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The fastest growing FuXion team in the United States is the FuXion Research Group out of Colorado. This team has been in the making for 3 decades and has finally come full circle to bring a group of Professional Network Marketers together for one of the most exciting launches that the Network Marketing Industry has ever had!

If you haven't yet heard about FuXion Biotech, we suggest that you start by learning about this fascinating opportunity before getting into the rest of this article. We want you to be fully prepared to understand the magnitude of this, once in a lifetime, no BS, business model.

Welcome back…now that we have your attention, it's time to understand how the fastest growing FuXion team got together and what it means for Network Marketers to ensure that they are joining the right team in a Network Marketing business…

Best FuXion Team

So, how did the fastest growing FuXion team in the United States form? There is quite a bit of serendipity involved here, but a group of Professional Network Marketers, that were experiencing similar travesties in their former Network Marketing businesses, felt that it was time to truly dig in and find the best Network Marketing opportunity out there. We were done working with companies that, took an act of God, in order to create multi-million dollar incomes and we took it upon ourselves to find an MLM that really had everything placed correctly, including the timing. We spent over a month going through 100 different MLM opportunities. Instead of making decisions based on emotion, and as discussed in the link directly above, we forged ahead taking an analytical view of all of the nutritional based MLM companies. After a painstaking detailed analysis, we landed on FuXion Biotech.

As a team, we are blessed with many years of Professional Network Marketing and nutritional experience. All of the members of this fast growing team are Professional Network Marketers with over 80 years of combined experience. Added on to that, PhD's in Nutraceuticals and licensed Nutritionists, are part of the FuXion Research Group. Point being, there was plenty of knowledge that was backing up our decision making.

All of this is said to help you understand why this team is growing at such a crazy rate with the FuXion business model. Coupled with the experience and the absolute perfect timing of FuXion in the United States, we set ourselves up to be the top group within the Company.

Ok great, but what does this all mean for you? Whether you are looking at FuXion, or another Network Marketing opportunity, one of the most critical decisions that you will make, along with choosing the right company, is who you will be working with as your upline team. As stated in the video by Ben Mueller, all too often, new Network Marketers get stuck with uplines that have no idea how to grow a Network Marketing business. Inevitably what happens is that they don't succeed.

So, if you really want to develop a strong Network Marketing team, you want to make sure you are joining the best team possible that exists in the company. Make sure to interview your upline…will they be there to support you, do they have a track record of success, is the team growing fast in said opportunity? If not, chances are you will be stuck in a Network Marketing business, with no support and little growth. You can even call the company you are interested in, and ask them who the fastest growing team is in the business, and the contact information for those people. Usually, when a team is growing fast, they are doing something right!

With FuXion Biotech, if you combine the fact that this is a perfect opportunity from a timing standpoint (along with all the other great characteristics the Company has) and being on the fastest growing FuXion team in the United States, your chances of success go up multi-fold. Obviously, we can never guarantee income, but having the combination of these factors, makes it a heck of a lot easier to create MLM growth!

Another major part of why the FuXion Research Group is the fastest growing group within the Company, is because we have Randy Gage at the very top of our team. Randy has been in the Industry for 30 years and is one of the richest Network Marketers in the world today. Having access to someone with his caliber, only helps to grow our teams that much more efficiently and effectively!

If you would like to learn more about FuXion and the fastest growing team, contact us at 866-992-5551 or by email on the side bar. Have a great day and success is at your fingertips! If have heard enough, and are ready to get building with the FuXion Research Group, simply visit our FuXion Business page and scroll to the bottom where you will find sign up instructions.

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About the Author:

Professional Network Marketer and accounting, marketing, MLM, and business strategist consultant. Ben is a father of 4 and married to Jessica Mueller. The family resides in Westminster, CO.

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