There are 10,000 Referral Marketing companies on the planet and, chances are, you won't choose one that has the potential of explosive growth that you are looking for. Part of that potential is related to the types of Referral Marketing products that are best to drive that income.

There are 4 main factors when considering a Referral Marketing company;

  1. Products
  2. Compensation Plan
  3. Marketing Tools
  4. Leadership

Many other factors come into play that round out how high of a potential you will have in the said company. But the above 4 are, above and beyond, necessary strong points to create the windfall of profits you are looking for!

In the video below, Referral Marketing expert, Ben Mueller, discusses, what the best types of Referral Marketing products are, in order to hit your financial goals.

As discussed in the video, when selecting the best Referral Marketing potential, consider these 4 criteria for the best types of Referral Marketing products;

Consumable: The best products, for this type of business model, are products that are consumed on a daily basis. Services, such as “Prepaid Legal”, are NOT consumable for the long term and, remember, we are building a RESIDUAL ASSET with Referral Marketing, meaning repeat sales are the key to the beach life!

Affordable: Find a Referral Marketing product that, the majority of people, can afford! Do NOT represent expensive products that, once the 90 day honeymoon is over with your customer, they cancel their order because the amount of money they are spending is way outside their personal budget!

Replacement: The best type of product, is one that replaces what people are already purchasing. If you can offer it, at a lesser price point, than the market replacement, and is of higher quality, you win!

Ease of Use: A Referral Marketing product that is easy to use, is a winner (as long as the above points are true). Why? Because people are running around like chickens with their heads cut off and, if the product makes it hard on them to take the time to use it, they just won't purchase!

After 2 years of research, we have found the Referral Marketing product that is, heads above, the rest of this Industry!

Here's to your success!

The Balance You Need