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Here's the topic for the day; what is the best career path that an extrovert can take? There are numerous maps that extroverts can follow in the financial world, but there are a few that pay out simply due to the fact that extroverts have the ability to communicate on a very high level…

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Extroverts, like myself, get energy through communicating with other people. Conversely, introverts get their energy by being alone as that is how they recharge.

With extroverts being social butterflies, there are several career paths that we can take and use our “talent” to help others achieve success also.

Yes, coaches, telemarketers, teachers, and the like, are good career paths for extroverts, but mostly all of them limit the income potential that a person can take.

Network Marketing, on the other hand, does not have a limit to the amount of income you can make. This is exactly why I, as an extreme extrovert, chose to use Network Marketing as my way to build wealth.

On a daily basis, I am able to generate my energy by communicating with scores of people about my products and business opportunity. I spend several hours per day, talking with and getting to know, complete strangers! It's invigorating to have a career where I can express myself in the way that I need to, to have a fulfilled work life.

If you are an extrovert and love the process of communication, you may find that Network Marketing is a viable (and possibly wealth building) career path for you!

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