased food intake. Protein is a powerful inducer of a hormone that switches off our appetite. So instead of counting calories, try eating some protein-rich foods at each meal, as studies show that you will reduce your calorie intake without even thinking about it. AminoCharge is a wonderful and easy way to obtain highly assimilated protein any time of the day. It is one of the highest quality protein supplements you will find. Furthermore, it has also been shown that in previously obese patients, increasing their dietary protein intake resulted in 50% lower body weight by controlling appetite. So it seems protein helps to lose weight naturally also.

A diet that focuses on high fiber, low-glycemic-index foods such as fruits and vegetables, provides ample bio-available protein, and allows a modest amount of healthy fats and minimally processed foods is exactly what you want to eat to decrease hunger after eating. It also has the potential to enhance satisfaction, naturally reduce food intake, promote weight loss and maintain a healthy weight. TrueGreens contains a super amount of fruits, vegetables and good, healthy fats. By combining True Greens and Amino Charge, we have the gift of a complete spectrum of all of the above.

Bottom line is that if you are sick of running to the kitchen at 10 o’clock at night for a bowl of cereal, ice cream, or whatever else you throw down the chute, get your body full of what it’s really asking for; NUTRITION. The safe, natural, and effective way to lose weight is by feeding the body Whole Food Nutrition and since our food doesn’t contain anywhere near what we really need (yes, even organic food is bad since it’s grown in the same soil), we absolutely need to supplement.

If you would like to try some of the best natural whole food products that help decrease food cravings naturally, try Life Force International’s product line. The best combination of Life Force products to lose weight and that will cover all your basic nutrition that you need are as follows;

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All Life Force products have a 45 day, 100% money back guarantee, even if you empty each bottle. You can even get these products sent to you each month for free! Therefore, there is no risk to naturally feel better and no reason that you shouldn’t feel as good as you were meant to feel!

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