Below the Body Balance video are Body Balance testimonials intended to simply show you what has happened for other people using Body Balance. As you can see, these Body Balance reviews show us the results of people with a myriad of health conditions. Goes to show you that if you give your body what it is designed to have (nutrition), it has the power to potentially fix itself! *NOTE*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The statements and products are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any diseases.

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Note that throughout the testimonials, people refer to other Life Force products also. Life Force products are whole food liquid or powder supplements that deliver an array of nutrients to the body. At the end of the testimonials will be a listing of each Life Force product and links to learn more about each one.

1—Body Balance and Multiple Sclerosis 

This story begins when I was a 16 year-old ballerina in 1976.  I struggled to find the energy to sustain myself through daily lessons, rehearsals, teaching schedules and high school studies.  Throughout college, marriage and the birth of my children this search for energy continued.

I tried many different multi-vitamins, ginseng, beef livers and blended power drinks.  Unfortunately, a gradual decline in my health persisted over these years manifested in allergies, skin problems, recurring infections, scoliosis, debilitating fatigue and depression.  Twenty-three years of HMO medicine failed to diagnose or improve my situation.

Frighteningly, on July 4, 1999, my vision spontaneously blurred and I was extremely affected by a host of symptoms.  They included: dizziness, heart palpitations, acute fatigue, insomnia, numbness and tingling in my extremities, inability to concentrate, short term memory loss and slurred speech.  It hurt to do the laundry.

Finally, the doctors gave it a name:  Multiple Sclerosis—an incurable and degenerative disease of the central nervous system.  I chose not to use the pharmaceuticals suggested by the neurologist.  Instead, I committed myself completely to alternative and holistic medicine. 

During the following eight months, I immersed myself in a battle for health.  My doctors, nurses, family and faith were my troops; my intense desire to get better was the commander in chief.  I endured strict dietary guidelines, replacement of silver mercury fillings, internal detoxing and cleansing, handfuls of vitamins and supplements, chiropractic care, acupuncture, mind/body integrative work and massage therapy.  I steadily improved and continued to pursue “the search” with heightening intensity…researching, learning, and experimenting to put the pieces of wellness puzzle back together.

Somewhere, there had to be more pieces to his puzzle, more answers to fuel my body’s need for energy to support and repair cellular damage.  In June 2000, I began taking two ounces of Body Balance per day.

Within two days, the blurry vision cleared and a welcome energy had me back on my feet.  I enthusiastically rode this wave of health for about six weeks before that roller coaster of intermittent fatigue and depression began to take hold again.

After only six weeks using Body Balance, I received blood analysis results that showed my calcium, magnesium, chromium, and phosphorus levels still to be low even though I had been taking these supplements in pill form for the past 11 months.  At this point, I reviewed the ingredients in OsteoProCare and it was obvious to me that I had to add this formula to my arsenal.

Within a few days of taking OsteoProCare, the numbness and tingling disappeared.  It has threatened to return only once; when I was without OsteoProCare for a two-week period.  I continued, however, to have trouble with fatigue and depression.  I decided to increase my daily dose of Body Balance and add Sunbright and Sunset herbal blends.  I also decided to try Taheebo and Colloidal Silver to ward the sinus infections I usually suffer in the autumn season.  Well, that experiment began five weeks ago and I have not had any fatigue, depression or infection since!

It is hard for me to describe or find the words to describe what these products have done for me.  After 23 years, I finally found what I have been searching for.  I am experiencing significant and consistent health.  Day after productive day, I marvel at the absence of those symptoms that plagued my life and crippled my spirit one year ago.  My hair is even growing back in!

Major pieces of the puzzle snap effortlessly together; and the finished form becomes clearer each day.  It’s not a miracle.  It is the Creator’s design realized and supported through proper use of nutritional, biological, and chemical sciences.

Life is a dance again!  My husband has his wife back; my four children their mother; my family, their daughter, sister, and aunt; my friends their friend.  They also have one very gung-ho Life Force distributor on their hands.

I extend my most heartfelt gratitude to Life Force.  They are offering the children and adults of our world powerful ammunition to support the immune system and to aid in the fight against the growing epidemic of nutritional deficiency diseases and disorder.  I’m relieved and reassured as I dole out my family’s daily servings each morning.

Julie D., Colorado 

2—Body Balance and Improved Eyesight

My name is Carolyn Schonning. For the past 20 years or so I’ve been pursuing good health. I've maintained a fairly good diet, taken many supplements, herbs, animal organ concentrates, etc., over the years. I’ve done a fair amount of cleansing and consumed a “ton” of health products from various companies.

I've never experienced anything like I have in the last several weeks from Life Force! Already the results are phenomenal! My eyes are more centered and focused, and the whites of my eyes are really white instead of jaundiced for the first time in over 23 years, since my liver had not performed 100% from a chronic bout with infectious hepatitis in my late 20’s (I'm 50 years old).

An oppression has lifted, my memory has improved dramatically, I have less joint pain, and just plain feel “bright eyed and bushy-tailed!” I feel really ALIVE! And I’m anticipating many more improvements in the days to come. I’m amazed and amused. I have spent many thousands of dollars on health products and what is working the best is the simplest and the least expensive!

Carolyn S., Richfield, MN

3—Body Balance and Lower Brain Stem Stroke

With all the stress, Enar had a lower brain stem stroke. He nearly died on the way to the hospital. It left him paralyzed in the throat and with special disorientation. We got him out of the hospital on a stretcher.

The doctors wanted to put him in a nursing home, because he was so weak (114 lbs) and had to be fed through a tube in his stomach, and was deteriorating. We took him to Norm Burba, MD, who introduced us to Body Balance. Along with taking him off the chemicals and drugs they had him on, we fed him blended real foods and lots of Body Balance through the day and night.

He has made such a dramatic recovery that the speech therapist is using the product and recommending it! He literally has blown away the statistics on lower brain stem strokes. In 30 days, he can swallow and talk once again, has gained 20 lbs he lost and his equilibrium is returning. I highly recommend trying Body Balance!

June F., North Carolina

4—Body Balance Remarkable Testimonials

My husband and I started on Life force products in December, 1996 through our daughter in Jacksonville, Florida. We both took several vitamins a day for 40 years, but we were both feeling more content than feeling good. We now feel like we have more energy and are eating less because our bodies now have what they've been missing all these years.

At 61 years young, my husband owns and operates a construction business and works right along with our two sons. Sometimes they even had trouble keeping up with him; so they are both taking Body Balance. We try to tell everyone we come in contact with about Body Balance because we want everyone to feel as great as we do! As of June 1st, we have signed up 17 people and 8 more are listening to tapes.

My mother-in-law is 92 years old and has been on Body Balance for two months and we see such a difference in her. She used to sit in a chair and do nothing all day long. Now she is cleaning her house, washing windows, and planting flowers! She says she has not felt this good in years. She told her doctor about it and he has cut her medication and also asked her for information on how he can buy Body Balance.

A friend of ours has been on blood pressure medicine and feels great. We can see a big difference in his personality.My nephew and his wife have seen a lot of changes in their life since they started taking Body Balance. He used to get hives and severe headaches for several years and could not find a doctor that could help him. Well, Body Balance took care of his headaches and hives! His wife has had thyroid trouble for years, along with nervous breakdowns and high blood pressure. Her doctor had Body Balance analyzed and said that everything you say is in it is there and for her to take it. Her doctor has now cut her medication way down. He also asked her how he could order Body Balance.

A gentleman that we knew had open heart surgery five years ago was starting to have problems again and asked his doctor about taking Body Balance. Once his doctor saw what was in Body Balance, he told him to get started on it right away and that everyone should be taking it!

I left the best for last. A friend of mine that is 44 years old has had MS for four years and was getting worse. They gave her a new drug at Christmas time that nearly killed her. I asked her if she would try Body Balance three months ago. She went to her doctor last month and he could not believe how much she had improved. Her doctor has now cut her medication. Thanks to Body Bal- ance, I have my friend back.

Glenda P., Cambridge,OH

5—Body Balance and Epstein-Barr Virus

My vigor was restored after a five year chronic siege of the Epstein-Barr virus, when a medical doctor who specializes in preventative medicine, introduced me to Body Balance. It is a pleasant tasting, liquid whole food supplement which contains whole leaf, cold pressed aloe vera, sea vegetation, black cherry concentrate and honey.

My belief in the wonderful benefits of this product, and my personal experience, has inspired me to introduce Body Balance to doctors and health care professionals, who share the belief of the importance of nutrition and detoxification for an individual's optimum health.

Lenore L., San Diego,CA

6—No More Colds and a Great Business

I want to thank you and tell you how much I appreciate such a great company to work with and these wonderful, life changing products. My favorites are Body Balance and Colloidal Silver. I don't know which one to give the most credit to. However, between the two of them, I went through this whole past winter without even one head cold (1 usually have two or three bad ones each year). After about 14 months on the products, I feel great and would not want to be without them ever again.

My organization, the Home Business Network is growing by leaps and bounds. Within six months after I signed up, I was already earning more than I did from my US Air Force retirement check—after more than 20 years of active military service. And yes, I have worked hard to recruit, train and support my downline. But do you know what? I have always worked hard. And, since I retired from the military, I have been involved with several other network marketing programs and before now, I never made any money at all. In fact, I spent a lot of it trying to find “the right one.”

Thanks to you, I found it! And I plan to be with Life Force for a long time to come. Keep up the good work.

