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Here's an idea; burn 5 pounds of fat in 2 weeks before you put on that extra 5-10 pounds that almost every American gains during the holiday season! With the Fuxion weight loss products, it can be done!

The FuXion Weight Loss (RELEASE) Program is NOT a diet. We know diets don’t work! The FuXion Fit and Fab Weight Loss Program is a healthier way of living…a healthy lifestyle that you may choose to adopt today and incorporate into your life for the long term.

FuXion Fit and Fab is a program that supports new habits and a sustainable way of eating by supplying your body with healthy drinks and satisfying foods providing an abundance of nutrients, while limiting your intake of unhealthy processed food and toxins. This plan eliminates cravings and will help you learn to Feed Yourself Thin while eating and drinking a deeply nourishing diet. It is not about elimination or deprivation, but rather knowledge. What are you mindlessly eating and drinking that is affecting your mental, physical and emotional well-being in a negative way?

The FuXion products in this plan make it easier for you to make better choices and adopt new behaviors. We have included a Super Weight Release Cleansing component to set your body up for the greatest success. You will release weight, gain greater energy, and may notice food sensitivities that are interfering with your goals.

Of course, it all begins with a Decision to burn 5 pounds of fat…if you’re ready let’s get started!

In the Fuxion Fit and Fab Weight Release Program, the suggested menus and exercise are optional. Of course, one is going to have even better results than if they just used the Fuxion products. But to burn 5 pounds of fat, we believe, that just using the suggested Fuxion weight loss products, can make a dent into that fat you have been carrying around for years or even, decades.Best Natural Weight Loss Products

Personally, I know the products work as I went from 290 pounds and 25% body fat, to 235 pounds and 12%, over the course of the last year! I did not use the food recommendations below, but simply have been spacing out my carbohydrate intake.

Secondly, FuXion products are very inexpensive because of FuXion's low Cost of Goods. The Company gets all raw ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest, where they own the land. The FuXion process is protected by 5 different international patents, and all products are made in the Company's manufacturing facilities. On average, the FuXion products are 30-50% of the prices of equivalent products on the Market, but yet the quality is much better (non GMO, no preservatives, no fillers, just PURE nutrition)! Point being, even at low costs, using all of the Fuxion products below will be over $100. With that said, if your budget does not accomodate that cost, you keep it under $100 with the two products that I would DEFINITELY incorporate into your day; Termo Te and Flora Liv. You should easily be able to burn 5 pounds of fat!

FuXion Fit and Fab Weight Loss Program (Burn 5 Pounds of Fat in 2 Weeks)

Start Your Day:
Large glass of lemon and warm water to wake up and flush your system. Bonus: add 1-2 tablespoons organic, raw apple cider vinegar (i.e. Bragg’s).

Vita Energia
Take Vita Energia in the morning for added nutrients and energy to power your day and your workouts. May take alone or add to your shake.

FuXion BioPro Fit Shake
Take the FuXion BioPro Fit Shake, at least once per day. This can be Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner (enjoy dessert for dinner with a delicious chocolate shake!). Telling you, this product is the best tasting protein product I have ever tasted, BY FAR!

You can also use ½ a package of BioPro Fit as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. Can be mixed with water, almond milk, coconut milk, or other healthy liquid of choice.

This highly satisfying, delicious low calorie, zero sugar shake is 90 calories of high quality raw vegan protein that is as biologically active as animal protein. For a meal replacement, you can mix with almond or coconut milk and add a tablespoon of hemp or chia seed, flax meal, kale, spinach, berries or any fruits or veggies or FuXion products desired. So many delicious options!

Before Lunch and Dinner
Have a delicious Termo Te hot or iced to increase metabolism, naturally curb appetite and increase fat burning. After lunch and dinner, enjoy a Te No Carb that may control how your body metabolizes carbohydrates and regulates blood sugar. (Time saver option: Mix Termo Te and Te No Carb together and take 30 minutes before meals).

Reduce Termo Te and Te No Carb to once a day.

Super Weight Release Cleansing Enhancement Recommended
For increased and faster weight release, include this cleansing cocktail before bed: In cool water, Flora Liv, Liquid Fibre and ½ RGX1 (if desired cleansing effects are not noticeable, increase to 1 full packet of RGX1). After 7 days, use the RGX1 only 2 or 3 times per week as needed for regular daily elimination. Continue with Flora Liv and Fibre at night. Can add FuXion Off to the nightly cocktail for more restful sleep.

