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Candida and other yeast infections are microorganism that normally lives in the colon and other areas of the body. Under certain conditions, candida proliferates, becomes out of balance, often migrating to other areas of the body causing the condition candidiasis. Common symptoms of candida are sugar cravings, brain-fog, thickly coated tongue, intestinal bloating and gas, and many other ‘vague’ sub-chronic debilitating symptoms.

It is really important to keep the colon/intestinal tract as clean as possible, so a Colon Cleanse would be highly recommended to start. Intestinal Tone, which is part of the Colon Cleanse Program, can then be taken daily. Intestinal Tone is made from the highest grade of all-natural psyllium, considered one of the best sources of both soluble and insoluble fiber on earth.

Body Balance is a wonderful foundation source of nutrients that are needed for proper immune function and for repair of intestinal lining and all tissue through natural body processes. Very occasionally Body Balance is too much for a severely infested system, as it contains very small amounts of raw honey. Although Aloe Vera has been shown to boost the white blood cells ability to kill yeast cells, sometimes the system has to get stronger before reintroducing it.

In the meantime, Colloidal Silver and Taheebo (making sure to put Taheebo in hot water to evaporate off the alcohol first) are recommended, as these are both wonderful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents. Taheebo has the added advantage of being a powerful immune support.

TrueGreens would also be a wonderful addition, if tolerated, as candida depletes Vitamin K in the body, especially if Body Balance intake is initially limited. In the meantime, fresh green juices are excellent to drink on a daily basis, not only for the Vitamin K, but also they are wonderful detoxifiers and blood cleansers.

Other Recommendations:

The best diet for candidiasis (candida) is vegetables, fish and gluten-free whole grains such as brown rice and millet. Plain yogurt is also good to have, especially if it’s made with raw milk. Make sure the diet is fruit-free, sugar-free, and yeast-free. Candida thrives in a sugary environment, so the diet needs to be low in carbs and contain no yeast products or sugar in any form.

Things to avoid: cheeses, alcohol, fermented foods (including tamari etc.), nut butters, mushrooms, sprouts, vinegars, pickles, all grains containing gluten (wheat, oats, rye, and barley), red meats, and of course things like dried fruit, chocolate etc.

EFA’s are really important also—they prevent the fungus from destroying cells. Good sources of EFA’s include fish oil, olive oil and borage oil.

Get some cloves and make clove tea, as this is also a great anti-fungal.

Another thing that is excellent for naturally treating candida is caprylic acid—an anti-fungal agent that specifically targets candida.

Maitake tea is also excellent. It is important to add some of these to the regime as well as doing the Taheebo, as resistant strains of candida develop rapidly due to genetic mutation. So rotating what you are using as an anti-fungal is vital—with the exception of Colloidal Silver, which can be used every day with no mutation response.

Garlic inhibits candida also.

Other things to watch for: Replace toothbrush at least once a month, this prevents re-infection. Wear 100% cotton underwear, as synthetics create a hospitable environment for candida and can also lead to secondary infection.

Avoid oral contraceptives—they proliferate candida.

Get a good probiotic supplement, and use probiotic retention enemas every couple of weeks until infestation dies down.

Finally, there will be a need to look at the underlying cause of such an infestation—weakened immune system and hypoglycemia are usually involved.

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