The downfall of Network Marketing started with the invention of the internet.

For years, I have been preaching about USING the internet to build a Network Marketing business, but unfortunately, the masses decided to run the opposite direction from my suggestions! No one listens:)

My marketing beliefs have been cemented around attraction, rather than promotion (an old Alcoholics Anonymous saying). Attract people to ourselves through adding value to others lives. But what happened was quite the reverse.

Ever since the introduction of the internet starting with email, we have been bombarded with advertising. INTRUSIVE advertising. And now there are even more ways to slip in messages and gimmicks to get you to LOOK (there should have been a hyperlink there to bring you to my product page)!

There is no where we can go to escape it. Marketing is in every orifice of our society.

The downfall of Network Marketing is just an extension of how this technology has been used the wrong way. If you asked 100 people on the streets, if they have heard of Network Marketing, I can guarantee you that 95% would turn their nose up to it!

Why? because they are sick and tired of seeing the CONSTANT PROMOTION! I am sick and tired of it and I am a Network Marketer! There has to be a better way to do this…

This plummeting popularity of Network Marketing IS reversible if we start acting like caring human beings instead of greedy-in it for myself-car salesmen!

Listen, I am not saying I am not guilty of over promotion as I have done my fair share. But, as I get older I am realizing something.

Network Marketing is about connecting to other people. It is a balanced relationship, which is why marketing needs to become much more pull than push.

I would love to see Network Marketing rise above this and truly be able to bring the value that it inherently has, to many more people. But that is going to be up to us Network Marketers of the world to bring it to a plane it has never been on before.

The Balance You Need