Being successful in Network Marketing means being patient and persistent, bottom line! Just ask Professional Network Marketer Ben Mueller;

“One of the main problems in Network Marketing, or rather the people that decide to join this Industry, is that they do not have a grasp on business reality. This is one of the elementary truths about Network Marketing.”

Business reality simply means what to truly expect when owning a business. With almost all businesses, it takes years to start generating a profit, if that profit even comes at all. Per the Small Business Administration (SBA), 7 out of 10 businesses survive the first two years and only 51% survive at least 5 years. What does this tell us? That opening a business is difficult.

Unfortunately, there are many that come into the Network Marketing world and expect to be millionaires in their first 15 days. This is simply unreasonable and, run as fast and as far as possible if someone tries to sell you on this point!

I was compelled to write this article because of gratitude. Gratitude that I never gave up on my Network Marketing business and I want to share my story with you to give you hope and hopefully some strategy to create a successful Network Marketing business.

Ben Mueller’s Network Marketing Journey

In 2005, I joined Life Force International as a Distributor. The thing is, I was very much against this type of model because I thought it was a bunch of “BS”. But, I was slowly drawn into the power of Network Marketing because experience and education started to seep in.

I had just come off my 4th major back surgery and, having two Staph Infections in a row, a friend of mine introduced me to Body Balance (Life Force’s flagship product). Body Balance blew my socks off in terms of; energy, sleep, mental clarity, etc. I remember specifically telling my friend that I would love to continue on the product, but do not want to be involved in any “Pyramid Scheme”. Obviously, this was an uneducated statement so know that I forgive you if you have ever thought this way.

About 3 weeks into using the product, I told my neighbor Jim about Body Balance and how it may help him. Now remember, I was not “in the business”, and was only thinking about Jim’s well-being. Jim put in an order for 8 quarts of Body Balance and I received an unexpected check in the mail a few weeks later for $65. The mind started to churn at this point and the “Pay It Forward” concept was born for me.

You see, I had been in an International Accounting career that was very lucrative, but I was flying all over the world and spending way too much time trying to climb the company ladder. In 2005, I met my wife and we wanted to build a family. Question was; how was I going to be a good father/husband when I was traveling so much? Was this Life Force thing the answer? “Yes” as the light went off in my head and thought, “This is my ticket out of the Rat Race”.

I started learning as much about Network Marketing, my Company, and the products as I could. I started with getting a true definition of what Network Marketing was and its benefits to the company and to the distributor versus what a “Pyramid Scheme” was.

For the first 3 years, I only had 5 hours per week to put into this business. Again, I was still in my Accounting career, had twins in 2006 and another baby in 2007. Needless to say, I was very busy. But, I knew, in my heart of hearts, that if I kept doing the ACTION STEPS, it would pay off one day. My business grew slowly but steadily and had a ton of ups and downs. I remember thinking several times, “I am done with this sh#t”. I was having a hard time with the roller coaster of events that occur in every business owners’ life.

Thanks to many friends and business partners, they helped me to continue to move forward. At the end of year three, specifically October 21st, 2008, I was able to walk away from my corporate job to focus on building my own business.

From 2008 to the end of 2011, my business continued to grow exponentially, but in the beginning of 2012, it went into hyper drive! A Professional Network  Marketing Consultant/Distributor, David Colister, came into the company and introduced the Simple Dream Kit which is a duplicable sampling strategy that blew the doors wide open in my business. From the beginning of 2012 until June of 2012, my total business organization DOUBLED. What took me six years to build was doubled in a matter of 6 months.

Naturally, I was on top of the world right? In May of 2012, I was introduced to a Professional Network Marketer in a country across the globe; Nigeria. He had an organization with another company that makes mine look like a small gas station in the middle of the Badlands. And, after 30 months of working with him and Life Force International, we were able to open Life Force Africa in August of 2014. Bottom line, the business has gone International and will become a multi-million dollar a year business.


But, as life would have it, Life Force International was not meant to continue for me. After a series of bad decisions by the company, my Life Force business, and everyone else's, for that matter, plummeted. In November of 2015, I joined a group of Professional Network Marketers in truly finding a stable and innovative Network Marketing company to build another business with, and after weeks of analysis, we found the perfect fit! FuXion, which is, by far, the best business situation I have ever been in. FuXion has been growing like crazy, just like a solid Network Marketing company should. The reason why? FuXion has all the right characteristics, based on our analysis, but the biggest attribute, that sets it apart from the rest of the Industry, is the absolute impeccable timing the Company has in its launch into the United States. FuXion isn't a start up, as it has been able to climb to $150 million per year in sales, but the Company did that in Latin America. Which means, we have an 8 year old, very solid Company, launching in the United States. You wonder how all these people in the Network Marketing Industry made millions? It's because they joined a company at the exact right time. That time is NOW!

Growing Circle

Now, you may say, well isn't that enough? NO! Remember my friends in Africa? Even though Life Force Africa is still moving forward, I decided to put together another Company to help the Nigerian people, and Africa as a whole, that uses an internet platform to create a product and service based Network Marketing opportunity. Growing Circle is a product and service based website that allows people to upload products to sell, purchase products, obtain financial education, and work with the Company on business ideas they may have. What I saw, was a hole in the market for this type of business and myself and another partner created Growing Circle to fill that hole. Embedded in the product and service platform is a matrix based compensation plan that grants our Members the opportunity to generate income based on their sign ups into the platform. Overall, people can use the platform to drive income to their families through sign ups, sell or buy products, feed on financial education topics, and, if their business plan makes sense, use the Company to help them start their businesses. Very excited to finally get this off the ground as it launched at the beginning of 2016.

Network Marketing Patience

This write up may seem like I am being braggadocios, but in reality, I am trying to convey a very important message for those of you that want to build a large business in Network Marketing and secure wealth for you and your family for a long time.

The message is this; realize that every action step you are taking, although you may not be seeing the immediate results, is moving you closer to the goal. Network Marketing is one of those businesses where the “fruits of labor” are sometimes far removed from the actual production. In a traditional business, you buy inventory, sell a widget, and realize a profit. It is much easier to stay motivated and plugged in when you have this immediate gratification concept. But in Network Marketing, you have to have patience and FAITH that all this work will pay off down the road.

Part of the equation is persistence. Persistence that; no matter what happens, you will not quit. One tool that I use is when something occurs that could be perceived as a negative, I use it as fuel to push me harder instead of letting it deflate me. Anyone that has succeeded in this life, whether it be financial, charitable, love, relationships, whatever, has had persistence as a main ingredient to their success.

One more point. Remember above when I said, “I was only thinking of Jim’s well-being”? This is a very important aspect to Network Marketing success; it is natural to want for yourself and think about yourself when building a business, but the quicker you can get to a point that a successful business is about benefiting others, the quicker things will explode. After learning some hard lessons in year one, I had a major shift in my thinking; worry about how you can be of service to others above all else. The wealthiest people on this earth, whether it be financial, joy, fulfillment, are those that have helped the most people. Build your business based on helping others and you will be amazed.

If you are in the beginning stages of building your Network Marketing business or are at a point where you are stuck in your business, I hope I was able to illustrate the importance of NOT GIVING UP. The only way a person fails in any endeavor is to quit. Therefore, realize your potential, keep your faith, and be persistent with the action steps you have been taught. It will come to fruition some day!

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