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Looking for the best Network Marketing opportunity of 2016? You landed exactly where you were supposed to, because we have Fuxion Biotech launching into the United States right now!

Fuxion Biotech is considered one of best, if not THE best Network Marketing opportunity of 2016 because of several reasons, and the reasons are NOT based on hype, but rather logic!

In Network Marketing, people tend to get all excited when someone brings a Network Marketing opportunity to them, that is all jazzed up and is overly emotional about the company they are bringing to the table. Many times this “strategy” works, but the problem is that, after the newly enrolled person is in the company for awhile, they find out that it isn't as great as their promoter told them. The company has high priced products, no growth potential, no good duplicable system, etc., etc. What happens, another unsatisfied person with the Network Marketing Industry.

Personally, I am sick of people NOT succeeding in Network Marketing! The Network Marketing model has been creating more millionaires in the world, than any other Industry, EVER! The business model works, but you have to find the right mix of company attributes in order to truly get into one that will have that momentum to build a large residual income stream.

Fast forward to RIGHT NOW and, in walks Fuxion Biotech, which is just launching into the United States in 2016! Let's get straight to the reasons why Fuxion Biotech is the best Network Marketing opportunity of 2016.

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The #1 reason why people are able to become millionaires through Network Marketing is timing and momentum. The vast majority of companies that are out there, are past their major growth phase, meaning that they are growing between 3-10%. This growth rate is not enough for a person to create a large Network Marketing business unless they are bringing huge downlines from other companies.

With Fuxion, we have a $112 million dollar Company that is just launching NOW in the United States! Industry Experts believe that Fuxion Biotech will grow to $300 million annually, just in the United States, in the next 3 to 5 years. What that means is that, for people just getting into the business now, they truly have a growth potential like nothing ever seen in our Profession.


Another huge competitive advantage is having lower price points than what the current market prices are for comparable products. Network Marketing companies tend to have products that are over priced. When this happens, your potential customers' reactions are, “Why should I buy your products when I can get a comparable, down the street, at half the price?”.

Because Fuxion Biotech birth place was Lima, Peru, the Company could not have high price points, otherwise no one would have been able to afford them! Now, you may think; “Well, if they are inexpensive, how good are they?”. Fair question! The products are created through several patented processes that keep the herbal ingredients in their most potent state. No preservatives and all Non-GMO to boot! Bottom line is; THEY WORK!

Furthermore, the Fuxion Biotech products cover the market well. These products are meant to replace what people are already drinking; weight loss, energy drinks, coffee, fiber, hormonal, anti-aging, and the list goes on. Therefore, instead of trying to convince people to spend more money AND change their behaviors, we are simply asking people to switch to a healthier version of what they already consume, at a much better cost!


No autoship! What? Yes, again, because Fuxion started in Latin America, they had to keep the cost down otherwise people would not have been able to afford it. With Fuxion Biotech, autoship is NOT required as people put in their orders, if they have volume to be paid on. In the traditional Network Marketing model, autoships are the norm.

The problem exists with new people coming into the business. Most newly made Network Marketers do not have the skill sets, yet available, to really run from the start. If they have, let's say, a $200 per month autoship. By month 3, if they haven't made any money yet, 90% of them leave the business. With no autoship requirement, it leaves people free to be able to learn what they need to learn, without having the overhead of a traditional Network Marketing company.


For Network Marketing success to happen, Network Marketers need to have a system that they plug into, which helps grow their business. Just like buying a franchise, the track to success is already set up. In our Industry, there are various ways that companies try to duplicate and many miss the mark by miles.

With Fuxion Biotech, we have one of the top Network Marketing Experts in the world today, Randy Gage, leading the United States launch. His most sought after information, when doing consulting, is his duplicable systems. With that said, Randy has developed a phone app where all Fuxioneurs have their duplicable system, right in their hands, at any point in time. Having a system like this, helps duplication (momentum), happen that much more quickly!

These are just a few of Fuxion's characteristics that sets itself apart from the rest of the market and are the main reasons why Fuxion Biotech IS the best Network Marketing opportunity of 2016!

Again, call us at 866-992-5551 or simply visit our Contact Page. This opportunity is sitting at your feet and, if you decide to come on board, you will have one of the best upline support systems that one could have, in the entire Industry, including Randy Gage!

If you are ready to join Fuxion Biotech, simply visit our step by step Join Fuxion page.


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About the Author:

Professional Network Marketer and accounting, marketing, MLM, and business strategist consultant. Ben is a father of 4 and married to Jessica Mueller. The family resides in Westminster, CO.

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