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An allergy occurs when the immune system responds inappropriately to a substance that is not normally harmful. There is a difference between an allergy and a food intolerance. A person with a food intolerance is unable to process and digest that food properly, usually due to a lack of certain enzymes in the system. And allergic responses are not all that they seem! There is often an underlying chronic imbalance in the body precipitating an acute reaction. This imbalance can range from poor assimilation of protein to inefficient evacuation of the large bowel. The following are a mix of potential natural remedies to help you with the sniffles;

AminoCharge contains bio-available amino acids that supply protein in a form that is readily absorbed and assimilated. Amino acids, as we mentioned, are helpful for stress and allergic disorders. They particularly promote healing from respiratory disorders. AminoCharge also contains an enzyme complex that aids digestion and assists in the body’s ability to destroy free radicals.

Body Balance is high in natural carotinoids, which are free radical scavengers that inhibit allergic reactions. It will help with detoxifying, as well as boost the immune system. It also contains other elements that support the body’s ability to fight a reaction. For example, manganese is an important component in many of the body’s enzyme systems; potassium is necessary for adrenal gland function; zinc is necessary for proper immune function; Vitamins are needed for helping the body protect itself from allergens. The aloe vera component is well recognized for its cleansing & healing ability of the mucosal membranes of the digestion tract.

If you would like to learn detailed information about Body Balance, please visit our Body Balance Detailed Information page.

Retained debris in the colon leads to re-absorption of toxins, resulting in systemic intoxication which could contribute to allergies. The Colon Cleanse is highly recommended to help the body rid itself of any build up in the GI tract.

Taheebo is wonderful because it is such a powerful immune builder. It seems to minimize the effects when toxic substances are needing to be eliminated from the body. It also helps to restore the acid/alkali balance in the body and especially in the colon, and is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

OsteoProCare or OsteOmegaCare is a really important part of the picture, as the calcium component is needed to help in reducing the effects of the allergic response-related stress on the body. Glucosamine is important for regulating the mucous secretions of the respiratory system.

FlexeoPlus contains MSM as one of the major ingredients. This has powerful anti-allergic properties equal to or better than over-the-counter antihistamines. It also contains extra glucosamine.

SunBright may also be very helpful…..yerba mate helps to relieve allergic symptoms, wild yam stimulates the production of hormones that reduce inflammation caused by allergies, and gingko is also beneficial for allergies. Amino Acids, as mentioned before, help the body in dealing with allergic disorders.

TrueGreens contains nutrient-rich green foods that are wonderful for supporting the immune system and cleansing the bloodstream. It also contains ingredients such as grapeseed extract, a powerful anti-oxidant to support the destruction of free radicals, and bromelain which aids the body in reducing inflammation. Probiotics on a daily basis are vital for restoring healthy intestinal flora, and enhancing immune system functioning.

TruBoost contains powerful adaptogenic herbs to support the body in alleviating the stress, especially on the adrenal glands, of allergic responses. Potassium dglucarate is a potent detoxifier that the body uses to inhibit degenerative conditions.

Other Recommendations:

Drink the juice of a fresh organic lemon in a cup of warm water upon rising and at bedtime. This helps to cleanse the bloodstream and detoxify and neutralize the system.

Avoid products containing artificial colorings and flavorings, as these actually produce allergic responses in the body.

Have a comprehensive allergy test done.

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Written by: Christa Way

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