Don E., Fountain, CO

7—Body Balance and PMS Help

I have been using natural products for the past five years, and I have found Body Balance to be the best product on the market today. 1 used to suffer with PMS and my days used to be very stressful and overwhelming. I found my peace with Body Balance. It gives me that extra boost to make it through the day. I feel very calm yet energized to accomplish my goals. I love the product and I recommend it to all my co-workers and friends.

Crystal B., Clinton,MD

8—Blood Sugar Level Normal

I am a diabetic. I started taking Body Balance in July 1998. At that time my blood sugar level was out of control (hyperglycemia). It was constantly above 250 and sometimes as high as 450. I was taking 20 mg of Glucophage, a day, yet my blood sugar levels remained high.

Since July, 1998, I have consistently taken Body Balance every day. Today, my blood sugar level is normal. I now only take one 4 mg tablet of Amaryl, once a day. The cost of the Body Balance is offset by not having to purchase expensive oral diabetic medication—which can cost as much as $7.00 per day.

After starting Body Balance, I was given a complete blood panel test by my Endocrinologist. The only high reading was the Hemoglobin Alc blood sugar level, which averages one’s blood sugar over the preceding three months. My Endocrinologist was baffled since my blood sugar level had been so high and yet other body trace minerals and essential enzymes remained normal including cholesterol. I attribute all of that to taking Body Balance. A side benefit is that I have lost about 8 lbs, without dieting. 

Lewis N., Pastor, Newport News,VA

9—Body Balance and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I have been using the Life Force Regeneration Program. for 2½ years. Prior to that I was bedridden with severe hemorrhaging and was told I needed a hysterectomy. I was also diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. After cleansing and rebuilding with the Life Force products and following an exercise program, I now feel well. I did not have the hysterectomy and no longer hemorrhage. I am no longer tired and feel great!

Toni H., Maryland

10—Body Balance, Pneumonia and Strep Throat

 I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am with Life Force products and marketing plan. The item that caught my attention in a trade magazine was Body Balance. In December of 1995, 1 came down with bronchial pneumonia, then again in April of 1996. I was one sick cookie. Then in July I caught strep throat and was down and out for ten full days.

Totally drained of any energy, I was reading my trade magazine when I stumbled across the Life Force ad about Body Balance. I had been taking herbal supplements from another company and their Aloe Vera. Goes to show just where these nutrients went, flush after flush! My immune system was in desperate need of something. So I signed up and tried Body Balance. In three days after starting I could not believe the energy I had. I work eleven hours a day, six days a week in potatoes.

There is no way I would make it every day without this product! I have also noticed my heels are healing up fantastically. My Chiropractor told me that cracked heels are a sign of lack pf iodine. Must have something to do with nutrition, because I am on my feet 10 of those 11 hours and they are still healing. My left heel had some deep cracks in it, so Body Balance is even helping that.

I will be done in potatoes in a couple of weeks, and I am going full time with Life Force. I have been connected in this industry for over 20 years, but never has there been a company with such fantastic products, and such a simple marketing plan. I have to be honest, I did not join Life Force for the Marketing Plan, I needed a product that worked in my body. Body Balance made a believer out of me and with this much integrity, I knew I had found a company I could proudly promote! There are hundreds of nutrition companies out there, the difference is Life Force products really WORK! To be successful in a company, you need products that deliver, KISS (keep it so simple) a great compensation plan, a solid foundation, teamwork, Life Force has it all! Thank you for sharing your wonderful products with the world.

Pamela K., Almond, WI

11—Body Balance, Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis

My story is not a miracle YET, but I have been suffering with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis for the last ten years (since I was 30 years old). 1 have tried many things to feel better, both psychologically and physically. Now, taking 2 to 3 ounces of Body Balance a day and 4 tablespoons of OsteoProCare, I still have pain and stiffness, but I no longer take any pain medication and can get through a whole day ambitiously!

I work at a high-stress job, and still get my housework done, and I find time and energy to share with people about Life Force because it has changed my life! I’m looking forward to getting better and better. Ten years are not erased in 6 months. I will continue to take the products, as I consider them to be “my healthy diet” and therefore part of my “grocery budget.”

DeDe Y.,

12—Body Balance, Sinus and Allergies

We're very concerned about our son’s sinus and allergies health problems . We had him tested and he’s been on medication every day for four years. He’s off at college now, and when we first started taking Body Balance, I thought, “He's not eating right, I think the Body Balance will help him.” I told him to go ahead and take two ounces daily. I thought it would help him supplement his eating. But the side effect was that it also helped his allergies. For 2½ months now he has not taken his allergy medication.

Something else we started him on was Colloidal Silver along with the Body Balance. He squirts that like he used to squirt his nose spray. It has helped his energy level because he stays up real late at night doing his art and what have you. So it has all kinds of benefits. It doesn't matter what your age is. I don't care if you are 100 years old. Some people think that they're too old—this might hurt them or they might not benefit from it. But, it’s a whole food. It’s not going to hurt anybody. It’s going to benefit them.

Harrietta T.

13—Seventy-three Year Old Mother Feels Good on Body Balance

My mother, about the first of the year, came to me with this product that she thought was great and wonderful. She is 73 years old, walks with a walker and with a cane. She is grouchy, irritable—nobody can stand to be around her—a typical grouch. It took her about 30 minutes to walk about 50 feet. She came up with this stuff, and she said, “You gotta get on this; it works really well.” I replied, “Well, if it works for you, great. I don’t have time to mess with it. I’m in the piping business. I gotta work that, and you do all this stuff.”

After about two weeks she started getting better. I thought, “Well, she thinks she feels better, so therefore….” After a month she got to where she looks and feels better than I do. I’d go over and check on her every once in a while because she was so grouchy and irritable nobody would have anything to do with her. I went over to see her one day and walked in the front door and her walker is over next to the wall. I started looking around and I didn't see her.

I went into the kitchen and I noticed that her cane was up next to the table. I thought, “Where is mom?” I went back in the back bedroom and she was down on her hands and knees trying to get the cat out from under the bed. I said, “You're going to kill yourself!” She replied, “No, I feel great!” She got up, walked over and got her walker and walked into the kitchen. I said, “If this (Body Balance) does this for her, then I’ve got to get on this stuff.” I've got my whole family on it. We're doing great. I’ve got all my friends on it. They’re doing great. It really works great. Thanks to my dear mom.

Joe C.

14—Baseball Player’s Energy Up with Body Balance, Soreness Down

In January 1997, I started playing baseball at Southern Union College, in East Alabama. Between class and practice, I had very little time to eat. I found myself eating less than one meal a day. This led to me being very tired, sore, and frustrated. My coach told me that my soreness was due to lack of food and good nutrition. After about three weeks of this, I mentioned my problem to my father, a medical doctor. He sent me Body Balance.

Within one week I had noticed a big difference. My energy level was up, soreness was down, and overall health was better. I was not as hungry when missing meals and was able to concentrate better on my class work and sports activity. Ever since, I am a total believer in Body Balance and the other Life Force products.

Paul M. III

15—Retired RVers

We think all the Life Force products that we have tried are great. Starting with Body Balance and Colloidal Silver for a sinus infection and earache we had been battling all winter was gone within a week! After only 14 days on the Regeneration Program my colitis was under control.

I've been on medication and folic acid since 1992, when I experienced toxic chemical poisoning from arthritis, thyroid and hormone medication. I've tried several times to go off these drugs, but the diarrhea and cramping would always return. I was also taking 8 to 16 ibuprofen per day for joint and muscle pain. I am now only taking 2 ibuprofen at bedtime and hope to give them up soon.

We are not sales people but we sure enjoy telling others what your products have done for us, and the cost is so affordable, we can't afford not to enjoy their benefits. We have been searching for better health through natural products for years, but the cost was $200 to $300 per month and our fixed income wouldn't cover this for very long.

We feel that Life Force is an answer to a prayer and the end of a long journey of trial and error. The referral marketing program is great. We just got our first residual income check and we thank you for making these products so affordable for everyone, including retirees on social security.

C. W. and E. H.

16—Allergies and Multiple Health Problems

For 30 years, I was a Clinical Nutritionist, opening one of the first alternative clinics in Colorado, Boulder Body Chemistry, in the early 80’s. The adage “you teach what you need to learn” was certainly true for me. As a teenage super athlete I was put on antibiotics for ten years as a preventive measure against acne—which I never had. It destroyed my immune system and left me exhausted, with raging yeast infections and three more years on Sulfa antibiotics. My allergies were so severe that there were days when the only refuge was to submerge myself in a bathtub and breathe through a wet washcloth.

I dreaded the spring when the pollen would come. Often I had to wear long pants and shirt and still take two or three showers on a bad day to clean the pollen off my skin. I felt like a shut-in, having to keep the windows and doors closed with an air filter in every room.

I have spent most of my life dealing with doctors and endless diagnoses including: Auto Immune, Chronic Fatigue, food and air born allergies, Epstein Barr, Hypoglycemia, Familia Nutrapenia, Amebas, Parasites and Candita Albacans. Medical recommendations included: Testosterone, to raise my white blood count, and surgery, to remove polyps. Neither of which I opted to do.

