Here in the United States, we are constantly being bombarded with marketing messages! The average person sees close to 400 ads/brands PER DAY, which has lead to an increasing use of “sales filters” by the general public.

Sales filters are simply an unconscious reaction (or non-reaction) to advertising. We see so many advertisements that we have literally learned how to shut them out. With this being the case, it can become extremely difficult to get your messaging across to those that YOU think would be a good match for your business and/or products.

In the video above, Professional Network Marketer, Ben Mueller, discusses how he has learned to bypass the sales filter and get to the root of marketing techniques. In simple terms, ASK QUESTIONS!

Especially in the Network Marketing arena, where the average person has little understanding about what Network Marketing is, we need to discover new ways to get the message about the business and products across to people, but do it in a way that truly allows the prospect to let the information in.

The way to bypass these sales filters is NOT by throwing up a bunch of rehearsed content to someone, but rather engage the other person by finding out what THEY WANT in their lives. Most Network Marketers take the approach of trying to convince others instead of seeing if the business and/or products are a true fit for them in their lives!

After all, we are looking for those that are serious about the business and the use of products, so why waste time convincing someone to join you, when after a few weeks they realize that, it was never for them in the first place!?

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