FuXion Biotech is a fast growing company which originated in Lima, Peru and is positioned to make a massive push into the United States in 2017. These nutritional “functional” beverages have became hugely popular in Latin America and, with the price points significantly lower than what we currently experience in the U.S. Market, and the fact that they are high quality ingredients without the additives that we so adamantly disagree with in the average “nutritional” drink in the United States, we expect Fuxion to stake a major claim in U.S. Market share for healthy beverages.

Fuxion OwnerSnapshot of Company Information: Fuxion Biotech was founded in 2006 (launched in the United States in 2016) and is headquartered in Lima, Peru. A new Fuxion Headquarters is currently being built in the United States with manufacturing facilities also being constructed within the U.S. This sets the stage for the international growth Fuxion is looking for. The Owners of Fuxion are Alvaro and Rafael Zuniga Benevides which, as you will read below, are driven by a passion for overall health. The Fuxion products are nutritional beverages made from Amazonian, Oriental, and Andean fruit and vegetable full extracts with zero GMO, perservatives, or fillers. Net sales in 2015 were $112 million (up from $60 million in 2014).

The Fuxion Biotech Company Story

Alvaro Zuniga Benavides has a drive and passion not matched by many people and in 2006, he founded FuXion Biotech. Alvaro's decades of experience in the functional foods industry, coupled with his genius Mechanical Engineering mind, created the dream of bringing completely natural functional beverages to the masses to ensure an impact on general health across the globe.

His passion has led him to his current position as the Chairman and CEO in the company he founded, which is a large and quickly growing Direct Sales business. Interestingly enough, the initial capital came from friends and family, mostly from Derek and Frank Mitchell, two of Alvaro’s childhood friends who eventually became successful entrepreneurs. Also, his brother, Rafael Zuniga, whom was an investment banker in Europe at the time, is now serving as an Executive Board member and was an important part of the initial financing for the Company.

Alvaro's interest in nature and health was the impetus of Fuxion. As Rafael explains, “His curiosity never ended. He was always trying to understand how to improve nature’s healing effects through homemade food recipes.” That drive created, what would be, FuXion’s business mission to help people improve their lives by focusing on “True Health”. At FuXion, True Health involves three aspects of health; emotional, physical, and financial.

FuXion's products were founded on the ancient knowledge of millenary cultures to create these functional beverages using modern bio-technology. The Fuxion products are made by consolidating over 1,500 active ingredients extracted from natural foods from the Amazon Rainforest, and putting them together in unique formulations. Add on the bio-technology derived from Alvaro and they were able to increase the healthful benefits of each ingredient, exponentially. This process is coined “nutraceutical fusion”.

Their belief is; merging the ancient knowledge, the bio-technology, and the passion behind the personal transformation processes, is what sets Fuxion apart from all other nutrition based companies. The Company’s marketers, corporate staff, and customers are part of one big family. All of them come together to create joy and, above all, love for family. And now, this culture is being injected into the United States!

A Direct Sales Approach

Alvaro and FuXion executives found that Direct Sales (Network Marketing) to be the vehicle to bring these products to the masses, by engaging and educating customers about the significant benefits of its products. Traditional advertising and sales simply didn’t offer the means to convey all of the information about the products without significant cost.

Since Financial Health and Emotional Health are two of the goals that FuXion believes in, it was a logical choice for the Company to use this specific business model to drive sales. Traditional advertising just did not fit the overall strategy of the Company.

Just in Latin America, FuXion has almost 50,000 active distributors, which is supported by a team of 600 FuXion staff members. “We have strong teams with dynamic leaders who recruit fast, but not so fast that they lose people along the way,” says Renato Pastor, Chief Operations Officer. “We take our time to properly enroll people, to let them fall in love with our True Health promise and make sure they are ready to give the same vision to the people they bring into the business.”

Every year, the FuXion Members get together at an annual convention, which serves as a forum for celebration and learning. The most recent one; Alumbra 2016, was held in Medellin, Columbia where there was close to 15,000 FuXioneurs in attendance. People from all over Latin American, and the United States, came to Alumbra to celebrate, learn, and get to know other like minded people! Point being, looks like FuXion really puts the effort in to helping its Members learn how to be successful with the FuXion business.

And now, with expansion into the United States in 2016, the largest Network Marketing country in the world, the FuXion business is set up to explode throughout the globe.

FuXion's International Growth Strategy

With the Company sales over $100 million a year; it beats out 95% of all other Network Marketing companies as only 5% are able to crack the $100 million mark, per year, in revenue. Peru is currently largest in sales, then Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, and quickly rising United States.

FuXion has been very careful and strategic about their expansion. Many Network Marketing companies get into trouble when they try to expand too fast. They throw a bunch of noodles at the wall to see which ones stick. FuXion takes on, at most, 2 countries at a time in its expansion.

Per Rafael Zuniga, the brains behind international investment; “We believed that we needed to develop our systems and our supply chain appropriately before really pushing into the U.S. market,” says Rafael. “And now we are poised to do just that.” The U.S. market is the most developed market in the world for Direct Sales, and he adds: “We believe the U.S. is primed and ready to create True Health.” FuXion established an office in Dallas at the end of 2015 and was formally launched into the U.S. market in May of 2016. “The entry into the U.S. is a major milestone for our firm as we expect our U.S. operations to grow within two to three years into our largest operation internationally,” says Rafael Zuniga.

FuXion Biotech Future

The rate at which FuXion has grown, over the last 10 years, has been amazing. The first 3-4 years were lean as the Company learned how to use a Network Marketing platform to build a brand, but when FuXion hired Randy Gage as their main Direct Sales consultant in 2012, one of the top Network Marketers in the history of the Profession, the revenue exploded going from $6 million annually to, $20 million, then $60 million, and ended up at $112 million in 2015. That is amazing growth!

As it should be, the majority of this growth is due to the growing number of customers who have embraced the health potential of FuXion’s unique products. The success of the company’s recent annual event is evidence of this passion. To ensure ample space and a health and wellness-focused venue for future events, as FuXion expands exponentially, the company has purchased 75 acres of land in the Amazon, near Iquitos, with plans to build an “experience center” called FuXionLand. “The project includes building a convention center that will serve as a gathering point for distributors and their customers from around the world”, says Álvaro. FuXionLand will be comprised of four components:

*Convention center where training will take place,

*Lodge and spa where guests can focus on their emotional wellbeing, relaxation, meditation and massage;

*Separate area devoted to fun and exercise, which will include activities as part of the Amazon adventure; and

*Biotech lab that will be the focus of research and product development.

The overall goal is to bring FuXion's functional beverages to ALL areas of the world. With such low cost of goods, the Company is in a prime position to service 3rd world countries and, with the United States now in the game, it puts the Company in an advantageous spot to reach every corner of the globe. As one of the United States top FuXion leaders, Ben Mueller says, “Our goal, just within the U.S., is to be at $300 million in sales annually within 3-5 years. WHEN that happens, all those that were part of the ‘Founder Group', will create massive abundance for all involved”.

As you can see, this Company is build off passion, great products, and a yearning to affect, as many people, as possible, in a very positive way!

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