The Fuxion Biotech vision, over the next few years, is quite impressive! As a 10 year old Network Marketing Company, just launching into the United States, one would think that is impressive enough, but, wait until you hear the following…

If you are plugged into the Network Marketing Industry, you have most likely heard about Fuxion Biotech. This Company has transcended the levels of success, that most Network Marketing companies consider success, by a wide margin, and it continues to reach for new heights in an Industry that is looking for the next Isagenix, Mary Kay, Amway…and Fuxion Biotech will be it.

Check out the following video where U.S. Fuxion Leader, Ben Mueller, discusses the Fuxion Biotech vision and where people like Randy Gage, believe this powerful Network Marketing Company, will end up just a few short years from now!

As Ben so excitedly:) talks about the future of Fuxion Biotech, you can see why there is such a buzz around the country (and starting to creep around the world), about this Latin American Company.

Let's just look a few facts about Fuxion Biotech:

*$112 million in sales last year just in Latin America and was the Peruvian Company of the Year in 2015

*All Fuxion products are COMPLETELY natural (not even preservatives are in these very effective nutritional based beverages) plus price points that NO other Network Marketing company can compete with

*Just launched in the United States in May of 2016

*Leaders, such as Randy Gage, are the Master Teachers to the Member base (meaning the training and system are developed by TRUE Network Marketing Leaders, not by the company that thinks they know how the Field works)

*Just launched in to the United States and is already on the “Top 100” list from the Direct Selling Association

*Innovative systems to make areas of the Fuxion business process, that much more efficient and effective (see Fuxion App)

These are just a few of the major competitive advantages that Fuxion Biotech has over the rest of the Network Marketing Industry!

What is even more thrilling about the vision of Fuxion Biotech, is the international expansion that is about to take place. Because the United States is the largest Network Marketing (and consumer) market in the world, Fuxion has decided to make it's Corporate Headquarters in the Grand Ol' U.S. of A.!
The Company is actually making the U.S., the “hub” of Fuxion Biotech for the rest of the world. On top of that, new manufacturing facilities are being built that will have product created within the U.S. borders! All this leads to one point, Fuxion is VERY serious about international expansion!

Translated: The Company has shown the ability to make massive reinvestments into the Company in order to expand throughout the world. Secondly, there is a very cool combination of both Latin American and American cultures within this Company. It is truly a mixture of cultures which significantly helps the Latin American culture, within the United States, really grab on to this opportunity. The more that U.S. based Latin Americans get involved, the further Fuxion Biotech will be able to penetrate into the “original” Fuxion countries. Thing is, Fuxion is already the largest Wellness company in Latin America. The third point is that most Network Marketing companies, in the U.S.A., do NOT focus on the Spanish speaking public…why not? We don't know, but that segment of the population is huge and Fuxion wants that demographic to call Fuxion their home!

Where does Fuxion go from here? Canada, Spain, Europe, Australia, and everywhere in between. But again, the Company is being very smart about it as they take each country, and everything that goes into it, very seriously so that these launches go off as well as humanly possible.

Now, this is just a fraction of the Fuxion Biotech vision and why the success of this powerful Network Marketing company, has no limit.

So, why are you sitting still? If you have EVER wanted a true chance at creating a significant residual income, the best type of income, by the way, Fuxion Biotech is a blue chip stock.

Do your research on this Company and find out for yourselves…we already did our own due diligence before getting involved and were very confident when selecting Fuxion as our home. Now, it is not only confidence, it has been proven, as those of us, that were the Pioneers of Fuxion, have seen how rapidly our income has grown!

To learn more about Fuxion Biotech, visit The Balance You Need website and, if you are ready to join one of the best Network Marketing opportunities to ever present itself in the history of the Profession (yes, it is that great), visit our Join Fuxion page or contact us at 1-866-992-5551.

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