Fuxion Biotech is finally ready for 1st World business! New Fuxion International CEO, Jeff Higginson, puts his ability to execute, into action…

Almost 2 years ago, the Peruvian Company, Fuxion Biotech, launched into the United States. This created a whole lotta excitement for those that are in the Direct Sales Industry. Why? Because it was THE first time that a $100 million dollar annual revenue, Direct Sales company, has launched INTO the U.S., coming out of Latin America. Never happened before!

Why is this so great? After being in the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Industry for almost 15 years now, I have come to realize that, TIMING, is the essence of creating large streams of residual income, especially with this business model. Think about it, when a company, or person is, “ahead of the trend” (i.e. Personal Computers), and that idea works, the amount of wealth created is staggering. This concept, works the exact same way, in Direct Sales!

I was with another company for almost 13 years and, although I created a hefty residual income, it was a GRIND, every day. When my last company started to plummet, I opened myself up to another alternative. I teamed up with 6+ Professional Network Marketers to analyze the Industry, and, our goal was to find the best fit possible. THAT is how we landed on Fuxion. As you will read in the linked article, Fuxion Biotech had every other company, beat, hands down. Key was, it was based on fact, not opinion!

But, as you know, nothing is perfect, and the one thing we did not account for, was the fact that Fuxion, was a Latin American Company! Which meant that; we would have to realize that many, many changes, would need to be made, to adapt to the United States Market!

Now, The DSA (Direct Selling Association) states that, when launching an existing company, into a new market, it can take up to 5 years to get it fully ready for MOMENTUM. Luckily for us, it has only taken 18 months, with the direction of Jeff Higginson (below), Randy Gage, the Fuxion Leadership Council, and Fuxion Corporate!

Jeff Higginson

As the world turned, Fuxion continued to make the necessary changes to adapt to the United States Direct Sales Market. From new packaging, to manufacturing in the United States, to Clean Label products, to becoming a B Corporation, step by step, the Company raised the standards!

It was actually quite interesting to watch this unfold, as my experience in this Industry is one where, the vast majority of companies, do not have the financial backing to make the necessary changes happen. This is another reason why Fuxion is one of the best situations on the market if someone wants to create larger streams of residual income. Simply put, U.S. Fuxion has the backing of a Giant!

Now to the present day, on the weekend of 10/27-10/29/17 at the XPlode Convention, Fuxion announced the new duplicable system! Up to this point, there was a sub standard system in place. Again, this was all part of a Latin American Company coming to a completely different market and the necessary growing pains we would all have to experience.

With the guidance of Randy Gage, one of the top Network Marketers in the world today (and my immediate 2nd upline), and us, as the Fuxion Leadership Group, we created a system that is easy to follow, both for the English and Spanish speaking markets.

After all the adaptations that Fuxion has done, the introduction of this system, signified the beginning of momentum in the United States for Fuxion!

Watch Randy Gage deliver an hour and a half training, on the new system and get an inside scoop as to why this system is so powerful!

Randy Gage

Now for the final pieces to put in place, to carry Fuxion Biotech to a billion in sales annually…

In May of 2017, Fuxion hired Jeff Higginson, the Company's new International CEO. Jeff had 40 deals on the table, and he selected Fuxion. Why? Because it had the most potential he had ever seen in the MLM Industry. Even after taking another well known MLM to multi-hundreds of millions in annual revenue and expanding that company to over 56 countries, he knew that Fuxion would be something special in this Industry and his ability to affect the masses, was set. Note: The 1st video above was from Jeff's closing speech at the latest Convention. Once you watch this, you'll understand WHY this man has been able to affect so many enhancements to Fuxion U.S.

Secondly, when Fuxion came into the U.S. Market, they brought the same compensation plan, that has been used for years down in Latin America. The Company was smart in that they needed to test how the pay plan would fair, in the United States!

Even though annual revenue climbed from $112 million in 2015, to $132 million in 2016 (U.S. growth included), Fuxion knew what needed to happen. Within the 18 months of testing, Fuxion realized that, this particular compensation plan, would not be the vehicle to create the necessary momentum within the United States, and for future international expansion. Yes, it worked in Latin America, but U.S. Marketers are a bit of a different breed.

With the help of one of the top compensation plan experts in the world today, Dan Jenson, coupled with the knowledge of Randy Gage, and Jeff Higginson, they developed a new, much more simplified, pay plan.

The new Fuxion compensation plan is set to release in January of 2018! THIS, is the final piece of the puzzle!

With the combination of Jeff Higginson, and a brand spanking new, and SIMPLE, compensation plan, plus every other addition (subtraction in some cases), Fuxion Biotech is ready for the 1st World!

Addicted To Plants

What about the Fuxion Products?


In almost 2 years of being on the Fuxion products, I am THE healthiest I have ever been, bar none. 60 pounds down, improved mental clarity and emotional health, and a variety of other benefits.

Bottom line, the Fuxion products, in my opinion, are the healthiest beverages on this planet! 100% completely, Clean Label plant sourced products!

The other solid fact is this; in Fuxion, we are not trying to ADD another expense to individuals and families…what we are doing, is replacing what they are already drinking, with much better ingredients, usually at a better price.

With this concept, we are saving people money by focusing on expenses that are ALREADY in their general budget. We are promoting health from the viewpoint of beverages, which is not nearly worried about as much as it needs to be. What we drink, is just as bad as what we eat!

Finally, with the Fuxion products, we cover 100% of the market…EVERYONE you know is drinking; teas, energy drinks, coffees, and other sugar laden beverages!

Below is a video of Julizza Pezo, one of Fuxion's top Health Experts on staff, as she introduces the two new products to the U.S. Market during Convention, Alpha Balance, and Berry Balance!

Fuxion Julizza Pezo

So Fuxion Biotech is now ready for the U.S. Market and abroad, so what now?

If you had to ask that question, then continue on your merry way. But, if you SEE what is about to happen with Fuxion, then contact us ASAP!

I am going to be very honest here as I have been doing this a long time. I am not interested in those that want to “dip their toes in the water”. That is not what this article is about.

It is about finding people, that have; passion, patience, drive, and a yearning to create a massively positive impact on many people's lives!

Point being, serious entrepreneurs only!

Whether you have been in Direct Sales before, or not, all that is needed is a drive to have a better life, a willingness to follow (or lead), and a heart to show the world what Fuxion is all about. That is how I have built this business for many years…all heart.

Not to mention, you would have over 80 years of MLM experience in your mentors between; Ben Mueller, Paul Devlin, and Randy Gage, to help you truly learn how to build one of these valuable, residual assets!

If you are interested in learning more, give us a call at 866-992-5551. We have been holding a place for you…

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….BLAST OFF!

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