As a Professional Network Marketer, I have learned how much personal development, has been a key to my success in this Industry. Recently, I started looking at the behavior, that is the most important, in Network Marketing and I KNOW, after 12 years, I have found it!

If you haven't seen the movie (or read the book); The Secret, which discusses the power behind the Law of Attraction, you need to see (read) it! This knowledge that I received from the movie was what started me down this path on how our; energy, vibration, thinking, and mind set, affect our success, especially in the Network Marketing Profession…

The funny thing is, I guarantee that, the majority of you that watched the video above, KNOW this is truth, in terms of how our lives unfold. When I was listening to Esther (Abraham) Hicks, that is when I fully realized the power of the Law of Attraction. It solidified my belief that our energy or “vibration” do, in fact, have a big say in the direction of our lives.

Point being is, I want you to ask yourself this question, “What energy am I putting out to people?”. The answer will show you why you are successful, or not successful in your Network Marketing business.

Some Network Marketing Professionals refer to this energy or vibration level as, “Posture”. Our posture, or message that we send to people (verbal or non-verbal), is directly related to our thinking, feeling, and physical presence.

For example, if your belief level or thinking is negative, and you try to expose the information about your Network Marketing product or business to a prospect, the vast majority of the time, nothing will come from the interaction. The opposite is also true.

Regardless of, if you are a Network Marketer, or not, the power of the energy we put out, will affect all areas of our lives, not only business. Your take away; I would consider really looking into this unconscious behavior and see how it can be improved upon.

I am continually blown away by how quickly the Law of Attraction works and am always reminded that, wherever I put my focus, energy, attitude, it steers me in that direction!

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