Fuxion events and home meetings are a great way to build your Fuxion Network Marketing business! Believe me, I wasn't too fond of home meetings until I started to see what it was doing in my downline!

A Fuxion event is anywhere that two or more people gather, to learn more about the Fuxion business and/or Fuxion products. These events can come in the form of; one on one meetings, home meetings, webinars, Skype calls, hotel events, and major conventions. Each one of them has one thing in common; to build the belief of the person that is ingesting the information, about Fuxion.

Leverage and duplication occur when we are plugged into Fuxion events, like home meetings. Leverage simply means that you, as a Fuxion Entrepreneur, are using tools and the event to inform people about the benefits of the Company and products. It's also a great way to get together and have fun with the Fuxion product line.

Here's the key, you don't have to do these Fuxion events by yourself! For one, your upline should be a support system for you in terms of being able to be part of the Fuxion home meeting. They can easily connect into the meeting through Skype, phone, or various other methods. Heck, if you have a large enough group, your Fuxion upline can even fly out to where you are to help build the business with you.

Another important point is this…no matter if you have one person, or one hundred, it's all good, your Fuxion events are just as valuable either way because you are taking action to create the lifestyle that you want in life.

At Fuxion, we even have a Fuxion events and home meeting guide that you can use to put on this great way of building your business.

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