I was so tired of trying to figure out what was wrong. My life revolved around weekly testing to stock a tackle box full of vitamins, expensive shots from Germany by my Kinesiologist, boiling up herbs and being a pin cushion for my Chinese doctor, getting my mercury fillings replaced by my dentist, getting catheterized by my Gynecologist, getting food tested by one Chiropractor and adjusted by another, pouring out my heart to a Psychiatrist (because, of course, it was all in my head! Not!) and trying to hold down the clinic.

It was a Jeckle and Hyde existence. Clearly, I was losing ground so I did what I had to do. I closed my practice. My medical bills had escalated to between fifteen and twenty thousand a year and I came to the frightening realization that I had to seriously downsize and move to some place I could afford.

Paul Devlin introduced me to Body Balance. It was a miracle to my body—like waking up. I kept expecting to crash and didn’t. Week by week my health improved. I didn’t need naps any more and was going to bed later and later—even midnight! I didn’t get sick last winter and I haven’t been sick since. Brain fog left and my memory returned. When spring came my allergies didn’t.

I can now wear shorts and tee shirts in the spring and leave the doors open. I even went skiing last winter and had an opportunity to dance a time or two and wasn’t wasted the next day. I feel I’ve been given a whole new body and a whole new life. I’m so very grateful.

I have had access to every professional line of supplements in my private practice in Boulder and have taken and done everything that money could buy for myself health-wise. I have never seen results like what I have witnessed with Life Force products. Given my professional background, I saw thousands of patients at my clinic over seven years. I have had the privilege of observing first hand what does and doesn’t work. Also, having struggled with my own health for twenty-five years, Body Balance had the one thing I never knew about or had access to, the rare earth minerals. My body was malfunctioning because it was starved for those minerals. It was the one thing missing.

Over the last two years I have learned how to use Life Force products in supporting hundreds of people with migraines, lupus, MS, chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, etc. There isn’t a symptom or imbalance that I have not seen improve dramatically, even become symptom free, especially when used with nutritional common sense. I am now recommending my nutritional bible, “Dining in the Raw” by Rita Romano as a guide that addresses the importance of enzymes found in True Greens and Body Balance. It also supports vegetable proteins, like the ones in Amino Charge, and explains the importance of having an alkaline system like what Body Balance, True Greens and OsteoProCare provide.

It’s the stories of peoples lives being turned around that I hear daily that melt my heart. I feel like I’m carrying around a health and wealth gold mine and all I have to do is open my mouth and ask a question and it might just change somebody’s life forever like Paul did mine.

How could there be anything more rewarding than to offer people the chance to feel better and in some cases to regain their health and get their life back? And if that weren’t enough, to turn around again and teach them how to be free and to live a life that most people can only dream about. Even corporate CEO's who earn six and even seven figure incomes can’t have what I've been given in less than two years—freedom. It is absolutely mind boggling to me that in less than two years I am well and earning a six figure income. I am free to do what I love to do—which just happens to be Life Force.

I couldn’t have dreamed this one up. I feel like my whole life has prepared me for this.

Holly W., Paonia,Colorado

17—Body Balance; Chronic Fatigue, Migraines and Esophagus Reflex

My name is Stacy Collins, and I have a phenomenal testimony I want to share with you. I’m married to a great guy and God has blessed me with three beautiful children. We have a strong faith in God and serving our Lord is at top of our list. We are very active in our church and sharing Jesus with others. We own and operate our own business, which is very demanding. but also gratifying. Life was good!

I began having headaches on a regular basis, became extremely exhausted and unable to accomplish all the things I enjoyed. In 1996, I was diagnosed with allergies, esophagus reflex, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My symptoms were extreme exhaustion staying in bed for days at a time, migraine headaches, unable to concentrate, achy joints, arthritis, tormenting dreams at night, and a craving for sweets that was never satisfied. These made me search for the help neither the doctors, nor the medication they prescribed were able to give me. 1 was frustrated and desperate for a solution.

I tried different products my family and friends suggested that did help some. To my amazement, I became pregnant with my fourth child, in January, 1997. My doctor immediately took me off the products. My energy went out the window again. My dreaded days in bed became reality once more.

When I was 5½ months pregnant my sweet mother introduced me to Life Force. She suggested that I wait until after my baby was born to start. I was desperate for energy. By this time, I couldn't take my maternity vitamins. So I studied the ingredients and asked myself. “How can 121 nutrients, ionic trace minerals and vitamins hurt me?” I started immediately.

Within the first three days of taking Body Balance, I had some energy again. By the end of my pregnancy I had 75% of my energy restored. After being on Body Balance for five months, I realized my energy was back to 100%! I no longer had tormenting dreams at night. The allergies, esophagus reflex, arthritis, and my craving for sweets and soda are things of the past. I now crave nutritious foods and water. Also, my migraines are gone, and I'm able to concentrate again. I’m now back to my old self, meeting all my responsibilities—full of energy and enjoying the good life again.

I'm not saying Life Force products have cured me, but I do believe that as long as I faithfully take the products (and I am!), it gives me what my body needs to overcome the symptoms. I truly believe the Lord has allowed me to find Life Force so that I can start doing what I love most in life—telling people about Jesus, and becoming active in most of my church activities again. Thank-you Life Force for helping me to have my life back as I remembered it!

Stacey C.

18—Avoided Knee Replacement and Chronic Pain

For me, evaluating nutritional supplementation has been easy. Why? Because my body is extremely sensitive to everything. Like anyone else who has severe chronic pain, when you find something that works, you know it. I have lived with severe knee pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 32 years.

In May of 1966, I completed my active military duty and was reassigned to reserve status with my Squadron, at Alameda Naval Air Base, in California. I was excited about the transfer because I was picked to start training for my wings as an Air Crewman. Immediately, after completing my first phase of training, I was injured in a civilian job. A four-ton hoist smashed me vertically into a steel bin, ending my military duty and an eleven year career as an athlete.

As a result of this injury, I was unable to walk without a cane or crutches for 6½ years. It took four major surgeries and significant amounts of prescription drugs for 1½ years to deal with the pain and swelling. The final solution, the medical profession had to offer for my knee instability, was total knee fusion.

At this time I was a pre-medicine student on a university transfer program to Stanford University. I wanted to be a plastic surgeon. Upon the final recommendation of knee fusion, I quit pre-medicine and no longer wanted to be an MD. I became disgusted with the idea of another surgery, more drugs and a stiff leg the rest of my life. I started to look for alternative ways to heal myself.

Fifteen years ago, orthopedic surgeons wanted to perform a total knee replacement. However, through decompression hydrotherapy rehabilitation exercise, in a swimming pool, 1 was able to maintain stability.

As I got older, with no cartilage and bone rubbing on bone, my knee has become more degenerative from friction. As time went by, it became more difficult to walk and I lost the ability to bend my knee. As this degenerative process continued, the pain level increased to the point that it was almost impossible to find a comfortable position. After a consultation in May, 1997, with Dr. Robert Klapper, Orthopedic Surgeon at Cedar Sinai, I observed 2 total knee replacements he performed and decided to have my knee replaced the day after Thanksgiving.

However, in September, an actor was injured on a Disney movie, in British Columbia, and I was brought in to help get him through the movie. What was supposed to be a three day stay, ended up to be 2½ months. The terrain was irregular, wet and cold, causing me a daily increase in pain. Many nights I could hardly walk. The only way I could sleep was to pack my knee in ice.

When I returned from Canada, I found out about OsteoProCare. I had been looking for a highly absorbable form of calcium. I was taking a chewable calcium and a Chondroitin Glucosamine supplement already, but it often created a bloating feeling and I felt I was not absorbing it.

After taking OsteoProCare for a few days, I started to feel much better. After a few weeks, I had less knee pain and better range of motion. OsteoProCare definitely made a significant difference for me. I could finally sleep without the nightly throbbing and pounding in my knee. The most interesting response was from my patients, many of whom knew of my problem because I walked with a severe limp. However, they began to notice that I was no longer walking with a limp. They wanted to know what I was doing to help myself. The answer, OsteoProCare. I take two tablespoons twice a day and find my body responds incredibly well. I have started to workout again and feel significantly better. I no longer plan to have knee surgery.

1 wish I had been able to use a product like OsteoProCare with Glucosamine Hydrochloride and Chondroitin Sulfate back in the 80’s. OsteoProCare with Glucosamine Hydrochloride and Chondroitin Sulfate can significantly decrease the recovery time of someone who is suffering from a knee injury, or any condition that results in deteriorated connective tissue or degenerative arthritis.

I've had extremely good results recommending OsteoProCare to my patients, particularly those with degenerative joint disease. Many of my arthritic patients believe it has turned back the time clock and they feel more mobile and younger.

Dr. Leroy P., Co-Chairman, Life Force Medical Advisory Board

19—Born a Juvenile Diabetic

In August of 1998, I began drinking 2 ounces of Body Balance daily on the recommendation of my neighbor. Having been born a juvenile diabetic, I remain acutely aware of my blood sugar level at all times. Larry stated that daily consumption of Body Balance would lower my blood sugar levels as this product would work to balance my body chemistry.

I seriously doubted that this fusion of natural ingredients could effectively lower my insulin requirements. Frequent diets and a variety of medications have proven to have only a minimal impact on either my insulin requirements or on my blood sugar levels.

Within four weeks of using this product it became apparent that I had experienced a 34 percent (244 to 170) remission in my blood sugar levels without any further alteration to my diet. I recommend Body Balance to anyone who experiences a need or desire to stabilize their body chemistry.

