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27 03, 2015

Ketone Strips to Measure Fat Burn

There is when using Ketone Strips. These strips are usually used by Diabetics to see how large their Ketones are, but Ketones are also a sign of burning fat. With that said, you are able to use Ketone Strips on a daily basis to see if you are, indeed, burning fat!

18 02, 2015

Lavender Aromatherapy

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Lavender aromatherapy has been gaining popularity now as more people are realizing how Lavender can balance out the senses, whether it be to stimulate or relax a person. The Lavender plant is native to the Mediterranean, Russia, and Africa and has been used throughout history in its medicinal form. Speed up to today, the Lavender

9 02, 2015

Gluten Free Sicknesses

First of all, whether we are living a gluten free lifestyle or not, we want to avoid as many processed foods as possible.

26 11, 2014

Trace Minerals Important to Human Health

The solution to mineral depletion is whole food supplementation, specifically supplements created out of our oceans. Remember, all these trace minerals are plentiful in our oceans and seas. What food exists in these oceans? Yes, sea vegetables! Therefore, start getting these ocean botanicals into your system immediately.

21 11, 2014

Aiding Addiction Recovery Through Nutrition

People that are alcoholics and/or addicts tend to put self care at the bottom of the list, therefore, the body becomes, not only sick from what the person is getting high on, but also because of the lack of nutrition. I know, because I am speaking from my own addiction journey...

9 11, 2014

Visceral Fat

The causes of Visceral Fat are pretty clear cut; it comes down to the genetic makeup of a person and the amount of exercise and dietary choices that a person makes.

4 11, 2014

Feel Like a Kid Again

A big part of the problem, in terms of improved health, is that we do not put our health as a priority. Everything in our lives take precedence over it; the kids, the business, the wife/husband, the dog, the window cleaning, and on and on it goes. Which means, not until we put our health as a priority, will we never begin our track back to the ability to feel like a kid again.

24 10, 2014

5 Plants Promoting Health

These are just a few of the plants out of, who knows how many, that can be used as natural health alternatives. Obviously, make sure to do you research before ingesting anything, but we need to be more mindful of all the different types of potential treatments there are for us when it comes to OUR health!

12 09, 2014

Healthiest Food In The World

Whether you choose Body Balance or another supreme whole food nutritional supplement, the main message is to get these nutrients into your body. We can no longer depend on Big Business to provide us with the healthiest food, we have to take the matter into our own hands.

21 08, 2014


Body Balance is primarily a mineral supplement, which is key to protein and vitamin utilization. Without these essential nutrients that are missing from supermarket food, it doesn’t matter how many vitamins or other supplements you take, the body can’t use them without the minerals as a foundation. Therefore, the minerals are needed as part of the equation to avoid malabsorption.

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