To Eat…Or Not To Eat

What to Eat:
Protein (lean beef, chicken, turkey, eggs, seafood, lentils or beans), preferably organic or wild caught. But, most of your plate should be comprised of salad and vegetables. Picture your plate being 50% salad, 25% vegetable & 25% protein.

Complex Carbohydrates such as; sweet potato, spaghetti squash, acorn squash, etc.

Healthy Fats like avocado, nuts (limit to a handful, about 14 nuts), seeds, coconut and olive oil. Organic recommended. Season with salsa, cinnamon, turmeric, cayenne, spices, curries, lemon, and lime.

Extra Choices: Make a low calorie, nourishing soup of full of vegetables and broth, that can be consumed any time hunger strikes.

If you still feel hungry, you may add a Liquid Fibre to your Termo Te before lunch and/or dinner, or an extra ½ packet of BioPro Fit Protein.

What to Eliminate:
All Fast Food, anything greasy or fried. Eliminate soda. Even diet soda is very detrimental to your health because of the chemical additives. Replace with healthy FuXion beverages. Eliminate everything processed, in a bag, box or package (cookies, cakes, muffins, chips, crackers, bagels, candy, etc.).

Eliminate simple carbohydrates…this essentially means everything white (white sugar, white flour, white potatoes, white grains, and bread). Eliminate salad dressing, ketchup, and all condiments containing sugar, as well as all grain and gluten for the first 14 -30 days.

Avoid Dairy products for at least the first 2 weeks, then you may add small amounts (1 tablespoon) of goat, manchego, sheep cheese, plain Greek yogurt, and parmesan or feta cheese for flavoring. Eliminate processed cheese.

Avoid Alcohol, including wine, for at least the first month.

Are you an athlete? Do physical labor? Expend a lot of energy and calories? If necessary you may increase your complex carbs, nuts and seeds. You can add ½ to 1 cup of quinoa or brown rice to a meal. Grains can be an important component of a balanced diet; however, today many of these have become processed and unhealthy. If you choose to include grain, have whole, unprocessed grain such as quinoa and brown rice. For maximum weight loss and to identify food intolerances, eliminate all grain, sugar, dairy and gluten for the first 14-30 days. This includes rice, wheat, quinoa, corn, and oats. As you add them back into your diet, pay attention to how you feel. Any sniffles or congestion, brain fog, bloating, digestive upset? These are signs of food intolerance. This is an effective way to determine which grains and foods are best for you and which you may consider eliminating to maintain your health, weight and fitness goals.

Snack Suggestions:
An apple a day is good advice. If you get tired of apples you may choose a similar fruit rich in fiber such as a grapefruit, pear or fresh berries. A palmful of organic raw nuts, apple or celery with almond butter, avocado and cucumber, hard boiled eggs, raw vegetables and organic hummus, half a package of BioPro Fit Protein or homemade, low calorie, vegetable soup.

Other Products:
The daily products are a BioProFit shake or two, Vita Energia in the morning, Termo Te before meals, and Te No Carb after meals, as a hot or iced tea. In addition, other supportive products are FuXion On for mental clarity, focus and energy, FuXion Ganomas Cappuccino for a delicious coffee treat with Reishi Mushroom for immunity and longevity, FuXion Post Sport for hydration and protecting muscle while encouraging fat burning, FuXion Beauty In for skin, circulation and deliciousness, and FuXion Off to reduce stress, encourage calm and improve rest. These can all be used for variety to enhance flavor, increase energy, reduce stress, replace soda and make delicious satisfying non-alcoholic cocktails, as well as providing extra nutrients and other health benefits.

Hydrate! Make sure you drink enough water (including the water in your FuXion drinks), throughout the day. The general guideline is to take your weight in pounds, cut it in half, and that is the number of ounces of water you should aim for each day. Another way to monitor your hydration is to notice the color of your urine. If it is light yellow or clear, you are well-hydrated. If you want to burn 5 pounds of fat, water is an absolute must!

Behavior Modification:
*Be fully present when you eat. Breathe. Before you eat anything ask yourself, “Is this healthy and nourishing to my body? Does this food or drink support my new healthy lifestyle? Does it support my weight loss goals and clean energy needs?”.

*Chew your food very slowly.

*Place only half of what you feel like eating on a smaller plate.

*Put your fork or spoon down between bites. Savor your food, the company, the experience. Give your system a chance to say “I’m full”!!! Unplug while you eat.

*Try not to eat when you are emotionally upset. Stress negatively impacts digestion.

*Lose the Judgement! We habitually judge ourselves harshly and more vehemently than we would a friend. Be a friend to yourself. Watch the negative, self-critical thoughts and shift them. If you fall off the plan, forgive your humanness and begin again…immediately!