Alexandra P., Virginia Beach,VA

20—Financial Security with Life Force

It's hard to believe. I've achieved financial security by doing nothing more than telling people how they could get Body Balance free. Would someone please pinch me?

Harry O., Virginia Beach,VA

21—I Look Younger

I have been using natural products for many years and have taken many supplements. It wasn't until I was introduced to Life Force’s Body Balance that I noticed many changes taken place. My energy level increased dramatically, my skin took on a healthy appearance and many have told me that I look younger.

Dea M., Ukiah,OR

22—Ulcer Attacks

I have been using Life Force’s Body Balance for over three years. Before I started taking it, I regularly had ulcer attacks. After using Body Balance twice a day, the attacks diminished dramatically the fIrst three months. It has been over 2½ years since I had an ulcer attack. Body Balance has increased my energy, allowing me to do things that were difficult for me to do before I started taking it. It gives me the energy I need to get me through the day.

Patricia A. T.

23—Tremendous Results

I have seen tremendous results in my patients who take Life Force products. Patients who have had chronic migraine headaches, arthritic symptoms and PMS have found tremendous relief and permanent weight loss is very common. I highly recommend it. My personal experience with the Body Balance is a tremendous energy boost and a leveling off of emotion. I feel calm and energized. I love this product!

Dr. Lisa T. O.M.D., Boulder,CO

24—Absolute Must

I have been interested in and using herbs and natural products for many years and have found Body Balance to be the best product of its kind available. I have been taking it myself for over three years and have recommended it to over 100 friends and customers. It is an absolute must for the elderly and young children because it is liquid and so easy to take. I have found it to help in all areas of health.

Dorothy M.

25—Breast Cysts Gone, Great Business Start

First of all, I must tell you how thankful I am that Bill Bowen introduced Body Balance to Dr. Mark Houston. It was through Dr. Houston that I not only began taking Body Balance, but began telling others about this wonderful product. As a result, after only 6 months, my income from Life Force has gone from $68.00 a month to over $1000.00 a month. I intend to double, maybe triple that in the next 6 months—and I am healthy!

My desire to share my knowledge of this product with others is not just for monetary reward. It is because Body Balance was therapeutic for me. I had been taking six or seven vitamins a day, in tablet form—C, E, B complex and a multivitamin. I had liquid filled cysts in my breasts, bilaterally, that had to be drained. My gynecologist told me I needed to have them removed. I had been to the surgeon, but was procrastinating about time off, because I’ve been in my present position only a few months.

During that procrastination period, Dr. Houston introduced Body Balance to me and talked to me about the absorption percentage of liquid antioxidants vs. tablets. It’s history from there. I began taking one ounce a day. After a month my cysts had dissolved and are still gone! This has been since March. When I tell folks about Body Balance, I’m so enthused that they become enthused or think I’ve lost my mind. I appreciate everyone who has a hand in this wonderful product. I especially am thankful to Dr. Houston and Bill Bowen. Also, thank you so much for an easy way to make lots of money!

Linda R., Hermitage, TN

26—Power of our Hormones

Over the years, I have found our greatest health assets are a healthy nervous system and an active hormonal system. Trace minerals are the source of power for our hormones. By far, the best tasting, palatable and harmoniously balanced, trace mineral loaded supplement I have come across is in Life Force’s Body Balance.

The trace minerals in our soil are almost totally depleted and what is left cannot be utilized because hybrid plants cannot assimilate the trace elements. Therefore, we become more and more trace mineral deficient and the need for quality supplementation becomes a necessity to wellness and a productive life.

One of the real values in any health or wellness program is simplicity. I have yet to find any program that is so palatable and easy to use, that can be enjoyed by all ages to regain energy, vitality and the true feeling of well being.

VernonR M. D. C.

27—Cleanse, Purify and Rebuild

I have personally discovered that attaining/maintaining good health requires knowledge and continual effort. Many years ago, I read an interesting pamphlet, entitled Death Begins In The Colon. I have realized that my level of energy and health was indeed directly related to colon health. I have maintained this approach over the years and was very pleased when introduced to Life Force, a company with the same goals.

I have examined a number of companies/products over the years and find that the Life Force products address my concerns for health. The company's philosophy and purpose seems very simple and straight forward and yet adequately addresses the three phases of regeneration— cleanse, purify and rebuild.

Douglas M. A.

28—High Blood Pressure, Diabetes!

I have been taking Body Balance for 16 months now, and it has made a dramatic difference on my health. I have suffered with high blood pressure for over twenty years and diabetes for over nine years. In June of 1996, my blood pressure was consistently running 180/98, even though I was taking 100 mg of Procardia, 100 mg of Lopressor as well as Lasix. My blood sugar level was consistently 280 up to 400, despite medication. I watched my diet carefully and did all the doctors asked me to do, but to no avail. I was to the point where I was going to have to take insulin shots.

It was in June of 1996, that I was introduced to Body Balance by a friend. This was the only thing that I did differently. In the year that has followed, my blood pressure slowly lowered until it is now regularly 123/76. Amazingly, my blood sugar count has dropped to 125/135 on a daily basis! I have been able to discontinue taking Lopressor, Procardia, and Lasix. I now maintain my blood pressure level with 10 mg of Norvaasc! My doctor has changed my diabetes medication to a much safer Glucophage and Glynase.

In addition to that, I have more energy, sleep better, and just plain feel much better all around. This is why I am happy and confident to recommend Body Balance to anyone and everyone I meet.

John W., Jacksonville, FL

29—Dramatic Results!

I have seen the most dramatic results in a patient with migraines, where a bowel toxicity and constipation played a major role. A 39 year old female placed on the Regeneration Program for one month has had a significant reduction in symptomology. She reports a ten-fold increase in energy and has had bowel regularity for the first time in her life. As for myself, since beginning the program, I have experienced an increase in energy, reduced need for sleep, and I'm more easily satisfied at meals.

Dr.Lorraine M.

30—Inches Taken Off While Sleeping

Dream Away does take off inches while you sleep! It has given me that extra boost that I've been missing. I simply took one tablespoon before bed each night for 4 weeks and my waist line shrunk 4 inches and I lost 8 lbs! My only lifestyle change was the tablespoon of Dream Away before bed! Along with Body Balance, Dream Away is now part of my daily health maintenance. This product is truly remarkable.

Joanne M., Kitty Hawk, NC

31—Dream Away and Sleep Problems

This is the easiest weight loss I’ve ever experienced. Before, I would have to go on a very, very strict starvation diet and I’d be hungry and grouchy the whole time. I’ve been taking this new product for 3 weeks and I have lost 6 pounds and 1½ inches off my waist! I sleep well and don’t wake up starved. I just feel so complete. This is an- other wonderful Life Force product I'm going to share with family and friends. 

Nancy W., Jacksonville,FL

32—Fast Recovery from Surgery

I have been taking Body Balance and OsteoProCare for about 5 months. Eight days ago I had major surgery. By the 9th or 10th day the incision was healed. My friends tell me I look great and I feel great. I don't look or feel my age of 71 years.

Lidie H., Brookshire,TX

33—I Lost 150 Pounds

I weighed 360 pounds and was taking three insulin shots a day for my sugar. I also had trouble with my blood pressure. Dr. Warner put me on Dream Away. As I lost weight, I took three pills a day instead of three shots.  Then as I lost more weight I took ½ a pill 3 times a day.

I went down to 210 pounds in nine months. Now I don’t have any problems with sugar or blood pressure. I went from a size 60 waist to a 34 waist in pants. I would endorse this product (Dream Away) for anyone overweight. It gave me a lot of energy, and a better lifestyle.

Dennis C., Dyersburg,TN

34—Chiropractic Adjustments

I specialize in both spinal rehabilitation and in cases that have failed to respond to other methods of health care. I have found Body Balance to be a significant participant, when incorporated in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments. This is particularly true when Body Balance is used with the Regeneration Program. 

Dr. Dwight C. R.

35—Seventy Patients and the Regeneration Program

During the last four months I have supervised approximately seventy patients who have completed the Regeneration Program. The most apparent changes are: improved digestion, clear complexion, high energy level, better mental attitude, and in some cases weight loss. Compliance was very high. Even children enjoyed the products voluntarily. I have been very pleased, not only for my patients, but myself and staff have benefited tremendously from using these products.

Dr. Dan M.

36—Regeneration Program

I have tried many colon cleansing programs over the last twenty years and this is by far the best I have ever found. I love the Life Force Regeneration Program.

Mimi M.

37—Patients Like “Must-have” Products

I have been prescribing Life Force products to my patients for several years. Prevention is the key to good health in our society today. Function is the key to health, and Body Balance supplies the natural vitamins, macro minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, and enzymes that are needed to insure proper function. What the patients like most is that Body Balance is convenient, pleasant tasting, and most of all they don't have to take dozens of pills or capsules daily.

The colon cleanse program is a “must” in today's society of fast foods. Fiber is important in prevention of colon cancer and other malfunctions due to toxicity in the colon. I am the best testimony in my office, because I have personally used the products for years and would never be without them

Donna N., D.C.

38—Confident Recommending

I have been in chiropractic practice since 1979. In recommending the Life Force products to my patients, I feel confident, because the Regeneration Program is complete. The products are palatable and easy to use. They are excellent for detoxification, as well as for people who want greater health and vitality. I personally use the products, therefore I feel confident in recommending them to my patients.

Ron B., D.C.

