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Aloe Vera is known as a miracle plant for good reason, as the health benefits of aloe vera, are plentiful. The gel from this cactus plant’s inner leaf is one of nature’s most powerful medicines—able to treat everything from your immune system to blood sugar levels to skin disorders.

Aloe vera is also the most biologically active of the Aloe species, with more than 75 potentially active components, including antioxidant vitamins A, C and E; vitamin B12, choline and folic acid; important minerals like calcium, selenium, chromium, magnesium, potassium and zinc; salicylic acids and enzymes; plus 20 of the 22 human-required amino acids.

10 Health Benefits of Aloe Vera:

1. Boosts your immune system
Rich in antioxidants, aloe vera battles free radicals (that can damage protein cells and DNA), strengthening your white blood cell count and entire immune system.

2. Reduces inflammation
Inflammation is the root cause of many common diseases, and aloe vera supplies an army of vitamins and minerals to help fight inflammation, especially inflammation of the joints. Whether you are a young athlete nursing an injury or a middle-ager with a hint of arthritis, aloe vera can help calm down the inflammatory process.

3. Improves skin health
Aloe vera soothes, nourishes, and hydrates the skin, slowing down the aging process. It’s ideal for treating burns, including a sunburn, as well as insect bites and scars. Your skin LOVES aloe vera.

4. Builds healthy, shiny hair
Turn heads with your beautiful hair, compliments of aloe vera. Because of its strong moisturizing and emollient properties, aloe vera will keep your hair healthy and vibrant, all the while maintaining its proper pH balance.

5. Helps heal cold sores
Aloe vera eases the pain and discomfort of a cold sore. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties help speed up the healing process.

6. Fights acne breakouts
When your sebaceous glands produce excess oil, aloe vera is a fantastic cleanser, preventing dirt and dry, dead skin from mixing with the oil, thereby preventing acne. You can even help treat acne scars and redness with this potent herb.

7. An end to constipation
With its bounty of natural fiber, aloe vera is a natural laxative that speeds up the digestive process. Taken in small doses, this potent herb works to improve your overall intestinal function.

8. Cleanses your body to help regulate weight
Aloe vera has hydrating and cleansing qualities that improve the efficiency of your gastrointestinal tract for better nutrient absorption. With better absorption, you feel better and have less fatigue and more energy, reducing or eliminating your cravings.

9. Turns gum disease around
Many people battle gum disease and inflammation, and aloe vera fights microbes and reduces swelling to help turn this progressive disease around.

10. Lowers blood sugar levels
Aloe vera can lower blood sugar levels and may even help people with diabetes. In clinical trials, the ingestion of small daily amounts of aloe vera gel resulted in significant reductions in blood glucose and serum triglyceride levels.

These are just a handful of the health benefits of aloe vera! Part of our goal is to help you understand why these different nutrients are so good for our bodies, and help guide you to products that can truly deliver!

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