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27 06, 2014

Foods Lacking Nutrition

Foods lacking nutrition are considered Hollow Foods. It is a fact; our soils are depleted and depleted soils do not produce healthy, nutrient-rich plants.

13 11, 2013


Stress is a killer and finding any defense against the damage that stress can do is optimal. There is one plant that can help naturally defend the overall stress effect.

26 08, 2013

How Does GMO Food Affect Our Health?

Most of us are hearing more and more about “GMO” and “Non-GMO” foods these days. What exactly does “GMO” mean and how does it affect our health?

2 07, 2013

Visceral Fat is Dangerous

Most people are unaware of the silent killer within their bodies. Visceral Fat is dangerous and should be treated as aggressively as Subcutaneous Fat.

14 02, 2012

Body Balance

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Body Balance, created by Life Force International, is the best liquid nutritional supplement on the market. This is a bold statement, but we have the experience and research to back it up! With Aloe Vera and Sea Vegetables as the main ingredients, we can safely say that this product is packed with nutrients! Please keep reading

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