39—Pregnant Mom

At age 27 I became pregnant with my second child. About seven and a half weeks before my due date, I had flu like symptoms that I thought would pass quickly. Instead, I became very, very ill. After 48 hours of severe symptoms, I was taken to the emergency room and admitted to the hospital. I was so dehydrated and weak that I was hooked up to an IV to help stabilize my condition, while a nurse called my doctor. Serious consideration was given to deliver my baby by cesarean section.

Fortunately, within a few hours my condition stabilized. After 48 hours my HMO required that I be released from the hospital. I returned home looking horrible. I was weak, tired and didn't want to eat. My mother insisted that I take Body Balance to get the nutrients my body and baby needed. I started taking 3 to 4 ounces. Within less than ten days, I actually looked and felt better than I had for the past several months. To this day, I swear by Body Balance for myself and my daughter Casey.

Tarina K.

40—Dramatic Difference

This is a long overdue testimonial, but maybe late is better than never. It certainly is as far as good health is concerned.

When I was first introduced to Body Balance and all the other Life Force products, I was in a lot of pain, due to arthritis. I had been taking DayPro, for the arthritis, for about six years. DayPro is a very potent medicine and I was taking two every day, some days I was taking three and four. When I started taking Body Balance, I noticed after about two weeks that I could do more with my hands (open jars, bottles, doors, shake hands with people, etc.) than I had been able to do in years! In less than a month I had stopped taking DayPro!

Then I started taking the OsteoProCare and the improvement in my hands, hip, knees and ankles was even more significant. I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to these wonderful products. When I tell you what a dramatic difference Body Balance has made in my life, I really mean it! I feel better and have more pep than I have had in years. Thank you!

Wanda P.

41—Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Lowered

What a difference Body Balance has made in my overall health! After my last physical, my doctor was astounded at the difference in my blood pressure and especially my cholesterol—much lower on both! He asked what I was doing differently and I was very quick to tell him about Body Balance.

I feel better and have more “get up and go” than I have had in 20 years. Another thing that I have noticed is, I handle stressful situations much better than before Body Balance. That benefit alone is worth much more than the cost!

Joe Parker

42—Struggling with High Blood Pressure

I had been struggling with high blood pressure, and beginning to fear for my life. I was taking heavy doses of medication, an aspirin a day, and still my doctors were having to prescribe more medication, which was resulting in severe headaches. I work with a computer everyday, and after only 1 hour, would be rubbing my hands and wrists because of pain. I would also have to prop my feet up on books, because of poor circulation, and related pain was unbearable.

After two weeks on Body Balance my blood pressure came down, I stopped having headaches, and my doctor reduced my blood pressure medicine. Because of better circulation I no longer experience pain in my hands and legs. I would like to express an emotional thanks to the person who told me about Body Balance and signed me up as a member of Life Force.


43—Back Pain

I was on several different kinds of medication for back pain. I never got a full nights sleep. I have been taking Body Balance for two months. After the first month, I quit taking the pain medication and I sleep better at night and I'm ready to get up in the morning.


44—Canker Sores

I am in my early 20’s and I have had problems with canker sores, which would break out in my mouth every month. It made it very difficult to eat, to talk and even to smile. Body Balance has solved my problem, when doctors could not.


45—Fitness Boost

I lost 20 lbs in three months. I’m in the best shape of my life at 49. AminoCharge is a great body-building product!

G Michael M., Boulder,Colorado

46—Chronic Fatigue

My wife has suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and has almost, literally, been in bed, for over 3 years. (Well, sometimes she would move to the couch.) If we went anywhere as a family, she would usually stay at the motel. After taking Body Balance, and 3 ounces of OsteoProCare for several months, she does almost everything that the rest of the family does. Now, she some- times cooks. She still has some bad days, but nothing like it used to be.


47—Severe Depression

My friend, who is in her early 30’s, was suffering from severe depression. I read about how the lack of certain minerals can cause depression. I told my friend about Body Balance. She was so skeptical, she probably only took the product out of friendship. However, the improvement was so remarkable, that my friend made the comment, that she would never be without Body Balance! Thank you, because now I have my friend back, the way she used to be.


48—Monkey Business and Parrots

I raise monkeys.  One day my little girl came running to me, saying “Daddy, there's a monkey dead in the cage.” We ran to the cage and there was a monkey completely out. It was so out that I didn’t bother to use gloves or nets to pick it up. I had this monkey in my hands and its eyes just rolled back and I couldn't figure out what was wrong.

Usually I would go straight to my vet, but since I had recently moved I didn't have a monkey vet. The only thing I grabbed was Body Balance. I pulled up a 3 cc syringe and started dropping it down his throat. Within minutes the monkey's eyes were blinking again and then I started filling up his mouth with Body Balance.

We sat and observed the monkey for about 35 minutes. Later I had to go get the net because the monkey started running around my office. After what Body Balance did for the monkey we started adding it to our parrot food for newborns in lieu of water. When I sold the baby parrots I told the purchaser,

“These will be the biggest 3 week old parrots you've ever seen.” He looked at them and said, “They have to be 4 or 5 weeks old.” I’d had them on Body Balance.

Mike P., Florida

49— Fungus and Tired

I am 80 years old and my energy level had been dropping. I wasn’t used to that because I'm a pretty healthy person. I was always taking a handful of vitamins every morning and it seemed everyone kidded me about it. I heard about Body Balance from a friend that started taking it. I left my vitamins alone and started taking Body Balance and within a week or so I felt so much better.

For 35 years I had a fungus problem under my nails and tried everything. I put Colloidal Silver on them and immediately they started to grow out.

Dot K., Titusville, Florida

50—Heel Bone Spurs

I have had a lot of trouble with heel spurs. I'd spent over $1,400 going to different doctors. Everyone of them wanted to do surgery on my feet. I just couldn't take time off from work. They put a big cast on my foot which didn’t help. I was very glad to try OsteoProCare. Within 2 to 3 days the pain was not near as great and it continued to diminish. It’s not unusual for me to work from 10 to 16 hours a day, on my feet.

Now, I can easily walk away when work is over instead of practically crawling, because of the pain. I love this product and recommend it for any bone problems they may have. For only $50 a month it's a miracle.

Mary L., Titusville, Florida


I had gone to my allergist because I had fungus under my disc from taking antibiotics and I got bronchitis. Everytime I take an antibiotic, I wake up with a fungus somewhere on my body. I had it very bad under the breast. I was given medication that didn't work. My friend told me she had fungus under her finger nails and Collodial Silver did wonders for her. I ordered it and started taking it. I had taken one third of a bottle and the fungus went away.

After taking Body Balance, for three months, I am much more energetic. I was forever tired and putting things off. Now, the energy I can not believe. I feel terrific and I try to tell all my friends, because I want them to feel better, like I do. I just can't say enough good things about these products.

Henrietta B., Titusville, Florida

52—Avoided Surgery and Built a Family Business

I am a Heavy Equipment Mechanic and have had a lot of injuries in my back and joints. It has left me with a lot of pain over the years. I suffered an injury to my shoulder and head in March of 2000. This caused a torn shoulder and led to a mild stroke a few days later due the cranial nerve being pinched. I was in severe pain from the injury and had migraine-type head pain. My wife gave me plenty of all the Life Force products with extra Body Balance and OsteoProCare. My daughter gave me body wraps for the pain. I couldn’t work for months. The products have helped me to full recovery without surgery and has made me a believer that nutrition is vital.

Now after a year I do the Life Force Business with my wife and 3 children full time. God gave us the common sense to eat both spiritual food as well as physical. Life Force is Whole Food which feeds our bodies. We love the Lord and thank God for allowing us to be part of the Life Force Family.

Orie C.

53—Perfect Health Food

After 25 years of looking for the perfect health food, my search ended with Body Balance. I think what's really wonderful about it, is that it's for everyone from infants to the elderly. I've been using Body Balance for 6½ years and recommend it to all my clients. They all get remarkable results.

Jonathan A., H.H.P.


I am a teacher and mother of four who just turned forty-five.  Three years ago, I was diagnosed with Lupus and was suffering with flu-like symptoms three or four days per week; fever, muscle aches, and severe fatigue.

My doctor had prescribed a whole list of supplements, so I was literally swallowing handfuls of pills.  After some time, my stomach began causing me constant discomfort because I just couldn’t digest the pills.   My quality of life was about a three on a scale of 1-10.  By the year 2000, I was no longer able to continue teaching and had to quit a job I loved. 

That same summer, I began to take 2 oz Body Balance, 1oz OsteoProCare and Taheebo daily.  These liquid nutrients were easily absorbed by my body, so the stomach cramps and “bloating” caused by the pills, were completely eliminated.

In September, I went on the Colon Cleanse Program which further improved my digestion.  I gave up all caffeine, including my morning coffee, something that I never though possible!  Instead, I use Sunbright for a lift in the morning.

By November, after five months on the Life Force Products, I began waking up in the morning pain free for the first time in years.  My flu-like days had dropped to about one in ten.

This year at 2001 continues to bring encouragement.  I am experiencing more “good” days when I feel like my “old self.”  My “bad” days are down to about one every three weeks.  I feel energetic, enthusiastic and have stayed well all winter with help from colloidal silver.

On a 1-10 of quality of life scale, I’m up to seven or eight. I continue a double dose (2 oz) of Body Balance, 2 droppers Sunbright, 2 droppers Taheebo, 1 oz OsteoProCare and the Colon Cleanse Program three days per month. I no longer feel helpless in the hands of an incurable disease, but rather empowered to pursue health and life!

