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19 08, 2012

True Definition of Pyramid Scheme and MLM

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So what is the TRUE definition of a "Pyramid Scheme" and MLM? Have you ever been approached with an "opportunity" that sounded to good to be true? Have you used the words "Pyramid Scheme"? This video is about a company that is NOT a Pyramid Scheme, but a legitimate MLM opportunity to is taking off! Push your inaccurate beliefs to the side and take a listen;

24 02, 2011

Generate Another Stream of Income for Your Family

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The SIMPLE answer is to generate ANOTHER STREAM OF INCOME for your family. This can be accomplished relatively easy by adding a home business to your income streams. Home Businesses, MLM’s, and Network Marketing companies are becoming the norm for people to generate extra cash flow. If you choose the right company, you could start generating an extra $500 per month in residual income within a couple of months.

25 11, 2010

Extra Cash for the Holidays

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This will be a simple blog based on the fact that most of us need extra cash for the holidays to help with the presents. I know for me that, with 4 kids, I have been told about the thousands of different toys, gadgets, clothes, phones, etc, that they want. My almost immediate reaction (in my head) used to be was, how the heck am I going to pay for this?

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