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Per Ashton Kutcher at the Teen Choice Awards; “Everything around us that we call ‘LIFE' was made up by people no smarter than you”. He delivered a very powerful statement to a lot of young adults whom will hopefully take this awesome advice with them into life.

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Ashton Kutcher Teen Choice AwardsSo what is Ashton Kutcher really saying in this statement? Manifest your own life! We, as human beings, have the power of creating our own lives. We do NOT have to be victims of circumstances, but rather an artist of our deepest desires.

The main difference between success and failure is usually the way a person thinks and/or the lack/consistency of action.  The video above explains how I use the power of positive thinking and action to create my life and the life I provide for my family. I have learned that there is a powerful correlation between outcomes and the thinking/action that led up to that outcome.

Ashton's advice, whether he understands it or not, is being exponentially exploded through the mindsets of our young people and, if they are smart, will use this “Secret” to create the life that they want!

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