Jan L., Durango, CO

55—Spinal Damage

As a result of 3 car accidents, which were not my fault, I was in a very sorry state. The first crash (rear-ended August 94) caused severe problems emanating from my neck—disc protrusions in the neck, right arm and fingers non-functioning, locked neck and jaw, blinding headaches. Unable to get more than two hours interrupted sleep per night, often awake until the early morning.

The second smash (rear-ended January 95) caused damaged to my lower back—my sacrum became fixed and I could not bend or rotate, could not walk, only shuffle and had pain from head to toe. I needed help to get in and out of bed and to dress, and at times had extreme pain in center of my chest.

The third accident (side impact in August 98) dislocated my coccyx. I was initially put on sick leave from work for months. I attended a pain clinic and was put on pain killing drugs. I took 10 Panadine Forte a day but discontinued them to avoid liver damage. I took Panadol for headaches and also took anti-inflammatory drugs, but I was opiate intolerant—methadone caused me to vomit for hours, which aggravated my injuries.  Morphine caused me to sweat profusely and prevented me from sleeping. A morphine pump was suggested but my wife, who is a nurse, discouraged me from having this because the results can be poor and there is risk of becoming addicted.

I was sent to a clinical psychologist, because I was very up tight and there were depression concerns. I went into hospital and had a number of nerve blocks, these were unsuccessful. I went into hospital again and had a pain stimulator inserted, inside my body, under my ribs, with 16 electrodes running up my epidermal space. This was intended to interrupt the pain, but was unsuccessful because there were too many pain sources, which overrode the machine. This expensive equipment is still inside me. I was sent to a Neurosurgeon who advised against fusion because of the expected 20% success rate, due to so many levels of damage. After a three hour diagnosis on a pain-measuring machine, I was told to retire.

Because my right arm and fingers were useless, I did a six month course to become left handed. I was advised not to give up looking for relief—you will find someone to help you, I was told. I tried Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, and Osteopaths in Perth, and took nutritional supplements, all to no avail.

So I decided to travel to New Zealand and try the hot mineral pools. On arrival the pain forced me to visit an Osteopath who, as it turned out, was trying new methods. So over a period of about 3 years (6 one-month visits), I alternated between the hot pools and the Osteopath. On returning home after each visit, I felt much better but slowly regressed.

I was put on Mega doses of Glucosamine and Pharma-mag Forte tablets, which helped a little. I also tried Medical Magnets, which were not much help. Then in March, 2000, after almost 6 painful years of searching, and an expense of $30,000, I found what I was looking for—I was introduced to Life Force International products. What a difference—within 3 days of taking Body Balance, the pain in my neck and shoulders disappeared—it was incredible! After a few weeks, I started taking OsteoProCare as well.

I am now free from pain (just some numbness around the coccyx area). I have full neck movement and full use of my right arm and fingers. I have full movement at my waist and can touch my toes (I could not even reach my knees before). A walk around the block, which used to take me 1½ hours, I can now do in 20 minutes. My face, which was distorted with pain, is now back to normal. I no longer take any medication. I now feel that I have got my life back and give thanks to God for keeping me positive and helping me find Life Force International.

Jim B., Edgewater, Perth, Western Australia


I used to take my good health for granted. Now I believe good health and vitality is priceless.

In October 1998, I was struck down with chronic sinusitis and was rushed into hospital for surgery to remove the diseased and infected linings of my sinus cavities (frontal and maxillary).

By September 1999, I was in trouble again with a full reoccurrence and in October I was back in for surgery after one week in hospital on intravenous antibiotics to try and control the infection.

In December 1999, I was again beginning to feel the effects of infection and a CT Scan in January 2000 showed that there was a need for further surgery. Since that time I have been on antibiotics and steroids in an attempt to avoid further surgery .

On May 4, 2000 I started taking Body Balance and noticed in only a few days that I had more energy. On May 29, 2000 I started taking Colloidal Silver (a natural antibiotic). By June 20, 2000 I found that I had improved to the point where I was able to stop taking antibiotics and steroids.

At this time any further surgery has been delayed and I am now enjoying a steady improvement in my health and vitality. Body Balance bas given my body the necessary ingredients to help heal itself from within. I have discovered that even after a few days without taking Body Balance I begin to feel less energetic.

Body Balance is not just another vitamin or mineral supplement Body Balance bas the ingredients for good health and vitality delivered directly to every part of the body that needs it.

Drew P., Roleystone, Western Australia

57—Epstein-Barr Virus

I became very, very sick 18 years ago. My son was in 6th grade. I was literally bedridden for 10 months. My ailment went on for 17-18 years. It just never stopped. It was eventually diagnosed as Epstein-Barr virus and went from achy joints, lymph gland swelling, high fever, influenza and pneumonia to mononucleosis. I stuttered for three years. I was a mess! 

I searched and searched for years for herbs to help me. There were things that helped me along the way, but they never really took the symptoms away. A year ago, when I became involved with Life Force, my boyfriend told me, “Linda, you know, you really have to try these products because they are liquid. We have got to kick this. You are going to get well some day, completely.”

I am not saying the products made me well. I’m saying the product balanced me and made me feel great. I truly feel that because the Body Balance is a liquid which has a 98% absorption into the bloodstream I was able to feed my body with what it needed and I started recovering. It has taken me 12 years. I feel fabulous now.

After doing research on Taheebo Tea (a powerful herbal liquid that is a blood cleanser) I added it to my program twice a day. I have been taking Body Balance 3-4 times a day for the last seven months and I feel fabulous! I’m working out and I’m working sometimes until midnight. I’m speaking. I love life now!

Linda C.


I have suffered with migraine headaches for over 22 years. The first 20 years they were few and sometimes far apart, but within the last 2 years the migraines became frequent (as many as 3 a week). They were actually destroying my life, marriage, business—everything. The migraines were so severe that I had to go to the hospital for pain and nausea medication. I have no hospitalization insurance, so I knew that we could not afford too many more trips to the hospital.

Finally, in total desperation, I went to my family doctor and he gave me a prescription for Demerol. He was very reluctant to do that because he said the next step would be morphine. Since my last trip to the doctor I started on Body Balance and Sunset. I have only bad one headache since. This is nothing short of a miracle. I could never tell you what these products have done for me, what Life Force and the Hillmans have brought to me through these products. It is incredible!

The strange thing is that when I started taking the Body Balance I took it strictly for the vitamins. I never knew that it would have such a great effect—taking away my migraines. That was an added bonus. It has changed my life!

When I started on the Body Balance I actually took—and this is no exaggeration—a garbage bag full of vitamins and threw them away. I take nothing but the Body Balance and Sunset, as well as OsteoProCare. They have changed my life! I could not go anywhere, work, or do anything. I had headaches so bad and now I am pain free—no headaches.

Judy M.

59—Avoided Knee Replacement

I am sixty years old and I was going to have a knee replacement because I had such terrible pain in my knee. I have osteoarthritis throughout my body: back, shoulder, knee and hips.

3 or 4 months ago, I started using OsteoProCare and Body Balance. I take 2 oz of each and my pain is 98% gone. I couldn’t dance at that time and I now can dance. I feel so good. I have more energy because of the Body Balance. The most important thing is that nothing hurts anymore.

I had had epidurals in my back and cortisone shots in my knee—nothing worked. I had taken every kind of vitamin you could think of. I must have had 25 or 30 different bottles in my cupboard including calcium, glucosamine and chondroitin. I took mouthfuls of things every day, but it didn’t work until I got on this liquid from Life Force and presto! Six weeks later the pain is gone.

When this worked for me I decided to tell a few people. The first month I had 3 people and I got $45.00. The next month I had 11 people and I got $389.00. My last check that has just come is $665.00. $1,000.00 in my first 90 days, more than pays for my product.


60—Joint Pain

I got started in Life Force in December 1998. At the time, I wasn't really looking for a business opportunity at all. I had a lot of joint pain from playing football for 14 years and also doing some pretty heavy duty power lifting. I was just looking for something to help with my joint pain.

I had tried massage therapy, physical therapy, bone scans and MRIs—everything that you could think of. I had tried all different kinds of products. The nature of football is that they try to put you on something to make it work right. It never really helped me.

So after the season I had been looking for something. My sponsor, Tony Kerry, introduced me to OsteoProCare and Body Balance. It made sense to me—these were liquid products. I no longer would have to take 15 to 20 tablets per day of other products that I was taking that were natural to help me solve my joint pain problem. I could just take a quarter cupful of Body Balance or some of the liquid OsteoProCare. That would be really simple for me.

What happened was that within 2 months I had no pain at all. Everybody in the YMCA where I was working out was really astonished They could not believe it because I had been complaining about the pain for so long. Immediately, I had so many people coming towards me about the business and the product. Actually, the products first and then people were asking me, “Is this network marketing? Is there any way I can get involved?”

For once, the first time ever in network marketing for me, people were coming toward me and I didn’t have to beat them over the head to get them involved. I decided in March of the following year, 1999, to really take a look at it as a serious home-based business. I got started and after two years now, I am earning a full-time income. Lots of people all over the country are also earning an incredible income. The key things that make this business so successful are that:

1. The products work and people want them. If you put the products in front of 100 people, a significant percentage will come towards you. You don't have to be beating people over the head, or selling people on these products because people actually want the product.

