Everybody is looking for a lucrative Network Marketing situation for themselves and their families. One of the main keys to success is finding the best Network Marketing compensation plans available in your market.

Do NOT take this lightly if you are new to this Profession. How your company's compensation plan performs, will be a large part of your outcome.

As Randy Gage explained in his truth filled webinar, the Network Marketing Industry is changing for the better. The much, much better! Our Profession is finally moving back to where it started, which was to compensate people for their sales of products.

But for many decades, the Network Marketing business became a leverage game. Meaning, the business model was focused on finding new business partners which used the products.

The “goal” became less and less about quality products and satisfied customers and more about finding a network of dreamers!

Fortunately, that is not the case anymore with the introduction of a new type of Network Marketing compensation plan. The “Progressive-Leverage” concept.

The FuXion Pro-Lev™ Compensation Plan is a perfect combination of significant Customer volume pay, Uni-level, Matching, and Team Bonus characteristics.

With the timing of the Fuxion launch in the United States, this Network Marketing business is seriously one of the best companies to join forces with. That is, if you are interested in truly creating STABLE residual income.

The best Network Marketing compensation plans are designed to drive the right behavior. The behavior of the company's Network Marketers. Unfortunately, the majority of companies are unable to find the exact motivating strategies to create the momentum they need to be a leading force in the Industry.

Driving the right behavior:

After two years in the U.S. Market, Fuxion has released the new Fuxion compensation plan! The Fuxion Pro-Lev Plan is an ingenious change to the Network Marketing compensation theory.

The FuXion Pro-Lev Compensation Plan has various ways that people can earn income. It is put together in such a way that it does motivate people to build their businesses effectively and efficiently. This is accomplished by focusing on customers!

BE SMART! The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is on the backs of companies trying to build Network Marketing dominance through emphasizing recruitment rather than product sales. Refer back to Randy Gage's webinar link above for the details as to how the Network Marketing Profession is changing.

Point being, be part of a company that is truly ahead of the trend and being part of the solution!

The Fuxion Pro-Lev Plan is a completely new way of motivating Network Marketers and is one of the best Network Marketing compensation plans because the emphasis is evenly distributed between Customers and Business Partners. The key trait is; if someone is not comfortable discussing the business with others, they can fully realize profit just through their Customers.

Take a few minutes and watch the video below which explains the new FuXion Pro-Lev Plan, from a high level. Or simply call us at 866-992-5551 with your questions!

The best Network Marketing compensation plans are those that drive products sales. A product driven compensation strategy should be the best vehicle to grow the company and your business, IF you have products that can truly stand up to anything on the market!

The Fuxion Pro-Lev Compensation Plan is a gift to those of us in the Network Marketing Industry!

Alvaro Zuniga is investing HEAVILY into the success of Fuxion which includes the Company's global expansion interests! This pillar of the business, along with the strength of the products, are what will create exponential growth.

For example, with a Uni-level compensation plan, the Network Marketer is paid on all the volume that they are personally responsible for bringing in. It flows the income to those that are directly responsible for the sales (remember the concept of driving behavior?).

Imagine having 25 people that are personally enrolled customers and being able to create income based on all the orders that your customers purchase. The Uni-levels usually also allow for percentages of the enrollments of your direct Business Partners and further orders downline from you.

On top of being a Uni-level compensation plan, Fuxion also brings in team bonus and matching attributes which broaden this compensation plan out to allow people to generate income on various levels! Especially those wanting to focus on Customers!

Not to mention the TRAVEL! Oh the travel!

FUXION had to test its original compensation plan in the U.S. market before realizing that it was not the right type of plan for this country. Because the Company is already over $100 million annually, it had the resources to completely change over in to the Pro-Lev Plan.

This ACTION will go down as the moment in time when Fuxion started on its path to a billion dollar company.

The question is, are you a Network Marketer that has the capabilities you should? Or, are you another one of those people whose business is constructed through false promises? This is where the rubber meets the road!

Fuxion Pro-Lev Compensation Plan Details

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