2016 Network Marketing statistics are showing us how powerful of a business model Network Marketing is! Since 1956, this Industry has been growing, but nothing like what has happened in the last 10 years!

Why is this the case? Because the average person is realizing that their dreams are being realized, not by them, but by the people that they work for. Businesses have the ability to keep costs exactly where they want them in terms of employee payroll. 90%+ of Americans live check to check which means businesses pay JUST ENOUGH to keep people working for them, but not nearly enough to help them break free from the job prison.

At the end of one's work life, the vast majority of people have to either; continue to work, or move in with family as their 401k's have an average of $50,000 that is supposed to pay for living expenses the rest of their lives. Do you see why a legitimate “Plan B” is needed?

The main reason that the 2016 Network Marketing statistics show this major growth in the Industry is because we are able to create a RESIDUAL ASSET without having to actually create the cash needed to manufacture the residual income. In Network Marketing, we work in reverse and build the residual asset instead of building the cash needed to create the income.

As discussed in the video, I would have to have $5 MILLION in the bank to create the residual income I have in just a few months with Fuxion, which leads us to our next point…

The NUMBER 1 MISTAKE people make, when entering or already in the Network Marketing Industry, is choosing the WRONG company to work with. No company is perfect, but you have to find one that is; at the beginning of its growth curve, has demonstrative products, high pay plan, great leadership, and efficient tools to market with. Fuxion has ALL OF IT plus more (i.e. Spanish speaking public)!

If you want to be part of the positive side of the 2016 Network Marketing statistics, then take a look at Fuxion asap!

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