2. The second reason we do so well as a team is the fact that the Compensation Plan is so lucrative. Part-time people can make money really quickly. They don't have to struggle like they do in a lot of other companies in this industry.

So these two things, combined with a rock solid management team and a great team in the field, really have created tremendous financial success for so many people with the company.

David O., New Jersey


As a very young adult, about 30 years ago, I had emergency surgery to save my life. They found two huge tumors which were removed at that time, but only to have other tumors grow back. Every 2-4 years I bad to have surgery as tumors would come back in different—of my body. 

As I became older, I began to question the doctors about why these tumors kept coming back. One of my doctors said it was probably hereditary, but I shared with him that that was very strange since my Mum and Dad had never bad surgery for tumors. He said, “Well, it happens.”

Less than 10 years after that major surgery I became severely ill again. This time I decided to take responsibility for my own body and in 1980 began my quest for health. My health got better, but the tumors still grew back.

In 1988 I found Doctor’s Signature (now known as Life Force) and I began taking Taheebo. I took it 2-3 times a day for about a year and I began to expel black mucus. I realized, at that time, as I began expelling it that for 14 years, since age 16 had been touching and inhaling automobile and truck tire debris. We had a business there in our home. So smelling all these rubber products no doubt had contributed to my tumors.

So what I have to say, in short, is that after taking Taheebo for about a year and only spending about $14.00 a month, I literally began to have a healthier body. I’ve been tumor free since 1989. That’s over 10 years. So I really feel that the Taheebo has contributed to my healthy life today.

Mia, San Diego, California

62—Blood Sugar Levels

I was introduced to the Life Force products in February of this year. A friend at work gave me a sample bottle. I was very interested to try the vitamin and minerals because I have been unable to take vitamins my whole life without feeling sick. So I have never really taken them. I have tried many, many, supplements and spent a lot of money on them but they have a tendency to make me feel not very good.

When I first started taking Body Balance I felt the effect immediately. I felt so good. So I thought maybe I would look at some of the other products. I added Sunbright to what 1 was taking every day. I work long hours. Usually fourteen hours a day, or more sometimes. With the Sunbright I feel an incredible sustained, natural feeling of energy—not hyper. I was still able to go to sleep when I wanted.

Then I read a little about Taheebo, which helps with your blood. I have had trouble for four years. Using medications to try to manage my blood sugar level. Nothing was working. In May I decided to to get off the medication and use Taheebo.

I now have totally normal blood sugar! I let my doctor know and he was amazed. I have never felt better. Everybody knows it—they can tell just by looking at me. So I am really, really happy.

Laura G.


My daughter Hannah is 14 years old. She’s a redhead and she’s as stubborn as a mule. She eats our plant-centered diet out of sheer lack of other options. So that's pretty good. But when it comes to nutrition, there’s NO WAY. She won’t do it. Forget it. 

In order to get her to take it, each morning we would be forced to put her in a straight jacket, insert a funnel in her mouth and start pouring  the stuff down her throat (just kidding). Jeanine and I decided a long time ago that it wasn't worth it. Anybody else got a kid like this?

When she was little, she used to hide the various pills and powders and try to fake us out like she’d taken them.  Then, when we weren’t looking, she’d flush them down the toilet or throw them  out in the backyard somewhere. When we started on  Body Balance, which is a surprisingly good tasting product, we thought Hannah might be  willing to take it. We were deluded.

Got the picture on this girl?

Three weeks ago my 12 year old son Paul Michael came down with a sore throat. It lasted about a day and a half and he was fine. All three of my boys take our nutrition products without complaint. Even one-year old Sean drinks Body Balance from a “sippy cup.”

A few days after Paul’s recovery, Hannah started complaining of the same thing. It got worse and worse until finally, after three days, she was unable to swallow any solid food and her temperature was averaging 102 degrees. Her tonsils were huge and covered with big white spots. Her glands were bulging from her neck like tumors.

We assumed it was strep throat and went in to see the doctor. As much as we hate antibiotics, we relented and started her immediately on penicillin. Two days later, she was feeling even worse. She had no appetite and was exhausted. Her fever was still over 100 degrees.

We went back in to the doctor and he did a blood test, confirming our fears that Hannah had mononucleosis. You might remember “mono” as the “kissing disease”. Most people don’t realize that it's actually the Epstein-Barr virus. Epstein-Barr produces serious chronic fatigue symptoms in thousands of adults and has no cure.  It's listed as one of the auto-immune disorders which is one of the eight major diseases from our special  report. So “mono” is nothing to mess with.

Just this year a young high school football player in the Chicago area was tackled at practice and suddenly died. His mono had been misdiagnosed  and his enlarged spleen burst from the impact—he bled to death internally right there on the  field in front of all the players and coaches.

Hannah had a confirmed case of mono. For mono to thrive, the Epstein-Barr virus needs a weakened immune system. The reason high school and college kids are so susceptible to the disease is because their fast growth rates tax their bodies, and when you combine that with poor eating and lifestyle choices, the immune system suffers. So if they  get exposed, the virus has no trouble taking hold.

Hannah’s treatment was 4-6 weeks of inactivity and rest so she would avoid anything that could impact her spleen and would have a chance to et her immune  system recover.

She didn't like that.

She was now excluded from being able to visit or ride her horse. And this is a seriously horse-crazed kid. New motivations began to well up inside her…

Her new horse-deprivation soon led to a brand new attitude about nutrition. Hannah started taking our primary liquid product, Body Balance, three times a  day in a “smoothy.” She added Colloidal Silver, Taheebo tea (a rather nasty tasting immune stimulant), TrueGreens (a product made from things like wheat grass and barley green), OsteoProCare (a liquid calcium product) and Amino Charge (a protein powder).

Jeanine and I were amazed to watch her chug it down…

What was even more amazing were her results. Two days after she started taking this collage of nutrition, her symptoms vanished. Her throat stopped hurting. Her tonsils shrunk and the white spots disappeared. Her fever went back to normal. And her energy level climbed back to its usual frenetic pace.

So four days after being confirmed with mononucleosis, which requires a 4-6 week-long recovery period, Hannah begged and pleaded to go back in to the doctor to see if she could be released to full activity again.

To our amazement and his, the doctor released her! Her spleen had returned to normal with no tenderness at all. He could find no indications of mono!

Now, the mind is a powerful thing. I know that. And I know the power of a 14-year old girl who needs to ride her horse. So there is no question about the impact of sheer will, positive mental attitude and all that stuff.

But I also have no doubt that once again, we see nutrition prove itself effective in the human body.

Paul D., Colorado


I was introduced to Body Balance in August, 1998 at a Healthy Living Seminar with Jean Warner. Prior to that, in 1998, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a muscle pain and fatigue disorder. It affects the person physically, and mentally, with extreme pain and fatigue. My health was deteriorating quickly and I didn’t know how to stop it! I was also diagnosed with blood clots on the heart valve and high blood pressure. I had been in the hospital every three months since last June.

During this two evening seminar we learned about the Bible’s diet; we learned that we are wonderfully made by God using dirt, which needs proper minerals, vitamins, amino acids, etc. We can't replace these needed substances through diet or pills. I have been in the medical profession for twenty years and I knew that liquid meds are absorbed quicker and are better! My health had declined to the point of despair.

I bought a quart of Life Force’s Body Balance. On Saturday, August 29, 1998, I began taking two ounces every morning as instructed. I was afraid to tell my husband, for fear that he would think I was crazy! My husband and our whole church were praying for my complete recovery. I was learning all I could about each problem so I would be able to help God manifest a healing for me! My prayer that Saturday morning was, “I have asked you to cure me, so that I may do your will and work. I am praying and believing that this vitamin is what you have sent to me to heal my body.” Now each morning I pray, “Thank you for the healing that is occurring in my body.”

Body Balance is the greatest natural liquid vitamin I have ever witnessed! Prior to this vitamin I was on prescription pain medication daily and extra strength Tylenol at 12 noon daily just to make it through each day. I wore a wrist splint on my left wrist because of severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Since I have been taking Body Balance I haven’t taken any pain medicines! My Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is improving. My body is healing from the inside! Thank God! Praise Jesus! Hallelujah!

My husband also takes Body Balance. He is physically fit, he jogs, exercises and plays a lot of basketball. He said, “Now, I run out of oxygen long before I run out of energy!” He also stated that he knows that it converts the food he eats to energy quicker than before he took it.

I feel great! I don't stay in the house or in the bed all the time as I did! I am not hurting from Fibromyalgia like I was a month ago. Fibromyalgia patients need to boost their immune systems and get relief of their pain. We have more pain receptors closer to the skin surface. I am praying that this product helps everybody as it has helped me!

Cynthia A. W. LPN, Mount Pleasant, TN

65—Avoided Second Root Canal

When I started taking OsteoProCare, a liquid calcium supplement with glucosamine and chondroitin, I was thinking only in terms of prevention: I did not want to get osteoporosis or arthritis. After seeing what these two diseases had done in my parents’ generation, I was hoping to avoid a lot of misery and pain by giving my body the nutrients it needed years before these conditions could develop.

Much to my surprise and delight, I found out that OsteoProCare does a lot more than prevent two diseases (although that is wonderful enough in itself). My first positive experience with OsteoProCare came about one month after I started taking it: I saved the expense and ordeal of having a root canal! I am so excited about this that I want to share my story with as many people as possible. Then I want to tell you about all the other benefits of this wonderful supplement. 

