Jeff Higginson, Fuxion's CEO International, will be making a Fuxion Biotech announcement in the next few days that will redeem this Company in 1st World countries. If you have been watching Fuxion for the last few years stumble it's way through the U.S. Market, then this news is going to invigorate the senses.

As I said in the video, there is a reason why I have been hanging in with Fuxion for close to 3 years. I, as well as several other Direct Sales leaders like Randy Gage, know what it takes to succeed in the U.S. Market and, between the leaders and Fuxion, we have everything lined up to do so. We simply needed the time to figure out how to go about it!

The Direct Sales Industry is about to witness something very cool!

After the Fuxion Biotech announcement from Jeff on Saturday 8/25/18, I will be putting a video together to discuss what this all means for those of us that are currently, and will be in Fuxion.

If you would like to discuss, feel free to call me at 866-992-5551.

-Ben Mueller

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