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What is the best time to call a prospect about your MLM business? I mean, how many times have you called your prospects only to run into their voicemail. It is time for that to stop! After all, MLM is about building relationships, not leaving messages…

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The most important activity in MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) is the Invitation. The invite is simply the process of exposing your company's information to another person. Without this crucial step, your business is going nowhere, so learn to master it.

Closely tied to the invite, in terms of importance, is the Follow Up. Unfortunately, many experience the most frustration in their MLM business in this area because they don't know what the best time to call a prospect is. We are going to change that!

Yes, a small percentage of the time, your prospect isn't answering because they are, most likely, not interested. But, you can not assume that for anyone. You have to act as if, each and every one of your prospects is interested. Furthermore, having that type of attitude goes against the grain of the Law of Attraction.

Again, the main reason why you have been unable to reach your prospects is because you aren't aware of what the best time to call a prospect is. As the video above explains, there are several “slots” that I use as optimal prospect calling times during my week. After 10 years of data collection, these times tend to work out the best in terms of being able to truly engage with another person about my business;

Weekdays 5:00-5:30 PM

Weekdays 6:45-7:15 PM

Saturday mornings, late afternoon, and early evening

Remember, when making your calls, make sure to take into consideration time zones. Yes, you need to know where your prospect is in the United States, or the world so you aren't calling at the off times. What I do is reverse search area codes to see what part of the world is if I don't know.

Hope this was helpful.

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