I had heard about root canals for years but did not really know what they were or why they were ever done until I reached the age of 50. One day I began to have pain in my gums, which quickly spread to both upper and lower gums. The whole left side of my face hurt. When I went to the dentist, the x-rays were inconclusive and my dentist missed the diagnosis. He said he did not think my problem was dental, but to come back in two weeks if I did not get better. For the next two weeks, the pain got much worse, until the over-the- counter pain medication did not help at all and I was up all night in agony.

I went back to the dentist and this time he was able to determine that in fact my problem was dental. He explained that one tooth had a crack in the root, infection had set in, and this was causing the pain in both my upper and lower gums. I did exactly what the dentist recommended: I had a root canal and then a crown. It was expensive, but the tooth was saved and the pain went away. But the pain I had suffered in those two weeks before the root canal was done left quite an impression on me. Two years later, I was out of town when I felt that same, awful pain again on a Friday night. After being kept awake most of the night with my gums throbbing, I decided to cut my trip short and head for home. It hurt to even touch my tooth with my tongue or to close my teeth all the way—any contact at all was painful. I drove home on Saturday, knowing that I would not be able to see my dentist until Monday. I felt certain that I was headed for another root canal and another crown and I dreaded it.

This time, however, a friend gave me some good advice. He said, “Why don't you treat this like any other infection?” Well, that made sense—after all, the dentist had told me two years earlier that the pain was caused by an infection in the cracked root.

Whenever I feel anything coming on—from a sore throat, to itchy eyes, to painful urination—I immediately take Echinacea, Colloidal Silver, Taheebo Tea, Vitamin C, or garlic. In fact, I take all of them if I can. These wonderful supplements can be bought from any health food provider and act as nature's antibiotics without the side effects or high cost. I started taking my natural antibiotics right away. Within hours the pain had decreased to a manageable level.

Then my friend said, “Take more calcium and the tooth will heal.” I said, “A tooth can heal?!” He said, “Why not? Your bones do.” What an amazing concept: a tooth can heal! Once I got over my shock, I realized how much sense that made and I marveled that I did not know it before: teeth can heal just like bones do. I also marveled that dentists do not seem to know this—if they do, they have not educated the public very well.

Fortunately, I had just started taking a liquid calcium supplement called OsteoProCare about a month earlier and the normal dose was 1 ounce per day. I increased that to 3 ounces per day for about a week. After that, I took 2 ounces per day. I also decided to eat on the opposite side of my mouth for a while so that the tooth would not be stressed while it was healing.

The most amazing thing happened: within 24 hours, the pain went away and has never returned. The tooth stayed sensitive for several days but then even that went away. I did not miss work, I did not have to spend any money on a root canal or crown, and I am totally pain free. I saved thousands of dollars in dental bills with just $35 worth of liquid calcium!

Even after the pain left, I continued my regimen for several weeks to give the tooth time to heal properly. I am happy to say, months later, that I have had no further trouble with that tooth (or any of my teeth).

I believe that my results were so positive because I took OsteoProCare, which is liquid calcium, instead of pills. The absorption rate of liquid supplements is much higher than the 10-20% absorption rate of pills.

Many people are taking calcium pills and not getting the benefit, not only because pills have a low absorption rate, but because Vitamin D must be present for absorption. If Vitamin D is not present when the calcium is ingested, the calcium may pass right through the body. So calcium must not only be ingested, it must be absorbed for the body to heal.

I am so excited and grateful for this healing that I want to share the news with as many people as I can. What I realized from this experience is that if calcium can heal a tooth that is already cracked, then it should be excellent for preventing teeth from cracking in the first place. I believe now that if I had been taking OsteoProCare all along, I would have never needed the first root canal.

I want to be careful not to give the impression that I am saying you don't need to go to the dentist. I strongly believe in going twice a year for check-ups and cleaning. However, I am saying that root canals and crowns are not the only option when you have a cracked root.

If your dentist tells you that you need a root canal, one option would be to have the dentist give you something for the infection and pain, postpone any dental surgery, take extra OsteoProCare for several weeks while eating on the other side of your mouth, and then return to the dentist for follow-up x-rays. Let your dentist see for himself or herself that the tooth has healed.

I would encourage anyone who has this experience to share this knowledge with others. We need to get the word out! Also, people need to know that OsteoProCare should be taken on a daily basis to prevent the need for root canals at all. Wouldn't it be wonderful if root canals became as obsolete in the world of dentistry as iron lungs did in the treatment of polio? It can happen—all we need is more calcium in our daily diet.

Teresa A. Ph.D., Virginia

66—Crohn’s Disease and Multiple Ailments, Avoided Surgery and Building a Business

For me Life Force came at a time when my vision to accomplish anything with Network Marketing or the Freedom it can provide was nearly faded. Also the products I had been taking at that time still were not giving my body the sufficient supply to correct and prevent further deterioration of my over all health.

I have suffered with Crohn’s disease most of my life and have already had 14 surgeries, seven of them Crohn’s related. I have less than four feet of small bowel and a third of my colon has been removed. I have been referred for multiple joint replacement since 1981. After 27 years of steroids that is no surprise. I was diagnosed with degenerative Arthritis at age 24 along with severe tendonitis. I suffered a neck injury at age 8 in an auto accident and have been involved in others since that have damaged my neck and spine quite severely. I was diagnosed with TMJ and sleep apnea in 1996.

In 1987 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have had breast cancer twice. The first in 1995 was caught in time with a lumpectomy. The second one was eliminated purely through an alternative health approach. I have had two spinal fractures and have suffered with numbness and pain in my left leg and arm due to pinched nerves. I had lost 30% of the use of my left arm and hand in 1994. I was also referred for a hysterectomy and gallbladder removal this past year.

The list of all the health complications in my life is too numerous to go into. At age 19 doctors told my mother that I would not live to see my adult years. I spent most of my early life and young adult years as an invalid and was in and out of hospital continually.

Since 1981 I have searched for answers concerning health and how to prevent disease. For a long time now my focus has been on health and helping others to find answers and be able to afford it. After taking Body Balance and OsteoProCare I noticed a difference in 4 days and I was taking only a minimal dose. So I decided to listen to my body and increase that amount accordingly.

I started sharing my testimony with a few friends and then repeated what Marjorie had done for me. I linked them to the Life Force calls. These people were also excited about their own results and in their first month they shared with people also.

My first full month in Life Force I qualified for the Rising Star Bonus and received a check from Life Force for $692. But what excited me was that each of my new people also received a check. I repeated this the second month and Life Force rewarded me with a check for $1360 and I qualified for Rising Star again. Some of my people also qualified for Rising Star and reached Bronze and Silver levels in their first and second month. Almost all of my partners received a check from Life Force.

Only a couple of my partners had any previous experience with networking and none of us had had any success before. We believe that most network companyies are not designed for the average person to succeed. Life Force has proved to us to be the answer to address all of our health needs. It nourishes the body and helps the body to do its own repair. Life Force can help the average person to succeed and accomplish their goals financially for anyone who is open to trying the products and pick up the phone. It is purely on a referral basis, has no selling involved and our businesses continue to grow.

Life Force has improved my health and life in every way. I was able to avoid having my gall bladder removed or any other surgeries. My doctors told me that Crohn’s was in full remission, my gall bladder functions have returned to normal and my blood levels are in the high to normal range. X-rays and tests have revealed over all improvement. I can feel the difference and so can the people I have shared Life Force with. That is what really counts! The list of improvements keeps getting better. For my family and I, good health is not expensive, it is priceless.

Now at age 50, I feel that I have been given a new life. I feel younger than I did at 20. I thank God for giving me the strength not to give up, for bringing Life Force into my life and for giving me the compassion to care enough about others to share what I have learned with them. We owe it to ourselves and others to share Life Force. We are making a living and making a difference with people who care.

Beverly J. C., Rocky Comfort, MO

67—Shingles, Hair Loss, Skin Rash

I’m 31-years old and am married to a great man (Brian). We moved to Colorado Springs in 1994. I met Dr. Blue through my best friend, Kari, who worked for him. I went to see if he could figure out why I get shingles every year since 199. He tried different things and in 2001 I did not get shingles. I started to get “lupus-like” symptoms in March 2000.

Dr. Blue put me on Body Balance at the end of January 2002 and I have been pain-free and fatigue-free from February 2002 to now, thanks to Body balance and OsteoProCare. I lost hair in one spot on my head, since the first time I got sick, it has started to grow back for the first time. The rash I have had on my face since March 2000 is gone. My skin is returning back to its normal state.

Right now my husband and I are trying to get my body healthy so we can start a family. If I remain in remission for six months then Dr. Blue will give us the okay to start trying for a family. We also do other things for my health… juicing, stretching, eating organic foods, hiking, spiritual healing, eating right, positive attitude and creating a life of happiness for myself and my husband.

Patsy W., Colorado Springs

After this exhaustive list of Body Balance testimonials, we hope you get an idea of how effective Whole Food Nutrition can be. Our bodies are magnificent organisms and are designed to be in a healthful nature our whole life. If you don't feel like you did when you were 10 years old, you are most likely deficient in the nutrients that our bodies need to feel that way. When we were young, our bodies could still take it (being deficient), but as we get older, the body just starts to break down. Take a suggestion and get plugged into these wonderful Life Force Products;

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