Be Prepared:
One of the surest ways to fail is by not being prepared when hunger strikes. Make sure you have all the healthy food and FuXion beverages you need on hand before you begin the program. Have bags full of raw cut up vegetables. Make a big salad to last a few days. Have your homemade veggie soup on hand. Don’t leave the house without snacks. Keep extra BioPro Protein and FuXion beverages, small baggies of nuts or veggies, or other snacks in your car or purse, so you are always prepared in your busy life.

Learn and Grow:
When expanding and changing old ways and patterns of eating, you have an opportunity to discover new habits as well as new fruits, vegetables and other foods that support your health goals. Just as FuXion Functional Beverages provides many wonderful nutrient dense drinks that may be new to you, so will you discover abundant food options. Try new things in many different colors! Eat a rainbow of food and you will likely have a healthy, balanced diet.

Get Moving:
Exercise will not be your key to weight loss and burning that fat off. You cannot outrun the fork. Most of your weight loss and management will be a result of what you consume (or avoid). That said, exercise is significant for your physical, emotional and mental health, so it must be a part of any healthy living plan.

Exercise in a way that is right for YOU. If you are currently exercising or you want to start exercising, this is what you want to base your exercise routine on: do what’s right for YOU! Try new ways to move: Yoga, Zumba, Circuits, Weights, Hiking, Cycling, Pilates, Swimming, and Skiing. What feels good and brings you joy?

Exercise everywhere you go. Don’t sit when you can stand. Don’t stand when you can walk, and don’t walk when you can run. Incorporate movement throughout your day. Participating in an hour-long workout at the gym and then sitting the rest of the day is pointless, even detrimental. Throughout the day, make a point to get up at least once per hour, to climb some stairs, do some Sun Salutations, walking lunges, etc. If you need to, set an alert on your phone or computer. Get a Fit Bit or similar tracking device or phone app, to keep you accountable.

Have a goal of 10,000 steps a day. This will give you a calorie deficit of 500 calories each day. Keeping in mind that one pound is 3,500 calories, if you get 10,000 steps in each day for 7 days in a row (500 x 7=3,500), you can lose one pound each week by just achieving this goal.

Whatever you choose make sure it’s something you enjoy, or at least enjoy the people who are doing it with you, or you enjoy the post-workout satisfaction, knowing you are ever closer to your fitness goals.

Be consistent. It took time to put this weight on, it will take time for it to come off. Some people think that losing weight is hard. But being overweight is very hard with many health consequences. Choose your hard.

Never give up! You can do this!

Sample Menu

*Glass of warm water with juice from half a lemon and 2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar
*Cup of coffee with optional FuXion Ganomas Cappucino
*Protein shake: FuXion BioPro Active Fit + 12 oz water or unsweetened milk substitute (i.e. almond) + handful of spinach + berries + ½ banana + ice
*Morning Power-Up drink: fill shaker with cool water & 1 FuXion Vitaenergia (+ ON if you want a super boost)

Mid-morning snack:
*Handful of nuts + an apple
*Metabolism-boosting tea before lunch: mug of hot water + FuXion Termo Te

*Chopped salad: spinach, kale, watercress, red cabbage, red onion, cucumber, carrots, half an avocado, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil + balsamic vinegar + lemon juice : topped with 1 hard-boiled egg and a palm-size piece of chicken or salmon)
*Carb-blocking tea: mug of hot water + FuXion Te NoCarb

Mid-afternoon boost:
*Glass of water with FuXion ON or approved snack

*Mug of Fuxion Termo Te and Te No Carb
*Baked sweet potato with greens: 1 baked sweet potato topped with veggies sautéed in extra virgin olive oil (1/2 thinly sliced onion, bunch chopped Swiss chard, seasoned with sea salt) and half an avocado, sliced. Season with cayenne pepper and lemon juice.
*Side of chopped salad with lemon and olive oil
*Bowl of berries

*Super Weight Release Cleanse: Flora Liv, Liquid Fibre, ½ pack RGX1

*Optional mug of hot water with FuXion OFF

We have been talking about how to burn 5 pounds of fat off in 2 weeks, but this Program is designed for long term weight loss, meaning 5 pounds is just the start! The FuXion Fit and Fab Weight Loss Program incorporates all aspects of losing weight, but don't feel like you need to absolutely follow the suggestions. Sometimes, when people see a program like this, they immediately block it because they think it is “too hard”. Yes, you want to eat better. Yes, you want to exercise more. But, bottom line is; make sure to get, at least, FuXion's Termo Te and Flora Liv in your body on a daily basis!

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