The Chlorella Cleanse

We are exposed to thousands of chemicals every day. From what we put on our skin, to what we ingest, to what we breathe, we are constantly passing these dangerous toxins through our bodies. Over time, we can develop health problems and diseases because the body just could not keep up with the amount of pollutants entering our systems. In walks the Chlorella Cleanse!

We need a way to effectively cleanse our bodies to keep our health intact. There is just no way around it and there are many anti-oxidants on our planet, but one that is starting to get some real recognition is Chlorella.

Chlorella is a single-celled, green freshwater algae that may have the following health benefits;

-Chlorella can help the body detox by binding to heavy metals and other toxins to safely eliminate them from the body.

-It may increase immune function by freeing up parts of the immune system as toxins become more efficiently neutralized.

-The nutrients found in Chlorella, like carotenoids, fiber, and antioxidants, may help to lower overall cholesterol levels.

-There are some studies that show Chlorella having a lowering effect on blood pressure. Several of the nutrients have also shown to help prevent hardening of our arteries.

Our takeaway? To put this in our arsenal of healthy weapons!

The following video shows one way to get Chlorella flowing through the veins…

FuXion Alpha Balance USA
Fuxion Alpha Balance

Alpha Balance, made by Fuxion Biotech, is a delicious beverage that contains some powerful antioxidants like Chlorella and can help you maintain a cleansing routine to help your body stay on top of the elimination of these toxins.

Learn more about Fuxion's Alpha Balance and see how easy it can be to start taking charge your overall health!

The Balance You Need

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